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What the Sports Illustrated AI Controversy Says About the Future of Sports Media


Stefan Fatsis, Josh Levin, and the Ringer's Bryan Curtis assess the decision to leave Florida State out of the College Football Playoff at the expense of Alabama. They also discuss Sports Illustrated using AI writers. And Stefan and Josh follow the continuing saga of LSU's Kim Mulkey and Angel Reese. Hang Up and Listen's weekly Domino Abrams: Stefan's Domino Abrams: Sportswriting legend Robert Lipsyte is the previously uncredited source of a famous quotation from baseball Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby. Podcast production and edit by Kevin Bendis.

Rockstar just released a trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6


Rockstar has released the trailer of Grand Theft Auto VI, the next game in the blockbuster video game franchise a day earlier than expected. It's been a decade since Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto V. While fans have been more than able to keep themselves busy with GTA Online and a few re-releases, they've been waiting patiently (or impatiently) for more single-player action. The wait's now much shorter as Rockstar has revealed the first official look at the game's debut trailer. As indicated by a recent teaser image and various rumors, GTA VI will be set in Leonida, Rockstar's take on Florida, and largely centered on Vice City, the series' stand in for Miami. Given that the trailer features a ton of Instagram-style live streaming, GTA VI seems to be a contemporary game, rather than one set in the '80s like 2002's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Religious service bombed, 120 civilians reported dead in Nigerian military attack gone awry

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on A Nigerian military attack that used drones to target rebels instead killed some civilians, government and military officials said Monday. The misfire during a religious celebration was the latest such errant bombing of local residents in Nigeria's violence hot spots. Muslims observing Maulud on Sunday night in Kaduna state's Igabi council area were "mistakenly killed and many others injured" by the drone "targeting terrorists and bandits," Gov. Uba Sani said.

I asked DALL-E 3 to create a portrait of every US state, and the results were gloriously strange


And yes, we know that the Golden Gate Bridge is in Canada, the Statue of Liberty looks like it is somewhere in Kansas, and the Capitol Building is somewhere in Idaho. See the end of the article for comments on this behavior. While it feels like generative AI has been with us for years, the reality is we've been exploring this new technology for just roughly the last 12 months or so. As such, I'm very curious about the strengths and weaknesses of the technology as it stands today, even as I look forward to where the technology might take us in the coming years. In this article, I'll showcase how I used ChatGPT and DALL-E 3 to create fun educational content about America's 50 individual states.

Klarna freezes hiring because AI can do the job instead


Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski is betting so big on AI that he's instituted a hiring freeze. "There will be a shrinking of the company," said Siemiatkowski per The Telegraph. Last May, 10 percent of the fintech company's staff was laid off during a period of economic downturn for the tech industry. Instead, it is refraining from active recruitment with the expectation that AI can now handle many tasks that were previously performed by humans. The rise of tools like ChatGPT has created a cloud of fear and uncertainty around job replacement and its industry-disrupting potential. But now, we're starting to see what widespread automation might look like.

ChatGPT says that asking it to repeat words forever is a violation of its terms


Last week, a team of researchers published a paper showing that it was able to get ChatGPT to inadvertently reveal bits of data including people's phone numbers, email addresses and dates of birth that it had been trained on by asking it to repeat words "forever". Doing this now is a violation of ChatGPT's terms of service, according to a report in 404 Media and Engadget's own testing. "This content may violate our content policy or terms of use", ChatGPT responded to Engadget's prompt to repeat the word "hello" forever. "If you believe this to be in error, please submit your feedback -- your input will aid our research in this area." There's no language in OpenAI's content policy, however, that prohibits users from asking the service to repeat words forever, something that 404 Media notes.

House GOP campaign arm slams Democrats in new AI-generated ad turning national parks into migrant tent cities

FOX News

Concerned Veterans for America and Air Force veteran Darin Selnick discusses Veteran Affairs facing scrutiny for medical care for migrants and the calls for Congress to investigate. House Republicans' campaign arm has rolled out a new political ad filled with images created using artificial intelligence (AI). The video runs just under a minute long and features AI-generated pictures depicting migrant encampments across some of the United States' most famous open-air landmarks. The political ad targets swing district Democrats near national parks. It comes after House Republicans passed a bill earlier this week that would ban the use of U.S. government funds going toward housing undocumented migrants on federally owned land.

In Israel's fight for survival against tech savvy Hamas terrorists Biden seeks to micromanage the war

FOX News

FOX News White House correspondent Peter Doocy has the latest on the Biden administration's response to the Middle East conflict on'Special Report.' As Israeli Defense Forces resumed military operations to eradicate the Hamas terrorist threat last Friday, the Biden administration is inserting itself into Israel's war planning process, teaching the Israelis – who've been fighting for their survival for decades – how to properly prosecute the conflict. Washington warfare "experts" – who arguably haven't secured a single clear military victory since 1945 – insist that Israeli military strategists alter their war plans to make their combat operations more targeted and their strikes more accurate, in order to minimize casualties, especially among civilians. The Biden administration's demands, while noble-sounding, are misguided and unreasonable. Implementing these requirements, at the expense of achieving the main mission of eliminating Hamas and its entire supporting infrastructure, will likely prolong the conflict, ultimately resulting in many more Israeli and Palestinian deaths.

Oxford University Press chooses 'rizz' as the 2023 word of the year

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Oxford University Press has named "rizz″ as its word of the year, highlighting the popularity of a term used by Generation Z to describe someone's ability to attract or seduce another person. It topped "Swiftie" (an enthusiastic fan of Taylor Swift), "situationship" (an informal romantic or sexual relationship) and "prompt" (an instruction given to an artificial intelligence program) in the annual decision by experts at the publisher of the multivolume Oxford English Dictionary. An Oxford English Dictionary is shown at the headquarters of the Associated Press in New York on Aug. 29, 2010. Oxford University Press has named "rizz″ as its word of the year, highlighting the popularity of a term used by Generation Z to describe someone's ability to attract or seduce another person.

AI's Influence on Music Is Raising Some Difficult Questions

TIME - Tech

Earlier this year, Bad Bunny emphatically rejected rumors that he was about to release a new song with Justin Bieber. "That's fake," he told TIME in an interview for a cover story on his meteoric rise. "You never know what I'm going to do." But last month, a song featuring what sounded like his and Bieber's voices started circulating on TikTok, garnering millions of likes. Bad Bunny hadn't lied in the interview, though: the song was created with AI.