Custom Optimizer in TensorFlow


Neural Networks play a very important role when modeling unstructured data such as in Language or Image processing. The idea of such networks is to simulate the structure of the brain using nodes and edges with numerical weights processed by activation functions. The output of such networks mostly yield a prediction, such as a classification. This is achieved by optimizing on a given target using some optimisation loss function. In a previous post, we already discussed the importance of customizing this loss function, for the case of gradient boosting trees.

Artificial Pancreas Receives Grant Money From Research Fund

U.S. News

Virginia Tech received nearly $1.2 million to support two product lines based on patented algorithms that use machine learning to improve the safety and security of wireless communications from cyberattacks.

Mobile Payments Security


Ministry of innovation can add lots of excitement and increase fire about security of transactions. Subscriber normally don't ask too much in low value transaction but as it happens on daily basis subscriber do get nervous and freak out more when they add their card or bank details on same. Please note this article is on very very high level on the information on security and no means of teaching or guiding anything. However, just because a big and renowned service provider (though almost all of them are coming out of this space with zero or no experience in payments) offers mobile payments does not mean; users should use the services with/without need or reasons. In some markets merchants payments are welcomed and well accepted by subscribers but P2P payments are not and in some markets its just the other way around.

What is a Chatbot? An Introduction to the Latest Trend


Introducing the chatbot trend turned out to require quite a hefty piece of content. Ready to start from the beginning? Get the Guide: The Marketer's Quick Introduction to Chatbots. A chatbot is a program that communicates with you. It is a layer on top of, or a gateway to, a service.

Kasparov on Deep Learning in chess


Many years ago I was with Garry Kasparov for an event in London's Home House, and there we had dinner with a young lad, a former child prodigy in chess, one who had reached master level (Elo 2300) at the age of 13 and captained a number English junior chess teams. It was an interesting encounter with the boy enthusiastically describing a computer game he was developing. After he left I said to Garry: "That's a cocky young fellow!" "But very smart," Garry replied. And we left it at that. More than twenty years later I had occasion to contact him again.

These are the startups transforming enterprise. – SwiftScale – Medium


For the Winter '17 cohort in collaboration with Macquarie Group, over 800 companies were vetted and 10 were accepted. The selected scaleups cover a range of technology verticals applicable to all enterprise. Collectively, the scaleups have raised £40m to date, have between 10 and 40 employees each and have an incredible breadth of enterprise clients -- ranging from Airbnb to Aston Martin to Barclays to Compass Group to L'Oreal to Wells Fargo. Collecting leads at events is a broken process. We're here to fix it.

By 2020, artificial intelligence will create more jobs than it eliminates - Help Net Security


The number of jobs affected by AI will vary by industry; through 2019, healthcare, the public sector and education will see continuously growing job demand while manufacturing will be hit the hardest. Starting in 2020, AI-related job creation will cross into positive territory, reaching two million net-new jobs in 2025. "Many significant innovations in the past have been associated with a transition period of temporary job loss, followed by recovery, then business transformation and AI will likely follow this route," said Svetlana Sicular, research vice president at Gartner. AI will improve the productivity of many jobs, eliminating millions of middle- and low-level positions, but also creating millions more new positions of highly skilled, management and even the entry-level and low-skilled variety. "Unfortunately, most calamitous warnings of job losses confuse AI with automation -- that overshadows the greatest AI benefit -- AI augmentation -- a combination of human and artificial intelligence, where both complement each other."

This Week in WTF Tech News: Humans Are Actually Better Than AI - NDTV Goodtimes


In the ever increasing trend of humans being regarded definitely lower than animals, and subtly lower than technology, there is some good news to cheer our entitled selves up with! Thanks to a Google funded research, a group of researchers at California's NASA'S Jet Propulsion Laboratory, decided to settle a score against Artificial Intelligence because let's face it we needed the reassurance, especially when it concerns the new shiny thing in town -drones. The idea was to see if a human drone racer can be pitted against an AI-piloted one. And the guinea pig for this was a professional human drone racer, Ken Loo. The findings were interesting, if not entirely speculative.

Artificial Intelligence Basics


For most of us, everything we've learned about Artificial Intelligence (AI), we've learned from Hollywood. There are the time-traveling robots trying to kill us before we can have children who will someday lead the future rebellion against said robots. Or evil machines using humans as batteries in giant factories, providing a power source to said evil machines. Killer robots, blue and red pills, evil machines--it all sounds scary, right? But unless we're talking about summer blockbusters, that's not what AI is really about.