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How to be a Machine Learning Engineer?


In this article, I will explain to you how to be a machine learning engineer by explaining what skills you must have. We will look into several job listings from Indeed and Upwork. If you are pursuing a career in any data-related field, this article is for you. Also reading this will also give a helpful summary if you are a senior or junior in any data-related jobs. Now, let's continue to this article and look out for what the hiring manager looks to be a Machine Learning Engineer. Let's skim-read, SQL programming, coding language, and deep learning look like musts in this listing.

Meet AlphaPeptDeep: a Deep Learning Framework for Predicting Peptide Properties from Sequences - CBIRT


A research team led by Professor Matthias Mann from the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry has developed AlphaPeptDeep. AlphaPeptDeep is a Python framework built on the PyTorch deep learning library that can learn and predict peptide properties. AlphaPeptDeep additionally includes a plug-in capability that allows non-experts to develop models with just a few lines of code. AlphaPeptDeep may also indicate additional sequence-based features, as demonstrated with a Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) peptide prediction model. Mass spectrometry is a technique to determine the mass of ionized molecules and biomolecules and is increasingly used for protein identification and quantification.

AI vs ML vs DL vs DS. Artificial Intelligence (AI) -- It's the…


It's the broader field in which the aim is to programme machines to somewhat mimic the cognitive processes associated with humans, things such as learning and problem solving. More precisely, Machine learning is the implementation. It uses algorithms to parse data, learn from that data, and make informed decisions based on what it has learned. Machine Learning itself is commonly broken up into 3 "Types" of learning: Deep Learning (DL) -- It's a subset of algorithms and techniques within the area of Machine Learning specifically those utilizing multi-layered Neural Networks algorithms based loosely on the workings of our own brains. These techniques are often more adept at solving problems in more abstract data such as images, sound, and language. Data Science (DS) -- It's a field that combines these areas, plus mathematics & statistics, programming skills and domain knowledge.

Focus on the start-up Leobotics specialized in robotics - Actu IA


Leobotics, a start-up created at the beginning of 2021, a new powerful player in the robotics market, has the ambition to make robotics accessible to all, by participating in the development of a robotics culture, for the awakening, education & learning of the general public to robotics, through different innovative points. Leobotics proposes first of all the sale of robots, all categories included: educational robots for 7-18 years old and older children, service robots for the home, telecommunication robots for seniors in loss of autonomy, personal assistance robots for the disabled environment. They are also aimed at professionals through reception robots for companies, collaborative robots for small and medium-sized businesses, and new markets: table service robots, ocean cleaners, gardening robots, quadrupeds and humanoids! Associated with this, different services: discovery workshops, robotics initiations, events, team buildings, Qualiopi certified training, for all ages and on different programming languages – as well as professional turnkey solutions with a tailor-made accompaniment: identification of needs, definition of CDC, programming, installation and training, with a full availability and a guaranteed reactivity. Leobotics also offers a complete database referencing all existing entertainment, service and professional robots, a search engine and a comparison tool accessible online and free of charge (, with more than 1,500 references in 2022, so that everyone can learn about robotics, be advised, compare technical data, a reference in terms of robotics.

22 Best Cyber Monday Soundbar and TV Deals (2022): Samsung, Vizio, LG, and More


It's a great time to upgrade your home theater thanks to some excellent Cyber Monday TV and soundbar deals. If you've yet to take the plunge to a modern 4K TV, or you are still listening to your favorite shows and movies through those tinny built-in TV speakers, there are massive reasons to upgrade. Modern home theater technology now has better backlighting, sharper resolution, and immersive surround sound for less money required than ever before. Go on, convert your living room into a mini cinema. Updated Monday, November 28: We've added two new TV deals on sets from LG and Sony and moved a group of dead TV deals to the bottom of the article, just in case you want to check if they're back in stock. We've also updated prices and retailers throughout.

The best Cyber Monday tech deals for 2022: discounts on earbuds, laptops, smartwatches and more


For the past couple of years, Cyber Monday has been almost an extension of Black Friday. In the tech deals space, lots of the discounts and sales we saw at the end of last week are still available now as Cyber Monday deals. There are some new ones, though, which means that even if you bought most things on your gift list during Black Friday, it's worth taking another look online to see if there's anything else you need or something you can get as a gift while on discount. We've collected all of the best Cyber Monday tech deals here so you don't have to go searching for them. Our favorite pair of iOS-focused wireless earbuds are cheaper than ever for Cyber Monday. The latest AirPods Pro have dropped to $200 for Cyber Monday..

