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You can get our best-valued robot vacuum for a serious steal right now

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Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. If you don't own a robot vacuum by now, chances are, it's an item that's pretty high up there on your Christmas wish list. But spending hundreds of dollars on a quality model may not be something that's in everyone's holiday budget. If you still long for the convenience and ease of an automated vac, we've got the best news for you: The eufy 11S slim robot vacuum--our best-value pick for robot vacuums in 2020--is currently on sale for less than $200 at Amazon. You'll want to note that it won't ship until Sunday, November 1, however, with free delivery between November 4 - 6 for Prime members.

ODSC West - AI 2020


Here is a sample of our incredibly insightful session topics for 2020 Building a Smarter Artificial Intelligence Strategy for the Enterprise Accelerating Business Innovation with Deep Learning Leading Data Science Teams: A Framework to Help Guide Data Science Project Managers From Cognitive Computing to Artificial Intelligence, the Next 10 Years Democratizing Artificial Intelligence in a Business Context Accelerating AI Development with Deep Learning & Transfer Learning Recent Advances in Machine Learning with Applications to Internet of Things (IoT) Building & Managing World Class Data Science Teams Data Ethnography: Understanding Bias in Machine Learning Models How to Ruin your Business with Data Science & Machine Learning Day 2 & 3 -AI Workshops & Tutorials AI - The One Skill You Need to Ensure Future Success Gain proficiency in essential AI skills & accelerate your insights by attending one of our many introductory level talks & workshops. After attending these sessions, you will better understand the basics of AI & its incredible potential for accelerated growth. Co-located at ODSC West, we have some of the best & brightest speakers on the planet presenting on topics including: AI for Executives Workshop Introduction to Deep Learning Data Science 101 Data Visualization Workshop Introduction Machine Learning Predictive Analytics Workshop Voice AI & Speech Recognition Image Recognition & Machine Vision Why Attend? AI & data science is transforming business. The CxO summit will give you the knowledge & connections to be at the forefront.

Partnering with and Adobe to re-invent CRM with AI - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog


As organizations worldwide continue to respond and react to a new business climate, we have seen more clearly than ever that the traditional approach to business applications is no longer sufficient. Organizations need a new class of business applications that provides the agility to see and respond to emerging trends, new opportunities, and potential risks so that ultimately, they can delight their customers and deliver the business outcomes that truly matter. That's why today we are excited to announce, together with and Adobe, the launch of C3 AI CRM powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. C3 AI CRM leverages Dynamics 365 as the foundation for end-to-end, intelligent customer engagement, with Adobe Experience Cloud providing real-time customer profile and customer journey management, together with's industry-specific enterprise AI capabilities. With C3 AI CRM, organizations can unlock the power of AI-driven customer relationship management in a solution purpose-built for specific industries, leveraging data from any source to produce predictive business insights.

Global Big Data Conference


The auto industry is currently experiencing a rapid shift to autonomous vehicles (AV). This evolution is spearheaded by new, innovative technology companies that are bringing cutting-edge automotive platforms to the market at an unprecedented pace. Currently, vehicles on the road are equipped with the ability to maneuver on their own on highways while in the presence of a human driver. The next logical step in the race to autonomy is self-driving capability in an urban setting -- first with a driver and eventually with humans acting solely as passengers. However, driving in cities is an exponentially more difficult problem to solve than maneuvering on highways.

Teaching robots through positive reinforcement – TechCrunch


The field, after all, holds the key to unlocking a lot of potential for the industry. One of the things that makes it so remarkable is the myriad different approaches so many researchers are taking to unlock the secrets of helping robots essentially learn from scratch. A new paper from Johns Hopkins University sporting the admittedly delightful name "Good Robot" explores the potential of learning through positive reinforcement. The title derives from an anecdote from author Andrew Hundt about teaching his dog to not chase after squirrels. I won't go into that here -- you can just watch this video instead: But the core of the idea is to offer the robot some manner of incentive when it gets something correct, rather than a disincentive when it does something wrong.

Movie review: 'Wolfman's Got Nards'

Boston Herald

In my experience, when you ask a person what their favorite film is, you'll often be told the title of the film that made the most impression on them at a most impressionable age. For some, it was "The Monster Squad" (1987). A pastiche of "The Goonies," featuring a group of suburban American kids up against the classic Universal monsters, instead of a pirate, the film mixes horror and comedy in the style of those Abbott & Costello Universal film spoofs (some of which are very good). "The Monster Squad" was not very well received by the critics (me included) or the public, which stayed away in droves to quote Sam Goldwyn ("The Lost Boys" preceded it by two weeks). But a funny thing happened.

Dog training methods help researchers teach robots to learn new tricks


By using positive reinforcement, an approach familiar to anyone who's used treats to change a dog's behavior, the team dramatically improved the robot's skills and did it quickly enough to make training robots for real-world work a more feasible enterprise. The findings are newly published in a paper called, "Good Robot!" "The question here was how do we get the robot to learn a skill?" said lead author Andrew Hundt, a PhD student working in Johns Hopkins' Computational Interaction and Robotics Laboratory. "I've had dogs so I know rewards work and that was the inspiration for how I designed the learning algorithm." Unlike humans and animals that are born with highly intuitive brains, computers are blank slates and must learn everything from scratch. But true learning is often accomplished with trial and error, and roboticists are still figuring out how robots can learn efficiently from their mistakes.

Minecraft and Rock the Vote team up to show young users what it's like to vote


A new collaboration between Rock the Vote, a nonprofit focused on empowering young voters, and the popular video game Minecraft introduces young Americans to the voting process in a virtual bid to engage first-time and future voters. Announced eight days ahead of the presidential election, Build the Vote has created an online world featuring "voting houses" and a virtual election for interested users. But the goal is the same: encourage community participation in important, political processes. Players go through the same steps they may take in real life, from registering to casting their ballot, and, in this case, ringing the virtual "voting bell." They even have to be aware of voting deadlines (October 30), after which the votes are tallied and the "winners" are announced. teams with Microsoft, Adobe on joint enterprise CRM platform

ZDNet and Microsoft are partnering with Adobe on a new customer relationship management system for enterprises. According to the companies, the C3 AI CRM is an industry-specific platform that allows customers to unify customer data into real-time profiles for cross-channel journey orchestration. The joint offering, which leverages the common data model of the Open Data Initiative (ODI), is a combination of the Adobe Experience Cloud, the C3 AI Suite and Microsoft Dynamics 365. The aim is to integrate data to drive predictive insights across the entire revenue supply chain, the companies said. The platform is pre-built and configured for the financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, oil and gas, manufacturing, utilities, aerospace, automotive, public sector, defense, and intelligence industries.

7 Ways Machine Learning can Solve Supply Chain Challenges


In the supply chain industry, rising customer expectations have given rise to larger product ranges, more complex logistics, and shamelessly fast lead times. All of this has led to soaring costs throughout the supply chain network. And minimizing the effect of these factors manually at each individual level is again a recipe for magnified operational costs. This is where Machine Learning in Supply Chain can help breathe a sigh of relief! Integrating machine learning in supply chain management can help automate a number of mundane tasks and allow the enterprises to focus on more strategic and impactful business activities.