France 0-2 Spain

BBC News

Video technology was used to correct two wrong decisions as Spain beat France in a friendly in Paris.

Popular Science Writing And Our Fascination With Speculation


I got an advance copy of the forthcoming We Have No Idea by Jorge Cham (of Ph.D. Comics) and Daniel Whiteson, and while I haven't finished it, the first several chapters are as fun a read as you would expect. It's also maybe the purest distillation of a thing I've noticed (and sometimes struggle with) about popular-audience science writing, namely that a large fraction of science media are more concerned with what we don't know than what we do.

This Swedish ad perfectly mocks the hype around self-driving cars


We know self-driving cars are the inevitable future of transportation -- mostly because all the companies looking to profit from it can't stop hyping the technology.

Dating app figures out what we all hate about sex


When it comes to what we love and what we hate about sex, the dating app Hater has got our number.

Apple Takes Down Drone Notification App 'Metadata' From App Store -- Again

International Business Times

After numerous rejections, Apple finally decided to allow a drone-strike notification app back on the App Store Tuesday after it was pulled in 2015 -- and then took it down again hours later.

Immigration chat bot can help you with the H1-B visa


When Visabot went live last November, the Facebook Messenger-based artificial intelligence attempted to simplify the US visa application process and help many people skip the fees associated with a visit to an immigration lawyer. At the time, however, Visabot's conversational approach only supported two types of visas for travel or "exceptional individuals." Now, as promised, Visabot support is adding support for the H-1B visa transfers and applications that many Silicon Valley companies rely on for attracting talent.

Machine Learning Will Be a Vehicle for Many Heists in the Future - DZone Big Data


I am spending some cycles on my algorithmic rotoscope work -- which is basically a stationary exercise bicycle for my learning about what is and what is not Machine Learning. I am using it to help me understand and tell stories about Machine Learning by creating images using Machine Learning that I can use in my Machine Learning storytelling. Picture a bunch of Machine Learning gears all working together to help make sense of what I'm doing, and WTF I am talking about?

Artificial Intelligence At Home: Google Home And Google Wifi To Enter UK With Extra Bonuses


The artificial intelligence assistant Google Home is scheduled to debut in the U.K. on April 6, according to Google's blog post Tuesday. The hands-free assistant and speaker, similar to its rival Amazon Echo, was launched last year in the U.S. in an attempt to make artificial intelligence readily available in homes. Google's new product, Google Wifi, would be released simultaneously, as well.

How artificial intelligence is redefining our world - Eton Bridge Partners


Not too long ago, robots were considered a possible but surreal feature of a distant future. But take stock for a moment and it's clear that artificial intelligence and machine learning has already pervaded our lives. From high-frequency trading in financial markets to customised playlists on Spotify, machines are able to receive, process and act upon data intelligently.