COVID-19 robotics resources: ideas for roboticists, users, and educators


Robots could have a role to play in COVID-19, whether it's automating laboratory research, helping with logistics, disinfecting hospitals, education, or allowing carers, colleagues or loved ones to connect using telepresence. Yet many of these solutions are still in development or early deployment. The hope is that accelerating these translations could make a difference. This page aims to compile some resources for roboticists who are able to help, users who need robots for COVID-19 applications, and people who want to learn about robotics while on lockdown. This is not an exhaustive resource page, and we will regularly be updating the content.

Robots Welcome to Take Over, as Pandemic Accelerates Automation

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At supermarkets like Giant Eagle, robots are freeing up employees who previously spent time taking inventory to focus on disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces and processing deliveries to keep shelves stocked. Retailers insist the robots are augmenting the work of employees, not replacing them. But as the panic buying ebbs and sales decline in the recession that is expected to follow, companies that reassigned workers during the crisis may no longer have a need for them. The role of a cashier is also changing. For many years, retailers have provided self-checkout kiosks.

Department of Energy Announces $30 Million for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Research


WASHINGTON, D.C.-- Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced a plan to provide up to $30 million for advanced research in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) for both scientific investigation and the management of complex systems. The initiative encompasses two separate topic areas. One topic is focused on the development of ML and AI for predictive modeling and simulation focused on research across the physical sciences. ML and AI are thought to offer promising new alternatives to traditional programming methods for computer modeling and simulation. A second topic is focused on basic ML and AI research for "decision support" in managing complex systems.

Top Machine Learning Influencers - All The Names You Need to Know -


Following the great minds of machine learning can help you discover new things and deepen your knowledge. It's fascinating to learn from the best scientists. Among them, you will find influencers, teachers, business leaders, and even many more. Undeniably their expertise can help to change the world and make it a better place. On this list, you will find not only influencers but also renowned personalities from the world of Data Science.

Enabling the AI-driven enterprise with DataRobot on Dell EMC infrastructure


For data-driven organizations, machine learning offers powerful techniques for unlocking the value of data and enabling artificial intelligence applications. But for many organizations, there are obstacles on the road to machine learning: a skills shortage and the ability to build and deploy models quickly. Without tools that automate and simplify machine learning processes, organizations can be stymied by a lack of data scientists who understand the complexities of building intelligent systems with the ability to learn from data and improve over time. These aren't skills that the typical IT shop has in abundance. . . This is where the DataRobot enterprise AI software platform enters the machine learning picture.

Machine learning is about to revolutionize the study of ancient games


In 1238, the medieval Spanish ruler Alfonso X of Castile published a tome called Libro de los Juegos, or The Book of Games. It consisted of 97 parchment pages, many with beautiful color illustrations, and contains the earliest descriptions of games such as chess, dice, and backgammon. Alfonso went on to classify games into three categories: games that are played on horseback, games played dismounted (such as fencing and wrestling), and games played seated. He divided this third category even further into games that rely on the brain, games of chance, and games that rely on both. In making these distinctions, Alfonso is the unofficial founder of a field of science known as ludology--the study of games, which has attracted much interest among mathematicians, computer scientists, sociologists, and others.

Data Science Retreat Demo Day #21


We are hosting the first DSR demo day of 2020 - online! Nine of our graduates will be presenting their data science & machine learning projects.

How Real-Time Data Recharges Financial Close


Financial technology innovation has opened the doors to massive transformation of corporate finance departments. More sophisticated tools can empower teams to more accurately predict cash flows and guide their organizations' growth strategies, with opportunities to collaborate across procurement, accounts payable, accounts receivable, treasury and beyond. While flashy corporate FinTech is exciting, innovation efforts have rarely focused on a mainstay of corporate finance teams: the financial close process, a crucial, but continually outdated function. Today's chief financial officer is headed in a strategic direction, says Trintech President Darren Heffernan, "but the bread and butter is you still have to produce accurate and timely financial statements." In a recent conversation with PYMNTS, Heffernan dove into the ways that digital transformation efforts by corporate finance teams have unlocked an optimized financial close process, and even encouraged the most cutting-edge firms to buck the rarely questioned status quo of monthly and quarterly reporting.

Google AI arrives in UK to request opening hours


Google's AI phone assistant Duplex is contacting businesses across the UK and asking them what their coronavirus business hours are. It is using the responses to update company listings shown on Google Search and Google Maps. The Duplex AI assistant can be used by people in the US and New Zealand to make restaurant bookings and other reservations. But those features are not yet coming to the UK. Google chief executive Sundar Pichai wrote in a blog post that Google was planning to start using Duplex "where possible" to contact businesses about opening times.

Android gets a built-in Braille keyboard – TechCrunch


Android has received a wealth of accessibility features over the last couple of years, but one that has been left to third-party developers is a way for blind users to type using braille. That changes today with Android's new built-in braille keyboard, which should soon be available as an option on all phones running version 5 and up of the OS. Braille is a complex topic in the accessibility community, as in many ways it has been supplanted by voice recognition, screen readers and other tools. But many people are already familiar with it and use it regularly -- and after all, one can't always chat out loud. Third-party braille keyboards are available, but some cost money or are no longer in development.