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How AI Can Revolutionize Banking


AI brings the potential for disruption and transformation due to its ability to make decisions and take action much quicker than its human counterparts. It has been seen as a means of increasing productivity within a company and improving revenues through better customer engagements. But the use of AI is not without pitfalls, risks and detractors. Will AI used for good or just corporate greed? How should the use of AI be regulated?

New algorithms track ships in harbors


The security of port areas involves monitoring at various levels. What kind of ships are coming in, are they perhaps guilty of illegal fishing, and what cargo do they carry? Security officers and harbor masters often can't carry out these control duties all by themselves, which is why ports around the world are increasingly making use of smart surveillance systems to monitor maritime territory. TU/e researcher Amir Ghahremani developed new algorithms as well as a learning system to improve vessel identification. He will obtain his Ph.D. degree at the department of Electrical Engineering on Friday June 24.

MIT scientists create robotic FIREFLIES that could help search-and-rescue missions

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Tiny robotic fireflies that weigh barely more than a paper clip and glow as they fly could be used to aid search-and-rescue missions, researchers claim. Engineers at MIT previously developed insect-sized robots with tiny artificial muscles that allow them to zip around with bug-like agility by rapidly flapping their wings. The engineers have now found a way to embed minuscule electroluminescent particles into these artificial muscles, meaning they emit coloured light during flight. The robots can use this light to communicate with each other, and could even use it to signal for help in emergency situations, according to the researchers. For example, if sent on a search-and-rescue mission into a collapsed building, a robot that finds survivors could use lights to signal others and call for help.

DALL-E Mini Is the Internet's Favorite AI Meme Machine


On June 6, Hugging Face, a company that hosts open source artificial intelligence projects, saw traffic to an AI image-generation tool called DALL-E Mini skyrocket. The outwardly simple app, which generates nine images in response to any typed text prompt, was launched nearly a year ago by an independent developer. But after some recent improvements and a few viral tweets, its ability to crudely sketch all manner of surreal, hilarious, and even nightmarish visions suddenly became meme magic. As more people created and shared DALL-E Mini images on Twitter and Reddit, and more new users arrived, Hugging Face saw its servers overwhelmed with traffic. "Our engineers didn't sleep for the first night," says Clément Delangue, CEO of Hugging Face, on a video call from his home in Miami.

Apple ML Researchers Develop 'Neo': A Visual Analytics System That Enables Machine Learning Practitioners To Generalize Confusion Matrix Visualization to Hierarchical and Multi-Output Labels


In Machine Learning (ML), model evaluation is the most challenging step. The confusion matrix is one of the globally utilized performance metrics to evaluate the model for classification tasks. It is also a visualization tool that many ML courses and researchers have used. Moreover, it is a table with two dimensions, i.e., actual class label and predicted class label. The actual class label is represented by a row, while a column in the confusion matrix represents the predicted class label.

Verbit Wins 2022 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Award


Verbit, the market leader in voice AI transcription and captioning solutions, announced that it has received the "Best Speech to Text Solution" award in the 5th annual AI Breakthrough Awards program conducted by AI Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) market . Verbit harnesses the power of artificial and human intelligence to provide highly-accurate vertical specific transcription and captioning solutions delivered with a turnaround time that is ten-times faster than the industry standard. Using machine learning and natural language processing paired with the largest professional captioner workforce in the world, Verbit produces word-for-word transcripts and captions tailored for diverse customers in the education, media, government, finance and corporate sectors. The platform's AI is trained based on the vertical and customer at hand, giving Verbit the ability to build custom models that improve over time. Additionally, Verbit customers have access to transcripts and captions that comply with their unique, industry-specific regulations and standards.

How Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolutionizing Businesses?


The widespread adoption of AI (artificial intelligence) in the business landscape is already creating impactful effects on business processes, data analysis, customer and employee engagement, etc. Knowingly or unknowingly, artificial intelligence has permeated all major facets of our lives. As per a report by Forbes, "76% of enterprises prioritize AI and machine learning (ML) over other IT initiatives in 2021." As found by Precedence Research, the AI market size is anticipated to surpass around US$ 1,597.1 billion by 2030. So, folks, it's clear that AI and ML are not new any longer and they are not a futuristic notion. They have been aiding us in going beyond the ordinary and in rolling out our mundane tasks with neatness and efficiency.

Global Big Data Conference - AI Summary


China Poised To Dominate The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market Posted on: Mar 15 – 2021 Many westerners have no idea that China is actually setting a course to become a world leader in AI, and that a number of key Chinese AI companies have already become a major part of everyday life in China, the United States, and the rest of the world. China's leaders have made AI a strategic priority and are driving the Chinese tech industry to define standards and norms for global artificial intelligence practices. There are a plethora of potential AI applications for this market, so China is fertile ground for AI companies to thrive. The government and business sector in China understand that AI is revolutionizing virtually all aspects of consumers' lives, and they are embracing the new technology wholeheartedly and providing strong strategic guidance for innovative AI tech companies. Many westerners have no idea that China is actually setting a course to become a world leader in AI, and that a number of key Chinese AI companies have already become a major part of everyday life in China, the United States, and the rest of the world.

Webinar - Laser AI - the secrets of automation of data extraction


We would like to invite you to another webinar from the Laser AI series. Laser AI is a new generation tool for continuously synthesizing available knowledge about a given health problem with minimal human involvement, accelerating the research and improving its quality. During the presentation, we will update you about the security of Laser AI and explain what FedRAMP authorization is and how we got it. Next, we will reveal some of the secrets of automation of data extraction during the DEMO of the Laser AI-based Dextr tool. Paweł Kunstman is a co-founder and the president of Evidence Prime.

[Udemy Coupon] Deep Learning Fundamentals


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