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'PUBG' creator's next project is an open source metaverse for everyone

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In 2007, a woman in New York City placed an ad on Craigslist offering sex in exchange for 5,000 gold in "World of Warcraft" to purchase an epic flying mount (the woman claimed to have found a client in a follow-up post). In 2012, the zombie apocalypse title "DayZ" inspired discussions on human nature as players chose to either band together or murder each other over cans of beans in the game's cutthroat world. In 2005, a "World of Warcraft" glitch that acted like a viral epidemic forced the developer to briefly shut down the game to keep the "virus" from infecting all players -- an incident later referenced by epidemiologists researching predictive modeling around covid-19.

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Opportunities and Adoption Challenges of AI in the Construction Industry: A PRISMA Review


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful technology with a range of capabilities, which are beginning to become apparent in all industries nowadays. The increased popularity of AI in the construction industry, however, is rather limited in comparison to other industry sectors. Moreover, despite AI being a hot topic in built environment research, there are limited review studies that investigate the reasons for the low-level AI adoption in the construction industry. This study aims to reduce this gap by identifying the adoption challenges of AI, along with the opportunities offered, for the construction industry. To achieve the aim, the study adopts a systematic literature review approach using the PRISMA protocol. In addition, the systematic review of the literature focuses on the planning, design, and construction stages of the construction project lifecycle. The results of the review reveal that (a) AI is particularly beneficial in the planning stage as the success of construction projects depends on accurate events, risks, and cost forecasting; (b) the major opportunity in adopting AI is to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks by using big data analytics and improving the work processes; and (c) the biggest challenge to incorporate AI on a construction site is the fragmented nature of the industry, which has resulted in issues of data acquisition and retention. The findings of the study inform a range of parties that operate in the construction industry concerning the opportunities and challenges of AI adaptability and help increase the market acceptance of AI practices.

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnosis - National Academy of Medicine


This public webinar, hosted by the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) and the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), will explore the promise and issues associated with using artificial intelligence (AI) in medical diagnosis. This webinar builds off a recent GAO technology assessment titled Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Benefits and Challenges of Machine Learning Technologies for Medical Diagnostics and NAM Perspectives Discussion Paper titled Meeting the Moment: Addressing Barriers and Facilitating Clinical Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnosis. Participants will hear an overview of and reactions from field experts to the GAO report and the NAM Discussion Paper. The GAO report discusses current and emerging machine learning (ML) medical diagnostic technologies for select diseases and provides a broad overview of the challenges that affect their development and adoption. The NAM Discussion Paper focuses primarily on deployment and presents a framework for evaluating and promoting provider and health system adoption of AI-diagnostic decision support (AI-DDS) tools while exploring intersection equity issues.

New Book: Intuitive Machine Learning and Explainable AI - Machine Learning Techniques


By Vincent Granville Ph.D, published in September 2022. The book is available here. For my upcoming course based on this book, see here. This book covers the foundations of machine learning, with modern approaches to solving complex problems. Emphasis is on scalability, automation, testing, optimizing, and interpretability (explainable AI).

Deep Learning vs Neural Networks


Deep Learning: A subset of machine learning, deep learning eliminates some of the data preprocessing that is usually involved with ML. Deep learning algorithms can process unstructured data, and put simply, it is a way to automate predictive analytics.

Image Segmentation, UNet, and Deep Supervision Loss Using Keras Model


Image segmentation entails partitioning image pixels into different classes. Some applications include identifying tumour regions in medical images, separating land and water areas in drone images, etc. Unlike classification, where CNNs output a class probability score vector, segmentation requires CNNs to output an image. Accordingly, traditional CNN architectures are tweaked to yield the desired result. An array of architectures, including transformers, are available to segment images.

Regie secures $10M to generate marketing copy using AI

#artificialintelligence, a startup using OpenAI's GPT-3 text-generating system to create sales and marketing content for brands, today announced that it raised $10 million in Series A funding led by Scale Venture Partners with participation from Foundation Capital, South Park Commons, Day One Ventures and prominent angel investors. The fresh investment comes as VCs see a growing opportunity in AI-powered, copy-generating adtech companies, whose tech promise to save time while potentially increasing personalization. Previously a software engineer at Google and Meta, Sridhar is a data scientist by trade, having developed enterprise-scale AI systems that detect duplicate images and rank search results. Millen formerly was a VP at T-Mobile, leading the national sales teams (e.g., strategic accounts and public sector). With Regie, Sridhar says he and Millen aimed to create a way for companies to communicate with their customers via channels like email, social media, text, podcasts, online advertising and more.

Here's everything Amazon announced at its fall hardware event


Amazon held its annual fall hardware event on Tuesday. As in years past, the company had a lot to share in a short amount of time. We saw it announce new Echo, Kindle and Ring devices. It also had a few surprises up its sleeve from Eero and some of its other subsidiaries. Here's everything the company unveiled today.