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Free Machine Learning Courses From Top Companies And University


If you are learning machine learning to get your first job or trying to change the industry, this article is for you. I am going to tell you about the free courses or almost free courses to learn machine learning. The course is developed by Facebook artificial intelligence team. This course is one of the best courses to learn deep learning algorithms. It has easy-to-understand explanations with amazing visuals.

Episode 78 - Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Airpower: Closer than You Think - Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies


In episode 78 of the Aerospace Advantage, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Airpower: Closer than You Think, host John "Slick" Baum speaks with a seasoned remotely piloted aircraft operator--Brigadier General Houston Cantwell, who commands the NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Force--and an engineer who specializes in artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, Dr. Anastacia "Stacie" MacAllister of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems to explore how AI can revolutionize airpower. Secretary of the Air Force Kendall has made it clear that AI and developing manned and unmanned teams is a top priority for the USAF if we are to fight and win in a conflict with our peer competitors. To realize this vision, it will take engineers and warfighters working side-by-side to deliver operationally relevant AI into UAVs. But they will need to strike a balance. We need to move fast enough to stay ahead of the adversary, but not so fast that there is no time to put the right constraints in place to prevent AI from spinning out of control.

India's Top Ethical AI Advocate: The Journey Of Saishruthi Swaminathan


"I was amazed at how my data can answer all my questions like a magic box that gives whatever you want." For this week's ML practitioner's series, Analytics India Magazine (AIM) got in touch with Saishruthi Swaminathan, Technical Lead and Advisory Data Scientist at IBM. Saishruthi is an active ethical AI practitioner and advocate based out of California and has been a consistent contributor to the field of Ethical AI through open-source contributions. As of today, her work has reached more than 25,000 people around the world and got them exposed to Ethical AI concepts. Saishruthi: I did my undergraduate in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, and Master's in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Data Science. Throughout my academic phase, I was figuring out what I liked and wanted to become.

Planning for a Quantum Talent Bottleneck


Quantum sensing, computing, and communications require different expertise, and an agency may not need experts in all three areas. Similarly, a single quantum scientist won't be equally suited to roles across--or even within--the three technology clusters. For example, quantum communications encompasses a wide variety of efforts from building a quantum internet to transitioning to post-quantum cryptography. These quantum-enabled and quantum-safe innovations leverage different skills and may be best supported by different subject matter experts. With early support from trusted advisors, organizations can identify which quantum skillsets correspond to their mission-critical use cases and ensure access to the right talent for research and prototyping.

OLA AI Security Camera with Voice Search, Face Recognition


Meet the OLA security camera: a voice activated AI security camera with face recognition that can tell strangers from familiar people. It can alert you to any fall, cry, or glass breaking. With voice activated search, Ola can find you specific events faster. OLA has day and night body detection. With body movement analysis, it can read aggressive or dangerous behavior.

Russia Probably Has Not Used AI-Enabled Weapons in Ukraine, but That Could Change


In March, WIRED ran a story with the headline "Russia's Killer Drone in Ukraine Raises Fears About AI in Warfare," with the subtitle, "The maker of the lethal drone claims that it can identify targets using artificial intelligence." The story focused on the KUB-BLA, a small kamikaze drone aircraft that smashes itself into enemy targets and detonates an onboard explosive. The KUB-BLA is made by ZALA Aero, a subsidiary of the Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov (best known as the maker of the AK-47), which itself is partly owned by Rostec, a part of Russia's government-owned defense-industrial complex. The WIRED story understandably attracted a lot of attention, but those who only read the sensational headline missed the article's critical caveat: "It is unclear if the drone may have been operated in this [an AI-enabled autonomous] way in Ukraine." Other outlets re-reported the WIRED story, but irresponsibly did so without the caveat.

The 34 Best Memorial Day Deals on Tech, Gaming, Home, and More


Memorial Day is a major shopping holiday in the US, but nobody wants to spend their long weekend scrolling through marketing emails. Let us save you the trouble. We scoured the web to find actual deals on the gear WIRED reviewers recommend. Below, you'll find great sales on everything from video games to furniture. Don't forget to check back, as we'll be updating this story throughout the weekend. Be sure to check out our other Memorial Day deals coverage, including the Best Memorial Day Mattress Deals, Best Memorial Day Outdoors Deals, Best Masturbation May Sex Tech Deals, and Best REI Anniversary Sale Deals for more. Updated on May 28: We've added a few new deals on Osprey packs, Instacart, Jins Sunglasses, Gravity Blanket, Overcooked 2, and Allform couches, and a link to the sale at Moment.

🇺🇸 Machine learning job: Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Guru (work from anywhere in US!)


AI/ML Job: Senior Machine Learning Engineer Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Guru Remote › 100% remote position (in the US) (Posted May 28 2022) Job description Guru is on a mission to reinvent the way people connect with information at work. Our knowledge management solution provides teams with expert-verified information where they work and when they need it most. Our goal is to give every team in the world trusted information so that they can do their best work. We're backed by an amazing group of investors and we're growing fast; in 2020 we raised a series C round which took our total funding to $70M. At Guru, we know that talent is everywhere.

Artificial intelligence learns 'song' of coral reefs


England [UK], May 27 (ANI): According to new research, artificial intelligence (AI) can track the health of coral reefs by learning the "song of the reef." The research has been published in the journal, "Ecological Indicators". Coral reefs have a complex soundscape - and even experts have to conduct painstaking analyses to measure reef health based on sound recordings. In the study, University of Exeter scientists trained a computer algorithm using multiple recordings of healthy and degraded reefs, allowing the machine to learn the difference. The computer then analysed a host of new recordings, and successfully identified reef health 92 per cent of the time.

Top Use Cases of Computer Vision in Fintech


Computer vision technology is steadily growing in popularity and use – the market is expected to to grow at a CAGR of 7.36 % over the 2021 – 2026 period. If we dig deeper, the predictions for 2028 state that the computer vision market will reach $13230 million, which is a crazy number to imagine. While computer vision is already used in healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries, the financial services industry has always been slightly hesitant about adopting new technologies. However, it slowly began embracing all the benefits that computer vision can bring – see the top use cases for computer vision in fintech below. Customer verification is critical in the financial services industry in order to prevent fraud.