Collaboration the key to realising the potential of AI


SPOT is a quadruped robot "dog" from the Boston Dynamics company. It can be difficult for rescue personnel to reach an injured person in inaccessible terrain in time to provide necessary aid. It is probable that autonomous drones and quadruped robot "dogs" will become our'friends in need' in the future. But we are currently far from achieving full autonomy for these robotic systems. Consequently, well-functioning collaboration between human and machine is crucial. A moment later, a yellow quadruped robot makes its way across the well-manicured lawns of Gränsö Manor.

Topic Modeling with BERTopic - Talking Language AI Ep#1


In the first episode of the Talking Language AI series, I spoke with Maarten Grootendorst, author and maintainer of the BERTopic open source package (over 3,000 stars on Github). BERTopic is used to explore collections of text to spot trends and identify the topics in these texts. This is an NLP task called Topic Modeling. It's also embedded in the bottom of this overview. Feel free to post questions or comments in this thread in the Cohere Discord.

Nvidia and Microsoft to build massive AI cloud computer - Sleuth Technical


Help us grow:) Please share our articles for reach. Nvidia announced a collaboration with Microsoft to build a "massive" cloud computer focused on AI. Their plan is to use tens of thousands of high-end Nvidia GPUs for applications like deep learning and large language models. The companies aim to make it one of the most powerful AI supercomputers in the world. Meanwhile, Microsoft will contribute its Azure cloud infrastructure and ND- and NC-series virtual machines.

Spectroscopy and Chemometrics/Machine-Learning News Weekly #47, 2022 – [:en]NIR Calibration Model[:de]NIR Calibration Model[:it]Modelli di Calibrazione NIR


"Testing two NIRs instruments to predict chicken breast meat quality and exploiting machine learning approaches to discriminate among genotypes and presence of …" LINK "Discrimination of Minced Mutton Adulteration Based on Sized-Adaptive Online NIRS Information and 2D Conventional Neural Network" LINK "Sequential data-fusion of near-infrared and mid-infrared spectroscopy data for improved prediction of quality traits in tuber flours" LINK "End-point determination of the extraction processes for Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni leaves by near-infrared spectroscopy" LINK "Rapid detection of adulteration in powder of ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) by FT-NIR spectroscopy combined with chemometrics" LINK "Extended molar absorption analysis of confined states of water in reverse micelles using near-infrared spectroscopy" LINK "Online quantitative substrate, product, and cell concentration in citric acid fermentation using near-infrared spectroscopy combined with chemometrics" LINK "Discrimination of Chemical Oxygen Demand Pollution in Surface Water Based on Visible Near-Infrared Spectroscopy" LINK "Handheld NIR Spectral Sensor Module Based on a Fully-Integrated Detector Array" LINK "Spectra Transfer based Learning for Predicting and Classifying Soil Texture with Short-Ranged Vis-NIRS Sensor" LINK "AS-polRI: Analysis of apparent spectral polarization radiant intensity in the midwave infrared band for man-made object detection" LINK "Sensors: Single Seed Identification in Three Medicago Species via Multispectral Imaging Combined with Stacking Ensemble Learning" LINK "Transfer Strategy for Near Infrared Analysis Model of Holocellulose and Lignin Based on Improved Slope/Bias Algorithm" LINK "Flipped detection of psychoactive substances in complex mixtures using handheld Raman spectroscopy coupled to chemometrics" LINK "Adaptive Spectral Model for abnormality detection based on physiological status monitoring of dairy cows" LINK "Foods: A Rapid Prediction Method of Moisture Content for Green Tea Fixation Based on WOA-Elman" LINK "Fibers: Numerical Study of Mid-IR Ultrashort Pulse Reconstruction Based on Processing of Spectra Converted in Chalcogenide Fibers with High Kerr Nonlinearity" LINK "Evaluation of a digital micro-mirror device based near-infrared spectrometer for rapid and accurate prediction of quality attributes in poultry feed" LINK "Agriculture: Grazing Intensity Has More Effect on the Potential Nitrification Activity Than the Potential Denitrification Activity in An Alpine Meadow" LINK