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A Powerful Idea About Our Brains Stormed Pop Culture and Captured Minds. It's Mostly Bunk.


When Leonardo DiCaprio's relationship with model/actress Camila Morrone ended three months after she celebrated her 25th birthday, the lifestyle site YourTango turned to neuroscience. DiCaprio has a well-documented history of dating women under 25. "Given that DiCaprio's cut-off point is exactly around the time that neuroscientists say our brains are finished developing, there is certainly a case to be made that a desire to date younger partners comes from a desire to have control," the article said. It quotes a couples therapist, who says that at 25, people's "brains are fully formed and that presents a more elevated and conscious level of connection"--the type of connection, YourTango suggests, that DiCaprio wants to avoid. YourTango was parroting a factoid that's gained a chokehold over pop science in the past decade: that 25 marks the age at which our brains become "fully developed" or "mature." This assertion has been used as an explanation for a vast range of phenomena.

35 Best Cyber Monday Headphone and Speaker Deals (2022): AirPods Pro, Sonos, and Record Players


I'm the anti-hero Taylor Swift sings about. I listen to the same song over and over and over again, scratching that part of my brain that just loves every moment of it. Luckily for me, this Cyber Monday, there are speaker deals from Sonos and Google that will sound good with every replay. Luckily for my husband, friends, and anyone else in my vicinity, there are also plenty of deals on headphones from our favorite brands, like Jabra, Apple, and Beats, to drown my tunes out. If you're looking to listen to whatever you want with the best sound possible, we've assembled all the best Cyber Monday headphone and speaker deals here. Updated November 27: We've added new deals on headphones from Bose and Bang & Olufsen.

Four tech investment trends to watch out for in 2023


What are the hot areas for tech investors to be putting their money into? From a pricing and valuation perspective, it's been a difficult year for tech stocks. Even blue-chip names such as Microsoft, Apple and NVIDIA have faced material price corrections on the financial markets. At one point in mid-October, Morningstar's US Technology Sector index was down more than a third on the beginning of the year. Even after a slight rally, it remained a quarter lower in early November.

Next50 announces the launch of Platform50 to maximise AI potential - News


NEXT50, an Abu Dhabi based-technology company, on Sunday launched Platform50, a one-stop-shop solution for organisations to maximise business value and address tomorrow's challenges. The announcement was made at Next50's inaugural executive day – which spotlighted the latest in state-of-the-art technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and real-world applications accelerating a data-driven future in three key industries – mobility, logistics, and utilities. The Next50 executive day saw the attendance of key industry leaders in the UAE. With AI is set to contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030 and $320 billion to the Middle East alone, Platform50 is designed to support organisations as they accelerate the adoption of AI, advanced analytics-based solutions, and automation to meet their growth and sustainability goals. The launch aligns with the UAE National Innovation Strategy and the UAE's Fourth Industrial Revolution Strategy which aims to contribute to the national economy by advancing innovation and future technologies, with AI expecting to contribute 13.6 per cent of the UAE's GDP by the end of the decade based on a report published by the World Economy Forum.

Top 10 Computer Vision Techniques with Deep Learning


Give yourself a head-start by seeing the big picture. There are over 10 Computer Vision objectives you can solve with AI. However, in most tutorials only the first 4 are talked about, and the rest are often overlooked. However, without all 10 of them, many emerging technologies such as facial recognition, AI powered security cameras, AI powered medical diagnosis, as well as Tesla's Full Self Driving feature, wouldn't be possible today. In this article, we will start from the most basic types of computer vision and we will see why we need other types to have more real life functionalities step by step.

OpenAI successfully trained a Minecraft bot using 70,000 hours of gameplay videos


Why it matters: Minecraft may not sound like an important tool that supports advanced AI research. After all, what could possibly be so important about teaching a machine to play a sandbox game released more than a decade ago? Based on OpenAI's recent efforts, a well-trained Minecraft bot is more relevant to AI advancement than most people might realize. OpenAI has always focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning advances that benefit humanity. Recently, the company successfully trained a bot to play Minecraft using more than 70,000 hours of gameplay videos. The achievement is far more than just a bot playing a game.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting Online Shopping?


Do you think that e-commerce has come of age? Just think about it – you can browse thousands of dresses online to find that perfect one in just a matter of clicks. Rather than visiting physical stores, modern-day consumers prefer going online where they get access to myriads of products or services, making the shopping experience faster and better. According to Statista, it is expected to have over 2.14 billion digital buyers in the year 2021, which is a huge number for online businesses. If you are an entrepreneur, it is a great time to leverage your e-commerce brand by implementing some innovative solutions and technologies.

The Dark Side Of Artificial Intelligence - AI Summary


It all started in 1950 when philosopher and mathematician Alan Turing revisited the question of whether machines (or computers) can "think." This question was tackled by the early modern philosopher René Descartes, who argued that because thinking is a mental activity, physical bodies cannot think, thus ruling out that machines can think. Turing came up with an idea for testing whether machines can think, the so-called Turing Test, which would analyze the speech patterns of answers provided by machines in response to everyday questions. IBM spent over $62 million to create a Watson for Oncology, an AI oncology expert adviser that uses AI algorithms to recommend cancer treatment. While machines cannot think the way humans do, they do sometimes make their own surprising "decisions."

Anomalous User Detection in Social Network using Graph Neural Networks (GNN)


Graph neural networks apply the predictive power of deep learning to rich data structures that depict objects and their relationships as points connected by lines in a graph. In GNNs, data points are called nodes, which are linked by lines -- called edges -- with elements expressed mathematically so machine learning algorithms can make useful predictions at the level of nodes, edges or entire graphs. An expanding list of companies is applying GNNs to improve drug discovery, fraud detection and recommendation systems. These applications and many more rely on finding patterns in relationships among data points. Social media has become one of the largest epidemics in the World.

The Python Mega Course: Learn Python in 40 Days with 18 Apps


The course was updated on November 4th, 2022, entirely. The new content is a significant improvement to the old course, with a better course structure, more real-world apps, and using the latest version of Python and other recent programming tools. The course assumes you have never programmed before and teaches Python from zero. This is the only course that follows a multimodal learning approach that offers students both a video course and an environment that simulates real-world programming activities similar to a real bootcamp. Students learn Python by building programs from scratch, adding new features to existing programs, improving existing features, fixing bugs, engaging in code experiments, learning programming tools that every programmer should know, deploying apps in the cloud, and engaging with other fellow students.