Microsoft adds two more Dynamics 365 AI apps to its roadmap


Microsoft is adding more AI-infused Dynamics 365 applications to its line-up. In July this year, Microsoft made publicly available its 238-page release note document for its coming October 2018 wave of Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM applications. The October 2018 releases will include more than 100 incremental updates to the core Dynamics Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Portals, Omni-channel Engagement Hub, Field Service,Project Service, Social Engagement, Finance and Operations, Talent, Retail, and Business Central products and services. Officials reiterated today that Microsoft will start rolling out its October 2018 Dynamics 365 and Power platform deliverables generally on October 1. Back in July, Microsoft officials also demonstrated the coming Dynamics 365 AI for Sales app, which they said would be available in public preview form in October 2018.

The best dating sites for women looking to make a connection


The online world can be rough for women, but navigating online dating is its own type of intimidating. However, as the world increasingly moves onto the internet, online dating has long been the new norm. Finding the right dating site can be a challenge. Every woman has different wants when it comes to finding a match. Some are looking for a fun time, some are looking for their next long term relationship.

Ubtech introduces a new construction-themed STEM robotics kit


Believe it or not, the holidays are quickly approaching, which means that companies are getting ready for prime gift-buying season. Ubtech, an AI and robotics company, just released a brand new STEM-focused kit aimed at students ages 8 and up. It's called the Overdrive Kit and it allows kids (and their parents) to build and code construction-themed vehicles called DozerBot and DirtBot. The kit includes two smooth-motion robotic servo motors and two speedy DC motors. Both robots also have an ultrasonic sensor and an RGB light, which allows these units to interact with their environment and detect and avoid obstacles.

Google's own smart display is reportedly the $149 Home Hub


On October 9th, Google will reveal its latest hardware lineup. Rumors have spread for some time that the company is preparing to unveil a smart display at the event, and a leak unearthed by MySmartPrice corroborates the existence of the device, indicating that it will be called Home Hub. Meanwhile, a separate leak of a retail listing suggests the smart display will cost $149, according to Android Authority. The Home Hub appears to have a seven-inch screen and apes the design of Google's other smart home products such as Google Home Max and Mini. The Google Assistant-powered device is said to weigh just 480 grams, which as the same as Google Home.

How machines understand our language: an introduction to Natural Language Processing


Whatever text or sentence is fed to a machine, it will need to be simplified first, and this can be done through tokenization and lemmatization. These complicated words mean something really easy: tokenization means that we break down the text into tokens, single or grouped words depending on the case. Lemmatization means that we transform some of the words into their root word, i.e. plural words become singular, conjugated verbs become base verbs and so on. Between these manipulations, we also clean the text from all the words that don't carry actual information, the so-called stop words. Let's have a look at the sentence below to understand what all this means with an example.

The Rise of Machine Learning (ML): How to Use Artificial Intelligence in GIS – Knowrtal


You've probably heard about machine learning (ML). But you're not exactly sure how to use it in the context of GIS. Simply, machine learning makes sense out of noisy data finding patterns that you'd never think existed. In other words, it's software that writes software. Instead of applying a pre-built function, ML gains experience through repeated seen conditions and builds a model to apply in new situations.

Tamr raises $10 million for AI-powered data analytics


Big data analytics might not be the most exciting application of artificial intelligence (AI), but there's a lot of money in it -- as much as $42 billion, according to Statista. So it's not exactly surprising that startups like Tamr, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company that leverages AI to speed up analytics workflows, continue to rake in the capital. Tamr announced today that it has closed a $10 million round with participation from Pear Tree Partners and Granite Hill Capital Partners. It also announced the appointment of new board observers: John McClellan, a partner at Pear Tree Partners; Masataka Otomo at SBI Investment; and Mona Vernon, chief technology officer of Thomson Reuters Labs. The funds will fuel future growth, cofounder and CEO Andy Palmer told VentureBeat.

What it really means to be data-driven


I was once asked by a CIO to help him present to his board, on why they wanted to become data-driven. After 5 minutes of my planned 10 minute presentation (that lasted about 30 minutes) a board member and I concluded that based on what we had heard outside that meeting, they didn't want to become data driven– they wanted to become customer-driven. To be data-driven is a dangerous catch phrase. Data, or even technology, for its own sake without a clear line of sight to an outcome- social or business- is a terrible waste. Our data and analytics team have been hard at work in this challenge for a while; most recently exploring concepts such as storytelling, Information as a second language and data literacy.

Machine Learning on the Edge is Here. – – Medium


At one of our goals is to bring the power of machine learning to the devices we use every day. In a recent post on the medical selfie, our Co-Founder and COO, Sam De Brouwer, wrote about the advantages of leveraging machine intelligence on edge devices such as our mobile phones, including speed, privacy, and personal control. In that post she discussed's new mobile machine learning model that, from a selfie which never leaves your phone, can infer biometric data such as your age, sex, height, and weight. As part of our effort to accelerate the pace of mobile machine learning is excited to announce two open source projects, Net Runner and TensorIO. Both are available on GitHub and both have been published with a permissive Apache 2 open source license.

Machine learning teaches marketers to cultivate a growth mindset


While digitization has strained the marketing department's traditional methods and measures in recent years, the function is regaining its energy by plugging into a rich and abundant power source: data. Existing enterprise data, as well as information gathered from engaging with consumers, has become a valuable business asset. With the advent of machine learning--a type of algorithm that identifies patterns in data and improves with experience--companies can use data to predict and "learn" to identify consumers who appear likely to become high-value customers. The business restructuring taking place today mirrors the transformation that's underway throughout entire industries, from media to manufacturing, as companies rewire to compete in a digitally drenched environment. "For a long time, none of us would have thought that selling food and beverage over e-commerce would have been such a large business," says Shyam Venugopal, vice president for global media and consumer data strategy at PepsiCo.