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'The State Of Being Lonely': South Korean Horror Writer Shortlisted For Booker

International Business Times

A head pops out of the toilet, a woman gets pregnant from birth control pills -- South Korean Booker Prize nominee Bora Chung's short stories are full of horror, inspired by her own lonely life. An academic specialising in Slavic literature, Chung was considered a "genre writer" and excluded from South Korea's mainstream literary scene. Until recently, she was relatively unknown to local readers. Her stories -- which combine science fiction, horror and fantasy -- are not considered "pure" literature by Seoul's cultural elite. But her life took a dramatic turn when her 2017 collection "Cursed Bunny" caught the eye of translator Anton Hur. Hur's English edition of the book, released by British publisher Honford Star, has been named a finalist for this year's International Booker Prize.

Is the Litter-Robot 4 worth $650?


My litter box is an open plastic box underneath the sink in my small Brooklyn bathroom. My cat, Colby Jack, likes to keep a clean house – and by that I mean that if his litter box is dirty, he will pee on your clothes. So I jumped at the opportunity to try out the Litter-Robot 4 and its promise that I wouldn't have to follow my cat to the bathroom and promptly clean up his business. The Litter-Robot 4 senses when Colby uses it and then goes through a cleaning cycle, moving the dirty litter into a trash bag and keeping the litter in the box clean. Ideal, I thought, for my neat freak of a cat.

The New Large Language Models Have no Value for Democracy


Meta's dedication to "openness," as the model's name implies, is what distinguishes OPT-175B. The model has now been made public by Meta (with some caveats). It also provided a wealth of information regarding the training and development process. Meta's decision to become more transparent is admirable. The battle for massive language models, on the other hand, has reached a point where it can no longer be democratized.

How artificial intelligence can improve patient care


AI represents a set of technologies that consist of automated systems able to perform tasks including visual perceptions, augmenting diagnostics and predictions, and seamlessly processing large quantities of data. Tasks performed by AI have promising applications in value-based care, including strengthening patient care and enhancing health outcomes. Data overload is an escalating problem afflicting health care systems across the continuum. Interpretable AI processes can simplify colossal amounts of complex data and synthesize key facets of the data for analysis by the proper specialist with recommendations and insights. This ability to digest and streamline data maximizes the valuable time a doctor can spend with patients.

How Data Science Depends on Pandas and Numpy?


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La veille de la cybersécurité


"I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous -- everyone hasn't met me yet." Might we incorporate artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software into mental health management? We now have artificial intelligence apps that analyze the human voice and text. I find the prospect of machines invading this therapeutic space both exciting and dangerous.

Alchemab Therapeutics Ltd hiring Machine Learning Scientist in Babraham, England, United Kingdom


The candidate will work within the technology team to develop, apply, and design novel machine learning (ML) algorithms with the ultimate aim of discovering therapeutic antibodies from next-generation sequencing (NGS) datasets. The candidate will be involved in multiple projects spanning our oncology, neuroscience, and infectious disease programmes. You will be responsible for the growth and development of our ML product roadmap. This will initially focus on exploiting methods in natural language processing for antibody discovery and patient stratification, and exploring the latest advances in ML (in areas such as self-supervised learning) to extend our capabilities. You will contribute new algorithms and strategies to increase accuracy, explainability, and/or automation of our technology platform.

Ticking bomb of Warning


I can tell that every next year the hot temperature getting hotter and hotter. You know that in the upcoming year climate change will be the reason for the collapse of human civilisation. We are just like dinosaurs who were wiped out of this earth. This is you can say a law or cycle of life and death of species who are the majority on this planet earth. We as humans will be the reason to kill ourselves like cutting legs with our axe.

Thought Leaders in Artificial Intelligence: Florian Quarre, Chief Revenue Officer, Exponential AI (Part 1)


In this segment of TLAI, we discuss use cases in life sciences, healthcare, and retail. Sramana Mitra: Let's start by introducing our audience to yourself as well as to Exponential Machines. Florian Quarre: I operate primarily in the field of healthcare technology. I have quite recently joined Exponential AI. Exponential AI is an AI platform focused on accompanying our clients through their digital transformation journey. What we see is, there're three prongs that we believe help our clients. Large companies can then go through the discovery of what AI is about and how they can use it within their environment. The first one that is core to our business is our platform. The purpose of our platform is to bring together development and production of AI models so that we can evolve from a problem that you are tinkering on and have the ability to bring it all the way to production with the scale and strength of a business that runs millions of analysis. The second part that

AI solves complex physics problems; Amazon 'creepy' AI cameras; Is DeepMind's AI really a human-level intelligence?


I hope that you enjoy the latest AI news and insights, don't forget to comment with your feedback. Make sure to check the Web3 section at the end! But is Gato truly intelligent – having AGI? Google AI took on the challenge: The first iteration of the AI-generated script was completed by November 2021. The script was interesting, but there was also a lot of gibberish. A second version aims to dial a new gate address for a more involved and engaging Stargate script.