How fast could you learn to use a swing?


If you've got kids, you'd know that it can take a long time before they are swinging back and forth, giving you a heartache every time they go that little bit too high. The next question I ask, is how long do you think it might take a machine learning robot to do the same? It's a great way to show what machine learning is all about and highlights the advances we've made in this area. So if you have an executive or colleague that doesn't yet get "machine learning" or what all the fuss is with artificial intelligence, show them this and ask them how long it took them to learn to use a swing.

Marvin Minsky on Singularity 1 on 1: The Turing Test is a Joke!


I was hoping that I will finally get my chance at the GF2045 conference in NY City. Unfortunately, Prof. Minsky had bronchitis and consequently had to speak via video. A week later, though still recovering, Marvin generously gave me a 30 min interview while attending the ISTAS13 Veilance conference in Toronto. During our conversation with Marvin Minsky we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: how he moved from biology and mathematics to Artificial Intelligence; his personal motivation and most proud accomplishment; the importance of science fiction -- in general, and his take on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein -- in particular; the Turing Test; the importance of theory of mind; the Human Brain Project; the technological singularity and why he thinks that progress in AI has stalled; his personal advice to young AI researchers...

Fintech funding round-up: 19 September 2017 » Banking Technology


The funding round was led by US venture capital firm Rethink Impact. Swedish fintech firm iZettle says it will receive €30 million in debt funding from the European Investment Bank (EIB) in the coming three years. The EIB financing will support iZettle in four business areas: development of payments infrastructure; insights and actions through machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI); digitalisation of commerce processes; and scaling legislative and compliance systems. It has also reached a "landmark milestone" (one of those is enough I think) of providing £1.5 billion funding to UK businesses.

AI taking your jobs is good news: Terem Technologies' Scott Middleton


"AI is not far off, it's just the next layer of automation," he said. He said the number of photographic developers and printers declined but the number of photographers has increased, which shows how automation and innovation allow people to focus on creative work. Kaila Colbin, New Zealand ambassador of Silicon Valley think tank Singularity University, said automation and subsequent loss of jobs have been happening for a long time but the emergence of AI posed threats for jobs that humans were traditionally considered to be more capable at. She said inventions such as AI lawyer "Ross" and chatbot which contested 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York - presents threats for humans.

How smart is Artificial Intelligence?


The impacts are contributing by automating repetitive task, creating efficiencies, ubiquitously improving user experience, and creating ways for humans to improve our cognition. From a business perspective, enterprise executives are most optimistic about the potential of AI technologies to increase efficiencies via automated communications and alerts to enable more proactive approaches (70%) business challenges. Additionally, our surveyed execs believe virtual personal assistants and automated data analysts are the AI solutions they see most impacting their businesses. Business execs also see potential for AI managers to improve life for employees.

Price rumors swirl for Google's Echo Dot slayer


Google is rumored to launch a new tiny smart speaker to take on the Echo Dot at the Pixel 2 event next month -- and if a new leak is legit, we now have some more insight about the product's name, pricing info, and even a first look at the design. The device, which is a much smaller speaker than the OG Google Home, is expected to be called the Google Home Mini and cost just $49, according to Android blog Droid Life. The Home Mini report only cites "information we've viewed" -- but the details confirm earlier rumors. Here is the Google Home Mini, the Smaller $49 Google Home. The Home Mini will look to edge in on the market Amazon grabbed with the smaller, cheaper Dot, giving Google Assistant users a more affordable option to bring a smart assistant hub into their home.

Lyft is giving out scholarships for a new self-driving car program


The four-month course will cost $800 -- but Lyft will award full scholarships to 400 qualified students to study topics like machine learning, object-oriented programming, and probabilistic robotics. Graduates are guaranteed admission to Udacity's Self-Driving Car Engineer program, which provides a more thorough schooling on the ins and outs of a career focused on creating autonomous systems. This is a savvy move for the Lyft, which announced its own driverless car development program earlier this year. Ten percent of the company's engineers are already focusing on autonomous tech, and the Udacity programs could help to create a pipeline of talent to Lyft's Level 5 Engineering Center in Palo Alto.



Apple's new Control Center lets you mix and match your favorite shortcuts in iOS11 (Photo: Apple) MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif -- You don't have to go out and spend $700 on a swanky new iPhone. The latest mobile operating system upgrade, iOS 11, was released Tuesday, and it has "hundreds" of new features, according to Apple. If you go to Settings, Control Center, you can choose what shortcuts you'd like to be in there. The iOS11 operating system upgrade lets you mark up screen shots.

Pixel 2 Leaks: Google Code Reveals Squeezable Edges, New Search Bar

International Business Times

In a breakdown of Google's latest beta for its official app, 9to5Google found several mentions of features that line up with past rumors around the Pixel 2. Most significantly, the app has mentions of an Active Edge squeeze feature that would allow users to trigger actions like activating Google Assistant. In the app's code, it mentions how users can customize what settings or actions the phone's squeeze gesture could trigger. Google Assistant mentions in the app include alternative voices and custom activation keywords, along with enhanced smart home device control.

AI processors go mobile


At its iPhone X event last week, Apple devoted a lot of time to the A11 processor's new neural engine that powers facial recognition and other features. The week before, at IFA in Berlin, Huawei announced its latest flagship processor, the Kirin 970, equipped with a Neural Processing Unit capable of processing images 20 times faster than the CPU alone. The company also has math libraries for neural networks including QSML (Qualcomm Snapdragon Math Library) and nnlib for Hexagon DSP developers. The closest thing that Qualcomm currently has to specialized hardware is the HvX modules added to the Hexagon DSP to accelerate 8-bit fixed operations for inferencing, but Brotman said that eventually mobile SoCs will need specialized processors with tightly-coupled memory and an efficient dataflow (fabric interconnects) for neural networks.