Why AI-driven insights are the new crown jewels of the insurance industry


The insurance industry – like many elements within Financial Services (FS) – has come under intense pressure over the past decade or so. The fintech revolution has meant that smaller and more agile startups are able to offer a variety of new services to consumers and businesses. These services are not only more interactive and based on the latest technologies, but they are also services that bigger insurance firms cannot easily offer. This increased competition from newer market entrants is a growing problem for more established insurance providers. A 2016 PwC survey revealed that 65 per cent of insurance chief executives see new market entrants as a threat to growth, while 69 per cent of insurance chiefs were concerned about the speed of technological change in their industry.

Counterpoint: The case against an AI god


We'd previously written an opinion piece titled "The case for an artificially intelligent god." This is our counterpoint to that. It's a strange time to be a technology journalist. Somehow artificial intelligence has grown from buzzword to a religion, literally. For tech enthusiasts, it can often be more comfortable to wrap our heads around ideas like algorithms and neural networks than religion and faith.

Asia Pacific youth expect Artificial Intelligence to have biggest impact on their future: Microsoft survey - Asia News Center


SINGAPORE, 22 February 2017 -- In our increasingly digital world, new and emerging innovations are set to disrupt the way people live, work and play. According to youth across the Asia Pacific region, the most exciting technologies expected to have the largest impact on their future lives will be artificial intelligence (AI), virtual/mixed/augmented reality (VR/MR/AR), and Internet of Things (IoT), based on survey findings released today by Microsoft. In the Microsoft Asia Digital Future Survey, 1,400 youth were polled across 14 markets across the Asia Pacific region, comprising Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Artificial intelligence (AI) is ranked as the top technology that youth expect to have the biggest impact on their lives. In recent years, the confluence of power devices, cloud and data has enabled bold visions on how AI can be an integrated part of our digital future.

The next tech boom: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)


Artificial Intelligence is booming in Montréal, and Canada more broadly. Computer algorithms can analyse vast quantities of data and establish patterns, with a myriad of potential applications. From voice recognition, translation services and directing autonomous vehicles to informing policing through crime analysis and diagnostics in healthcare, the potential is enormous. Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Facebook have already made huge investments in Montreal's AI cluster, which is bidding for super-cluster status from the Canadian Federal government. They are drawn by the pool of talent, anchored by the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, at Université de Montréal whose director is one of the foremost thinkers in machine learning, Professor Yoshua Bengio.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Have Taken Centre Stage – Here's Why


We've reached a significant point in time where the interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning have gained huge amounts of traction - why? We are moving into an era where science fiction is now becoming fact and reality. AI and machine learning are not new concepts; Greek mythology is littered with references of giant automata such as Talos of Crete and the bronze robot of Hephaestus. However, the'modern AI' idea of thinking machines that we all have come to understand was founded in 1956 at Dartmouth College. Since the 1950's, numerous studies, programmes and projects into AI have been launched and funded to the tune of billions; it has also witnessed numerous hype cycles.

Driverless Cars Set for UK Budget Boost: Finance Ministry

U.S. News

The finance ministry said Hammond would announce regulatory changes to the driverless car industry so that developers could apply to test their vehicles on UK roads without a human operator for the first time. He wants fully self-driving cars to be on UK roads in as little as three years.

Robot bridge inspector uses sensors and machine learning to hunt for defects


Robot bridge inspector uses sensors and machine learning to hunt for defects Researchers at the University of Nevada have developed an autonomous robot, designed to inspect bridges and detect any structural damage before it can cause potential injury. The four-wheeled robot bridge inspector, called Seekur, uses a variety of tools to carry out its important task. Researchers at the University of Nevada have developed an autonomous robot, designed to inspect bridges and detect any structural damage before it can cause potential injury. The four-wheeled robot bridge inspector, called Seekur, uses a variety of tools to carry out its important task.

Apple's iMac Pro may have hands-free Siri voice control


They're true... and you might not have to wait long to witness it in action. Jonathan Levin has combed through BridgeOS code that should accompany the iMac Pro, and it looks as if Apple will be using a cut-down version of the iPhone 7's A10 Fusion chip as a co-processor. While its full functionality isn't clear yet, developer Steve Troughton-Smith notes that the A10 appears to handle macOS' boot and security processes, such as passing firmware to the main Xeon processor and managing media copy protection. More importantly, Guilherme Rambo has found references to "hey Siri" support -- as with Cortana on Windows 10, you might not have to click an icon or invoke a keyboard shortcut just to ask about the weather. It's possible that the A10 chip is always running, which would represent a break from the custom T1 chip driving the Touch Bar in some recent MacBook Pro models.

Philip Hammond to say UK will have self-driving cars by 2021 in budget 'fit for the future'

The Guardian

Driverless cars will be on Britain's roads by 2021 as a result of sweeping regulatory reforms that will put the UK in the forefront of a post-Brexit technological revolution, chancellor Philip Hammond will say this week. In his budget on Wednesday Hammond will allow driverless cars to be tested without any human operator inside or outside the car, and without the legal constraints and rules that apply in many other EU nations, and much of the US. The move – welcomed by the UK motor industry – is part of an attempt by Hammond and the Treasury to project a more upbeat message about the prospects for the UK economy after Brexit, and focus on opportunities as well as the risks. Carmakers have warned that they may have to move at least some production abroad if there is no deal to keep Britain inside the EU single market and customs union, at least for a two-year transition period. But Mike Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, said it was good news that the government was taking a lead by making the UK attractive to those seeking to develop, test and build an entirely new generation of cars.

AI World 2017: An Enterprise AI Conference - DZone AI


AI World 2017 is coming up quick! Whether you're a dev looking to hone your knowledge on the latest in machine learning or a tech exec trying to stay up to date on industry trends, this conference has something for anyone tuned into the AI space. Going on from December 11-13th at the Boston Marriot Copley in Boston, Ma, AI World describes its mission as "to enable enterprise business and technology executives to learn how to successfully harness intelligent technologies to build competitive advantage, drive new business opportunities and accelerate innovation efforts." Below, I'll briefly dive into some of the highlights of the upcoming show, giving you a glimpse into the speaker line-up as well as the different learning tracks that AI World is offering. You can find the agenda which outlines the events & corresponding times here, or if you'd like more details, then download the brochure here.