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Google researchers show artificial intelligence can design microchips better and faster than humans


This is an Inside Science story. Artificial intelligence can design computer microchips that perform at least as well as those designed by human experts, devising such blueprints thousands of times faster. This new research from Google is already helping with the design of microchips for the company's next generation of AI computer systems. The process of designing the physical layout of a chip's parts, known as floor planning, is key to a device's ultimate performance. This complex task often requires months of intense efforts from experts, and despite five decades of research, no automated floorplanning technique has reached human-level performance until now.

How ophthalmology is pioneering the field of artificial intelligence


Well, I think AI is quite a broad term. The type of AI that has generated a lot of excitement in recent years is called'deep learning'. This is a process by which software programs learn to perform certain tasks by processing large quantities of data. Deep learning is what has made ophthalmology a pioneer in the field of implementing AI in medicine, because we are increasingly reliant on imaging tests to monitor our patients. Particularly in my subspecialty of interest, medical retina, imaging tests such as optical coherence tomography (OCT) are performed very frequently and have provided the material to train and test and then apply AI decision support systems.

Artificial Intelligence Makes An Entire Game from the Ground Up


With what this particular AI has done, it seems like a very real possibility, to say the least. According to VentureBeat, a certain artificial intelligence program managed to create an entire video game from scratch. It was able to come up with character names/backstories, specific gameplay elements, and even a title: "Candy Shop Slaughter." For all intents and purposes, "Candy Shop Slaughter'' seems like a perfectly viable game to release into the mobile market, if not on the desktop market. Commissioned by a website called, the artificial intelligence project was born of a program called GPT-3.

Why Will the Artificial Intelligence World Enter Winter


The world of Artificial Intelligence usually has two climates, spring, and winter. Artificial intelligence has sometimes inevitably entered the winter, but often it has become more robust and revived. In the world of artificial intelligence, winter and early spring climates are experienced similar to the seasons. The entry into the ice ages indicates the long-term predictive failure of humans and being too sure about some issues. In this article, we will talk about the problems and human misconceptions that cause the world of artificial intelligence to enter the winter.

Penn State will offer Artificial Intelligence courses online - Exoborg


Penn State is officially becoming a member of the robot community. So, what exactly does this mean? The 63rd ranked university in the country is adding artificial intelligence (A.I.) to it's list of programs. The AI program will be offered online through their world Campus and it will be a 33 credit program. Penn State's AI program will be the first of it's kind in Penn State's history.

Andrew Ng Launches Data-Centric AI Competition


In a new format, DeepLearning.AI and Landing.AI collaborated to announce -- the Data-Centric AI Competition whereby participants are asked to improve a dataset given a fixed model. Andrew Ng invited participants to be a part of this unique competition. Starting from June 17, contestants can submit their altered dataset for evaluation latest by September 4 2021 – the birth date of John McCarthy, who coined the term artificial intelligence – by 6 PM PT (06:30 AM IST). The top three winners from each of the two categories (Best Performance Overall and Most Innovative) will be invited to a private event with Andrew Ng to share ideas about how to grow the data-centric movement. They will be highlighted in The Batch and other DeepLearning.AI and Landing AI channels.

Custom Software & Web Development


We often hear the word AI, but what is it? AI is a program that runs on a computer. Since it is a program, it was created by a human being, and in that aspect, it is no different from ordinary programs. There is also no difference in the sequence of inputting information, processing it, and producing results between AI and general programs. At what point does an ordinary program become an AI, or is an AI born from a completely different process than an ordinary program?

12 of the best suspense movies on Netflix to put you on edge


Given how stress-inducing the real world can be at the best of times, movies that rely on tension as a driving force might seem like an odd entertainment choice to some. But who are we to judge? Maybe spending 90 minutes sweating and wincing in front of the TV screen is actually a cathartic way to let off some steam -- and at the very least, a suspense movie is always a great way to get the ol' heart-rate up. But what actually is a suspense movie? How is it different to a thriller?



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