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Hewlett Packard Acquires AI Company Co-founded by Machine Learning Professor

CMU School of Computer Science

A machine learning technology company co-founded by Ameet Talwalkar, an assistant professor in the Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science, will join Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Determined AI, a San Francisco-based startup, builds software that trains artificial intelligence models more quickly and at scale using its open-source machine learning platform. Talwalkar is chief scientist at Determined AI, which he co-founded in 2017 with Neil Conway and Evan Sparks. "We are thrilled about the opportunity to partner with HPE to deliver co-designed software and hardware and tackle some of society's most pressing challenges," the founders wrote in a blog post announcing the acquisition. "HPE shares our vision that driving an open standard for AI software infrastructure is the fastest way for the industry to realize the potential of AI."

This self-emptying Shark robot vacuum is one of the best Prime Day deals we've seen


Save $150: The Shark AV911S robot vacuum with a self-emptying base is at its best price ever of $349.99 at Amazon as of June 22 for Prime Day. If you skipped spring cleaning this year, we don't blame you. But you'll now look pretty smart since that means you get to enjoy all of Amazon's top robot vacuum deals for Prime Day. So if you procrastinated on cleaning duty, then prepare to save big on high-end options such as this advanced Shark robot vacuum. SEE ALSO: Eufy's quiet and thin RoboVac 11S is $90 off this Prime Day Perfect for anyone who wants to handle dirt as little as possible, the Shark AV911S EZ robot vacuum with a self-emptying base is down to just $349.99 at Amazon.

Deploying ML Models to the Edge using Azure DevOps


Training ML Models and exporting it in more optimized way for Edge device from scratch is quite challenging thing to do especially for a beginner in ML space. Interestingly Azure Cognitive Services will aid in heavy lifting half of the common problems such as Image Classification, Speech Recognition etc. So in this article, I will show you how I created a simple pipeline(kind of MLOps) that deploys the model to an Edge Device leveraging Azure IoT Modules and Azure DevOps Services. Blob Storage – For storing images for ML training 2. Logic Apps – To respond Blob storage upload events and trigger a Post REST API call to Azure Pipelines 3. Cognitive Services – For training Images and generate a optimized model specifically for edge devices. Containerized Az Devops Agents will be running inside this, orchestrated using K3s Kubernetes Distribution.

Homeland Security wants to 'cut through the hype' of AI, find best uses only


The terms "artificial intelligence," "machine learning" and "robotic process automation" (RPA) get thrown around synonymously, but differentiating between them is important to understanding how best to use them. Brian Campo, deputy chief technology officer at the Department of Homeland Security, clarified that RPA is essentially "automation" -- the act of putting manual tasks into a context or system where the same action can be done automatically and intrinsically. As for AI and machine learning, the difference comes down to how the data is used. "So machine learning is trying to take data and make it intrinsically more informative, trying to take those automated insights and figure them out and find them in new and interesting ways, uncovering things that we wouldn't necessarily be thinking about or something that wouldn't occur to the operator," he said on Federal Monthly Insights -- Cloud and Artificial Intelligence. "Now, artificial intelligence is sort of different than that, in that it's not about driving insights -- it's about actually making impacts to some operational activity."

Make Time for Vacation with Automation


Do you feel like you can't get away because your to do list is too long? Have you considered how automating workflow and processes could help you get away, relax and enjoy yourself? Let Mavenspire and JTEK Numb the Pain of Your Digital Transformation with process automation. On June 30th at 3 pm EDT, Mavenspire CEO, Michael Tanenhaus, and JTEK Principal, Jim Hathaway will have a virtual fireside chat about Robotic Process Automation (RPA), workflow automation and the components you need to get your automation strategy started. Then we will provide the ingredients shipped directly to you for a savory appetizer and a summery cocktail.

InformationWeek, serving the information needs of the Business Technology Community


As COVID-19 vaccination rates rise, conversations about the future of work are picking up again. It's no longer the workplace of 2019; the landscape has changed significantly since then. The automated, digitized world of work that we knew would arrive "soon" is suddenly here, and many of those changes are here to stay. Chief information officers and IT leaders have a key role to play in facilitating employee adoption and encouraging buy-in for the future of an AI-enabled workforce. Organizations accelerated their digital transformation plans over the past year, or improvised along the way, to accommodate the rapid shift to virtual work.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Engineering


Back then engineering was all about blueprints, sketches, and physical models. But today it is intensively about software tools and computer designs. The demand for artificial intelligence and digital technology has been gaining momentum. Advancements in the AI sector are transforming smart systems and supervised machine learning to a great extent. Artificial intelligence systems will ease the laborious tasks that engineers do such as finding relevant content, fixing errors, and determining solutions.

Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on AI (June 2021)


Here's the Thinkers360 live leaderboard for our top 50 global thought leaders and influencers on AI for June 2021. Congratulations to all our thought leaders and experts who participated! Know others who should be on this live leaderboard? Help us grow the Thinkers360 community by inviting them to participate (free) by sharing their own content today! Individuals: To join our thought leadership community, participate in our leaderboards, showcase your own profile and portfolio, build your media kit and have us amplify on social media sign-up today for free!

Artificial Intelligence in Banking Market - Forecast to 2026


Press release - Global Market Estimates Research & Consultants - Artificial Intelligence in Banking Market - Forecast to 2026 - published on

AI Astronaut: CIMON World's First Flying AI Assistant into ISS


There was a time where astronauts on the International Space Station were all alone. But with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, now they feel less lonely. Crew Interactive MObileCompanioN (CIMON) is an AI Astronaut Assistant that is developed by German space agency DLR, Airbus, and IBM. The project lead for this first free-flying AI astronaut, Matthias Biniok, was approached for this big project in 2016. Their main aim, was to build a robot and send it into space for providing assistance.