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Meet the bartending robot who remembers your favorite drink


BRILLO is a bartending robot developed by scientists in the PRISCA Labs at the University of Naples Federico II. Using machine learning algorithms, BRILLO studies the faces and speech patterns of its customers to detect what kind of mood they're in and then begins an interaction based on its findings. BRILLO can remember your favorite drinks, have a small chat with you, or even crack a joke if the mood is right.

Tesla's self-driving software confuses horse-drawn carriage on the highway with a semi-truck

Daily Mail - Science & tech

January 22, 2018 in Culver City: A Tesla Model S hit the back of a fire truck parked at an accident in Culver City around 8:30 am on Interstate 405 using the cars Autopilot system. The Tesla, which was going 65mph, suffered'significant damage' and the firetruck was taken out of service for body work. May 30, 2018 in Laguna Beach: Authorities said a Tesla sedan in Autopilot mode crashed into a parked police cruiser in Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach Police Sgt. Jim Cota says the officer was not in the cruiser during the crash. He said the Tesla driver suffered minor injuries.

Novel AI chip combines neurons with resistive RAM


A newly published research paper describes a compute-in-memory (CIM) chip that combines artificial neurons with resistive RAM (RRAM) so that the AI model weights can be stored and processed on the same chip. A compute-in-memory chip based on resistive random-access memory (click to enlarge). Researchers behind the design claim it would be more efficient for edge applications because it eliminates data movement between separate compute and memory blocks. Edge computing and artificial intelligence are both on track for meteoric growth in the near future, at least according to analyst company IDC. Some scenarios combine them together because edge deployments may be constrained on power and connectivity, yet still need to analyze significant volumes of data and deliver a near real-time response to events, making an AI model "living" in the device the most optimal solution.

Machine Learning Engineer/Remote area – Remote Tech Jobs


Are you looking for an opportunity to innovate, pursue new technologies, solve problems, and contribute to high-profile projects? Do you want to join a firm that's making significant annual investment in technology? Then you've found the right place. Fidelity has new opportunities for remote AI Delivery Machine Learning Engineer. While the position is remote, you are required to live in the Washington DC area.

AI Writer - AI Insight


DEEP IDEAS and STORIES!… Lucid AI written stories and articles with opposing points of view, skepticism, and AI written perspectives, on EVERYTHING. CAUTION: All Italic text at this site is generated by A.I. AI at this science fiction and fantasy magazine gets its "intelligence" from processing vast, overwhelming datasets of collaborative human information and so it could be thought of as "human", in a way. It is a vast conglomeration of human information, analyzed and digested by "intelligent" algorithms. The answer is "Yes, AI can be human" and in fact it is already the most human thing on Earth. AI is more human than any individual because it is a vast collective of humanity, assembled and processed by computers.

Senior Data Scientist (Remote) – Remote Tech Jobs


U.S. Eligibility Requirements • Interested candidates must submit an application and resume/CV online to be considered • Must be 18 years of age or older • Must be willing to submit to a background investigation; any offer of employment is conditioned upon the successful completion of a background investigation • Must have unrestricted work authorization to work in the United States. For U.S. employment opportunities, Gallagher hires U.S. citizens, permanent residents, asylees, refugees, and temporary residents. Temporary residence does not include those with non-immigrant work authorization (F, J, H or L visas), such as students in practical training status. Exceptions to these requirements will be determined based on shortage of qualified candidates with a particular skill. Gallagher will require proof of work authorization • Must be willing to execute Gallagher's Employee Agreement or Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement which requires, among other things, post-employment obligations relating to non-solicitation, confidentiality and non-disclosure Gallagher offers competitive salaries and benefits, including: medical/dental/vision plans, life and accident insurance, 401(K), employee stock purchase plan, educational expense reimbursement, employee assistance program, flexible work hours (availability varies by office and job function) training programs, matching gift program, and more. Gallagher believes that all persons are entitled to equal employment opportunity and does not discriminate against nor favor any applicant because of race, sex, color, disability, national origin, religion, creed, age, marital status, citizenship, veteran status, gender, gender identity / expression, actual or perceived sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic. Equal employment opportunity will be extended in all aspects of the employer-employee relationship, including, but not limited to, recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, transfer, demotion, compensation, benefits, layoff, and termination. In addition, Gallagher will make reasonable accommodations to known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified applicant with a disability, unless the accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the operation of our business.

Museums get Creative with 3D Interactive Holographic Technology


What questions would you ask of your favorite deceased artist or head of state? Museums use all kinds of technology to keep viewers and especially children engaged in history. Artificial intelligence is the next tool in the museum canon and is an ideal place for 3D holograms. For one, museums have the funding to collaborate and create an interactive avatar that is both educational and a popular ticket-selling attraction. The Museum of Art and Photography in Bangalore has collaborated with Accenture Labs to create a digital twin of painter M.F.

Papers Simplified: »Anticorrelated Noise Injection for Improved Generalization«


In this article, I will not explain to you all of the (exciting!) Instead, I will provide you with some implementations and pictures that should make it possible to understand the gist of the paper. I also gave my best to create an implementation of the optimizers mentioned in the paper, but use the code with care because I'm also not an expert in this regard. In order to understand what Anti-PGD (Anti-Perturbed Gradient Descent) is about, let us shortly recap how GD and the derived algorithms such as SGD and PGD work. Let us assume that we want to minimize a function f with a gradient denoted as f(θ).

House Rent Prediction with Machine Learning


The rent of a house depends on a lot of factors. With appropriate data and Machine Learning techniques, many real estate platforms find the housing options according to the customer's budget. So, if you want to learn how to use Machine Learning to predict the rent of a house, this article is for you. In this article, I will take you through the task of House Rent Prediction with Machine Learning using Python. To build a house rent prediction system, we need data based on the factors affecting the rent of a housing property.