AIs could debate whether a smart assistant should snitch on you

New Scientist

If a smart home detects the unmistakable whiff of cannabis smoke in a teenager's bedroom, should it tell their parents? Situations like this are on the horizon with digital assistants, like Amazon Echo or Google Home, making it into many people's homes. One proposal for reaching resolutions is that a handful of artificially intelligent bots should debate the possibilities before reaching a decision.

Can We Apply Linear Regression to Non-linear Data? - Machine Learning Interview Questions


One of the common question is "Can we apply #Linear #Regression to #Non-linear data?" watch this video to understand this question and how to explain in the interview. If you are looking for Course Details please visit: You can learn business statistics, tableau, deep learning, data mining etc,..

Artificial Intelligence for Content Marketing


Artificial intelligence and machine learning have emerged in the marketing industry as a pathway to competitive advantage. The best marketers are identifying, evaluating and testing AI-driven applications to make better sense of their data, create personalized customer experiences and accelerate revenue growth. In fact, 84% of marketing organizations either implemented or expanded AI and machine learning experiments and implementations in 2018. While it's no doubt that artificial intelligence has helped marketing teams improve their productivity, with most brands spending between 25 and 43% of their marketing budget on content, it's important to understand how AI can impact this specific department. The truth is, artificial intelligence has actually had an active presence in the content marketing industry for years.

Webinar: how AI is Changing Customer Experience


Daryn is a speaker, blogger and social influencer on customer experience, and is currently finishing his book on B2B enterprise selling (win/loss analysis). Most of his career has been focused on solution engineering where he spent many years in senior leadership positions at Oracle Corporation. Previously, Daryn was the group manager at Solution Engineering, Siebel Systems. He held various SE leadership roles including Mid Market (Europe), Nordic Countries, Comms, Media & Utilities (UK) and Scotland & Ireland teams and was the first SE Manager in Europe to sell Siebel's Cloud solution. He lives near Edinburgh and has travelled extensively across EMEA.

Online Dating in 2030: A sneak peek into what the future might hold for us! isStories


Have you ever dived into that imaginative soul of yours wondering how dating will be like in the years to come? The way people meet, converse and form connections with each other is forever changing. With the rise of technology, digital courtship among individuals has massively changed. If you compare the present digitalised generation with its previous, you will realise that technology has played a massive role in shaping the path of online dating. Presently, studies have shown that most 18 to 30-year olds are the ones that use online dating services and apps.

Neural Language Understanding of People's Names PolyAI


This is a deep-dive into one of the problems we face when we model dialogue: understanding mentions of people's names in a restaurant booking system. This article presents how we approached the problem and solved it using some creative neural network structures. At PolyAI, we use datasets of billions of conversations and unstructured natural language texts to learn powerful deep neural models of conversational response. These models allow us to embed any conversational context or response into a shared high-dimensional vector space, so we can retrieve relevant responses, answers, entities and even photos from large databases comprising in-domain knowledge. Comparison of embedding vectors can also facilitate intent detection, i.e. classification of spoken language into specific categories such as'make a booking' or'confirm booking'.

Accelerating Artificial Intelligence in a Center of Excellence and Corporate University


"We have been trying to see how far it is possible to eliminate intuition, and leave only ingenuity. We do not mind how much ingenuity is required, and therefore assume it to be available in unlimited supply." There are far too many approaches to building a Center of Excellence or COE and a Corporate University to model or present in this short briefing. However, I did research more than 30 different kinds of COE and corporate university CU and found there is not a lot of similarity between any of them. One interesting trend is the creation of corporate incubators and/or corporate venture capital funds.

Top 5 Machine Learning Platforms for Developers - CIOL


Right tool in your hand can lead to your success. The field of Machine learning is growing rapidly, so the job openings in the sector too. Developers who are looking for their career upgrade, moving towards the ML and brushing up their skills. There are various Machine Learning Platforms, and according to Gartner, organizations and data scientists rely on data science and machine learning platforms to build and deploy data science models using an end-to-end approach. So, which platform is right for you to choose for career upgrade!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Improves Employee Retention


To solve the challenge of employee turnover, one senior living provider turned to artificial intelligence--and improved its 90-day retention rate by 27%.