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They "Cloned" Bruce Willis. Who's Next?


Getting digitally cloned was easier than Devin Finley expected it to be. The voice-over artist, who also works as a model and bar manager, entered a studio in Manhattan last spring and read a script from a teleprompter. Across the room, a man with a large camera working for Hour One, a Tel Aviv–based video agency specializing in providing clients with lifelike virtual humans, filmed Finley from the waist up. Over Zoom, a director offered instructions about how much to move his hands. He was done in less than an hour.

Elon Musk's brain implant company is approved for human testing. How alarmed should we be?

The Guardian

Elon Musk's brain-implant company Neuralink last week received regulatory approval to conduct the first clinical trial of its experimental device in humans. But the billionaire executive's bombastic promotion of the technology, his leadership record at other companies and animal welfare concerns relating to Neuralink experiments have raised alarm. "I was surprised," said Laura Cabrera, a neuroethicist at Penn State's Rock Ethics Institute about the decision by the US Food and Drug Administration to let the company go ahead with clinical trials. Musks' erratic leadership at Twitter and his "move fast" techie ethos raise questions about Neuralink's ability to responsibly oversee the development of an invasive medical device capable of reading brain signals, Cabrera argued. "Is he going to see a brain implant device as something that requires not just extra regulation, but also ethical consideration?" she said.

Red Sox announcer sets off his iPhone's 'Siri' after announcing at-bat of Rays player with same name

FOX News

Fox News Flash top sports headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on At long last, an iPhone finally went off while someone was broadcasting a Tampa Bay Rays game. Because the Rays have a guy named Jose Siri on their team. And yes, his last name is pronounced just like the iPhone's "Siri."

$1,500 'Smart Gun' that has facial recognition and fingerprint unlock to go on sale in US in MONTHS

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Kai Kloepfer was in high school student in 2012 when 24-year-old James Holmes walked into an Aurora movie theater in, a half-hour drive from where Kloepfer lived. Holmes shot and killed 12 and injured 70 more. The incident caused Kloepfer to want to stop accidental shootings and suicides. Now 26, he is about to ship the world's first smart gun. PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel's fellowship program awarded Kloepfer $100,000 for dropping out of school to start his company.

In 'Tears of the Kingdom,' the Depths Are Where the Action Is


In the years since The Legend of Zelda's 1986 release, director, producer, and co-designer Shigeru Miyamoto has described the game as an attempt to replicate what he felt during childhood explorations of the countryside outside of Kyoto, Japan, where he was raised. In making the first installment of what would go on to become one of Nintendo's most beloved series, his foundational memories of inspecting foreboding caves or happening upon unexpected lakes provided a framework for what would become a global sensation. Three decades later, when a team at Nintendo sought to rethink Zelda's design ethos after years of working within an increasingly calcified format, its members returned to that first game and its sense of free-spirited exploration for inspiration. The result was 2017's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which, more than any series entry before it, imparted a feeling that players were wandering an expansive fantasy world as awe-inspiring and invigoratingly dangerous as the mental landscape of a great childhood adventure. Breath of the Wild tweaked the past games' more confined environments and gauntlet of clockwork puzzle levels--dubbed "dungeons" by players--by offering a sprawling landscape dotted with smaller, discrete challenges broken up by long periods spent simply figuring out how to climb mountains or descend into far-off valleys.

China Cracks Down on Surge in AI-Driven Fraud WSJD - Technology

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Could AI make you richer? How ChatGPT responded to simple investment questions

Daily Mail - Science & tech

It has been known to create paintings, write poems and even learn languages on its own. But could Artificial Intelligence also make you richer? Last week, it emerged JPMorgan Chase is developing a service similar to the AI-powered ChatGPT which would help customers select investments and give financial advice. Separately banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have started testing the tech internally as businesses speed up their apparent AI arms race. It begs the question whether financial advisors will be needed at all in a few years as computers offer a quicker (and cheaper) alternative.

The tech industry was deflating. Then came ChatGPT.

Washington Post - Technology News

The optimism in the AI sector contrasts with the massive layoffs that have been rocking the industry for months. Thousands of tech workers are still out of a job after the massive wave of layoffs that rolled through dozens of start-ups, as well as Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Google over the past year. Higher interest rates, which triggered the shakiness for tech companies used to borrowing huge sums to fund their ever-increasing growth, aren't going away.

If Pinocchio Doesn't Freak You Out, Microsoft's Sydney Shouldn't Either


In November 2018, an elementary school administrator named Akihiko Kondo married Miku Hatsune, a fictional pop singer. The couple's relationship had been aided by a hologram machine that allowed Kondo to interact with Hatsune. When Kondo proposed, Hatsune responded with a request: "Please treat me well." The couple had an unofficial wedding ceremony in Tokyo, and Kondo has since been joined by thousands of others who have also applied for unofficial marriage certificates with a fictional character. Though some raised concerns about the nature of Hatsune's consent, nobody thought she was conscious, let alone sentient.

Use ChatGPT to craft content and more with this $60 WordPress Plugin


TL;DR: As of June 4, get a ChatGPT WordPress Plugin Lifetime License(opens in a new tab) for just $59.99 -- 79% off list price. Whether you're running a blog, company website, shop, or even a contact hub for all your job applications, it takes a lot of work to manage a WordPress website. If you want to make it a little easier on yourself, you could get some help from your own AI assistant. You don't even need to leave your website to start asking ChatGPT for help. With the ChatGPT WordPress Plugin, you can connect your own OpenAI account (opens in a new tab)to the front or back end of your website to help generate content, answer questions, talk to visitors, and more.