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ChatGPT reportedly reached 100 million users in January


ChatGPT has been growing at a rate much, much faster than TikTok or any other popular app or service. According to a new study by analytics firm UBS (via Reuters and CBS), the OpenAI-developed chatbot was on pace to reach over 100 million monthly active users in January. The chatbot only became available to the public on November 30th last year, but its rise to fame has apparently been meteoric. Within its first month of availability, it already boasted 57 million monthly active users, the study said. By January, it was already being visited by around 13 million individual users a day.

Get Used to Face Recognition in Stadiums


Last week, the New York Attorney General's office sent Madison Square Garden Entertainment a letter demanding answers. The state's top law enforcement agency wants to know more about how the company operating Radio City Music Hall and the storied arena where the NBA's Knicks play uses a face recognition system to deny entry to certain people, and in particular lawyers representing clients in dispute with Madison Square Garden. The letter says that because the ban is thought to cover staff at 90 law firms, it may exclude thousands of people and deter them from taking on cases "including sexual harassment or employment discrimination claims." Since the face recognition system became widely known in recent weeks, MSG's management has stood squarely behind the idea of checking faces at the door with algorithms. In an unsigned statement, the company says its system is not an attack on lawyers, though some are "ambulance chasers and money grabbers."

Lead ETL Data Engineer at Verisk - Newark, NJ, United States


We help the world see new possibilities and inspire change for better tomorrows. Our analytic solutions bridge content, data, and analytics to help business, people, and society become stronger, more resilient, and sustainable. The Data Engineering and Analytics Lab (DEAL) is a team of technical actuaries responsible for the design and implementation of our core statistical data-systems including data ingestion, data integration, data transformation, data analysis, and analytic dataset construction. We're an innovation group that is charged with visualizing the future of our organization's operations and leveraging our expertise in data, technology, P&C insurance, and process optimization to provide a first-class analytics environment to our data-collection, data-management, actuarial, and data-analytics colleagues. The DEAL team is looking to hire an experienced Lead ETL Data Engineer, ideally having a good combination of an analytical/innovative mindset, technical aptitude, business accumen, communication skills, and a passion for mentoring.

Data Engineer at Bosch Group - Denham, United Kingdom


Mobility is changing all over the world. Passenger cars and light commercial vehicles will continue to play a central role in mobility of the future. Bosch is driving progress in this segment with innovative ideas and advanced technology for greater safety, efficiency, sustainability, and driving pleasure. Please upload your CV to apply for this position. You may also include a brief email explaining why you would be a great candidate although it is not mandatory.

Survey says AI and machine learning tools like ChatGPT will shake up finance sector - Business Leader News


Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools like ChatGPT are set to shake up the finance sector, according to a new poll from JP Morgan. Over half of traders surveyed in JP Morgan's eTrading survey felt that AI and machine learning will be the most influential technology over the next three years, a rise of 25 percent from last year. This was a major change from last year when mobile trading applications topped the survey with 29 percent and blockchain technology scored 25 percent. AI and machine learning has had a big impact on traders in recent years. The technology can analyse and process huge amounts of data far more accurately than humans, identifying patterns and trends.

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Some of these are home-grown models from anonymous contributors; others are part of master's theses; still others have come from AI research groups at big-tech juggernauts like Google and ByteDance.

ChatGPT Plus: OpenAI launches subscription service for viral AI chatbot


OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, announced on Wednesday it is piloting a $20 monthly subscription plan that offers users priority access to the AI chatbot even during peak times. The paid plan, called ChatGPT Plus, comes two months after the tool was released publicly and quickly went viral, thanks to its ability to generate shockingly convincing essays in response to user prompts. Many people who wanted to test the tool have been locked out or joined the waitlist. Now, anyone who signs up for a subscription will benefit from faster response times, and priority access to new features and improvements. The tool will remain free for the general public, however.

AI-Generated Seinfeld-Like Twitch 'TV Show' Is Peak Absurdity


There's always something to watch on Twitch, whether that's your fave musicians talking about video games or your fave streamers discussing politics. Now your choices include an absurd, often nonsensical Seinfeld-like show that runs 24/7/365 and is generated on the fly using artificial intelligence. Welcome to the future of TV, maybe? So-called AI has been a fraught topic lately. The technology, which typically uses machine learning to generate text, images, and even video from preexisting sets of data, is suddenly everywhere: art, article and essay writing, even video games.

AI Has Successfully demonstrated Human Evolution - BLOCKGENI


An AI that can mimic evolution itself was created by researchers at the Universities of California, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Salesforce Research, the science division of the software firm based in San Francisco. This doesn't mean the AI produced a kind of superhuman evolutionarily superior, however; rather, it constructed the protein-building sequences of 20 amino acids. Some of the sequences performed equally well when compared to those produced by millions of years of evolution, which is nature's workmanship. It's interesting that researchers didn't create an AI from scratch but rather modified a language model from a different subject. The "sentences" of biological proteins, which are essentially a language of amino acids, were the focus of the study, which made use of Salesforce's ProGen natural language processing capabilities.

AI Regulation in the U.S.: What's Coming, and What Companies Need to Do In 2023


biPart One of a Two-Part Articlebip Despite the steady growth of global AI adoption there is no comprehensive federal legislation on AI in the United States. Instead the U.S. has a patchwork of various current and proposed AI regulatory frameworks. It is critical for organizations looking to harness this novel technology to understand these frameworks and to prepare to operate in compliance with them.