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Practical Machine Learning Projects In Finance Industry


Machine learning in finance is now considered a key aspect of several financial services and applications, including managing assets, evaluating levels of risk, calculating credit scores, and even approving loans. Machine learning is a subset of data science that provides the ability to learn and improve from experience without being programmed. As an application of artificial intelligence, machine learning focuses on developing systems that can access pools of data, and the system automatically adjusts its parameters to improve experiences. Computer systems run operations in the background and produce outcomes automatically according to how it is trained. Machine learning tends to be more accurate in drawing insights and making predictions when large volumes of data are fed into the system.

How to sharpen machine learning with smarter management of edge cases


Machine learning (ML) applications are transforming business strategy, popping up in every vertical and niche to convert huge datasets into valuable predictions that guide executives to make better business decisions, seize opportunities, and spot and mitigate risks. While ML models are rife with potential, it's quality data that allows them to become accurate and effective. Today's enterprises are handling huge floods of data, including unstructured data, all of which needs annotating before ML models can produce dependable predictions. Data processing is often under-scrutinised, but it's crucial for accurate and relevant forecasts. If data is mislabeled or annotated incorrectly, all your predictions will be based on misconceptions, making them basically untrustworthy.

Top Artificial Intelligence Jobs to Apply in April 2021


Artificial intelligence is considered the future technology. It is already making a significant impact on modern enterprises. AI has sparked several innovations and brought digital disruption to diverse industries. It has also changed the jobs market forever. As more and more companies leverage this technology, AI has become the most in-demand skills to land a job in an organization, regardless of industry.

Kitchens in the cloud: AI is restoring consumer trust in the food delivery business - Microsoft Stories India


Before COVID-19 struck India, Rajesh Agrawal and his wife, Meenakshi, would often get food from restaurants delivered to their home. A weekly treat of chicken tikka masala or lamb biryani would be a break from the vegetarian dishes they cook at home. It's been nearly a year since the Agrawals stopped ordering in food from their favorite restaurants. "There's no way to tell how clean and hygienic the restaurant kitchens are really," Mr. Agrawal says. "Sure, the government has released processes for restaurants during the pandemic. But we can't be certain that they're following those, can we?"

4 steps guide to Machine Learning Model Deployment - Cynoteck


The purpose of developing a machine learning model is to resolve a problem, and any machine learning model can simply do this when it is in production and is actively used by its customers. So, model deployment is an important aspect involved in model building. There are several approaches for setting models into productions, with different advantages, depending on the particular use case. Most data scientists believe that model deployment is a software engineering assignment and should be managed by software engineers as all the required skills are more firmly aligned with their day-to-day work. Tools such as Kubeflow, TFX, etc. can explain the complete process of model deployment, and data scientists should instantly learn and use them.

How to Prepare for an Automated Future: 7 Steps to Machine Learning


The increasingly digital economy requires boards and executives to have a solid understanding of the rapidly changing digital landscape. Naturally, artificial intelligence (AI) is an important stakeholder. Those organisations that want to prepare for an automated future should have a thorough understanding of AI. However, AI is an umbrella term that covers multiple disciplines, each affecting the business in a slightly different way. Artificial intelligence consists of the seamless integration of robotics, cognitive systems and machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence Bridges Education Gap


The author of Sugarproof: The Hidden Dangers of Sugar That Are Putting Your Child's Health at Risk and What You Can Do, Dr. Michael Gordon, joins Gayle Guyardo on BLOOM with ways to not eliminate sugar all together, but find the right size sugar intake for ultimate health and wellbeing.

AWS Offers Course on Basics of Machine Learning - InformationWeek


On one hand, organizations recognize the potential value of machine learning to scale operations, gain faster and deeper insights, respond to quickly changing conditions, and more. On the other hand, it's hard to get started on something that is novel to your organization. You may not have the talent in-house, and you don't have any experience. What's more, even for those organizations that have run successful pilots, many have struggled to move those pilots into production for a variety of reasons. It feels like many organizations are stuck.

Self-driving car conundrum: Tesla's latest crash raises concerns about Autopilot safety claims

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The perception that self-driving cars can really operate themselves without driver involvement is worrying automotive watchdogs, who say that some Americans have grown dangerously confident in the capabilities of semi-autonomous vehicles. Their comments come as electric vehicle maker Tesla's so-called Autopilot system is under scrutiny once again following a crash that killed two passengers in the Houston area late Saturday. "I would start by saying there are no self-driving cars despite what you may read about or what you've seen advertised," said Jake Fisher, senior director of auto testing for Consumer Reports. "And there's certainly nothing anywhere close to self-driving that is in production right now." Tesla has been the most common target of critics for marketing that its vehicles are capable of "full self-driving" with an upgrade. They are not capable of full self-driving – and, in fact, Tesla says on its website that drivers are supposed to keep their hands on the wheel at all times, ready to take over when the system is not able to steer, accelerate or brake on its own.

10 Predictions about the Internet of Things for future


The online landscape is burgeoning. It is not just about computers, notebooks, tablet computers, and tablets. Presently a great number of apparatus are internet-connected. The listing of "smart" apparatus comprises washing machines, robotic vacuum cleaners, door locks, toys, and even toasters. The Internet of Things is the umbrella word -- and, yes, now you can purchase a wide umbrella -- for whatever connects to the web.