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Two divergent skills that matter in an AI world: Math and business development


Artificial intelligence (AI) keeps upending our ideas about future skill requisites in interesting ways. On one level, AI requires a deep understanding of underlying technology, data science, and statistics. At the same time, AI also calls for less immersion in underlying technicalities and an ability to keep an eye on business advantage. With the rise of AI, technology managers and professionals face some critical decisions regarding which of these two seemingly divergent skill demands they ought to pursue. Tools built on generative AI offer compelling productivity advantages for developers and other technology professionals -- but it also means rethinking their roles.

North Carolina police search for suspect who allegedly followed, groped victim in a residence hall

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Correspondent Griff Jenkins caught up with the singer-songwriter to discuss the inspiration behind his music. The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill released photos of a suspect who allegedly committed a sexual assault at one of the campus's residence halls on Monday night. At about 10:40 p.m. on Monday, police put out an alert to students, faculty and staff, saying they were investigating a report of a groping or sexual assault at McClinton Residence Hall. The incident occurred at about 6:10 p.m., and according to the preliminary investigation, the suspect followed the victim into the building's lobby and stairwell. UNC Police are searching for man who allegedly followed a student into a residence hall, groped her and left on Oct. 1, 2023.

Shopping under surveillance: How retailers track you & how to be invisible

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Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on If you have a pulse and an internet connection, companies want all the details they can get on what you're willing to buy -- and it's getting harder to tell where they're getting all that info. Retailers can now track what customers purchase to influence their buying patterns. Loyalty programs collect data on your purchases, frequency and preferences -- in exchange for deals.

What AI forgets could kill us, but new research is helping it remember


According to most reports, AI will soon be everywhere, pretty much like sugar, or Taylor Swift. AI systems will soon form an intelligent backbone to everything we use or do and transform industries and society as a whole, say experts. So, imagine if you're flying somewhere up there in the friendly skies, and your aircraft's central nervous system which is now AI-managed suddenly shuts down, leaving the plane powerless. Or, the New York Stock Exchange decides to take an unexpected and immediate holiday by shutting down and sending the economy – and your life savings – into a death spiral. Or your toaster refuses to deliver that one piece of food that your body will accept before you embark on your daily trudge to work. Believe it or not, the killer technology that was going to send humanity hurtling to its demise – a conviction belonging to no less an AI authority than the very man who invented it, Geoffrey Hinton – has a little problem to attend to before it lives up to its murderous potential.

Is AI lying to us? These researchers built an LLM lie detector of sorts to find out


One of the key challenges of generative artificial intelligence is that it becomes even more of a black box when it's hosted in the cloud by companies such as OpenAI, where the AI's functioning cannot be directly examined. If you can't study a program such as GPT-4, how can you be sure it's not producing outright falsehoods? To deal with that threat, scholars at Yale and the University of Oxford have come up with what they call a lie detector that can identify falsehoods in the output of large language models simply by asking a series of unrelated yes or no questions after each round of dialogue, without any access to the guts of the program. Their lie detector, they report, is able to work with large language models for which it was not initially developed, with novel prompts it had never encountered, and with topic databases it had never faced such as mathematics questions. The lie detector is described by lead author Lorenzo Pacchiardi of the University of Oxford, and collaborators at Cambridge and Yale, in the paper, "How to catch an AI liar: lie detection in black box LLMs by asking unrelated questions," posted on the arXiv pre-print server.

ChatGPT's new web browsing feature is a big disappointment. Use this plugin instead


Last week, OpenAI (the folks who brought you the wildly disruptive ChatGPT) announced that the AI chatbot will no longer be limited to data from before September 2021 (or in the case of GPT-4, from before January 2022). In fact, it will be able to browse the web and provide insights into current data. This feature is available exclusively to paying Plus and Enterprise customers. In this article, we'll explore exactly what the new ChatGPT Plus update does, plus a lot of what it fails to do. Also: How does ChatGPT actually work?

Investor enthusiasm for AI EFTs cools amid concerns over rising interest rates

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Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Inflows into exchange-traded funds (ETFs) tracking artificial intelligence (AI) companies have ebbed after their sharp run-up earlier this year, as investors fear persistently high U.S. interest rates will hurt company valuations. The Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF received $1.8 million in net inflows in September after sharp outflows in the prior month, while the smaller ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index ETF saw outflows of $14.3 million. By contrast, both funds received their highest monthly net inflows of 2023 in June, gaining $265.5 million and $29.74 million, respectively, according to Lipper data.

The best early Amazon October Prime Day Deals for 2023


Amazon's second Prime-related event for 2023 is officially called Prime Big Deal Days and will happen October 10 and 11. This is the second year in a row for a fall-based, site-wide Amazon sale and we're already seeing discounts pop up. You'll need a Prime membership to access many of the deals, though a few are available to everyone. This week, there are early Prime Day deals on the AirPods Pro, Amazon's Echo Dot, Amazon Music Unlimited, Eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi systems, Ring Video Doorbells and security systems and Amazon Fire Omni smart TVs. Here are the best early October Prime Day deals you can get right now.

Beware of Bing Chat and its AI conversations that can lure you into malware traps

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CyberGuy explains the new iPhone 15 Pro Max. Every day, AI seems to flip a coin between being our tech hero or digital villain. In this mix, Bing Chat made a splash by teaming up with OpenAI, turning the mundane task of searching into a friendly chat. With Microsoft leading the way, these tech giants were able to integrate the capabilities of ChatGPT into the Bing search engine. This integration was meant to change the search engine game.

Microsoft CEO Testifies on Limits of AI at Google Trial WSJD - Technology

WASHINGTON--Google has used unfair tactics to hobble Microsoft's Bing search engine, Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella said on the witness stand Monday in the landmark U.S. antitrust case against Google, adding there might be limits to how much new artificial-intelligence applications can reshape the market.