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Does Machine Translation Affect International Trade? Evidence from a Large Digital Platform


Artificial intelligence (AI) is surpassing human performance in a growing number of domains. However, there is limited evidence of its economic effects. Using data from a digital platform, we study a key application of AI: machine translation. We find that the introduction of a new machine translation system has significantly increased international trade on this platform, increasing exports by 10.9%. Furthermore, heterogeneous treatment effects are consistent with a substantial reduction in translation costs.

Texas man builds candy-shooting cannon and robot to keep trick-or-treating alive

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on As the holiday draws closer, people across the country are still asking what Halloween will look like this year. Some areas have discussed canceling events like trick-or-treating, while it appears that others are looking to invent new ways to keep the tradition alive. Luke Keyes still plans on giving out candy to trick-or-treaters this year, even if he has to go high-tech for his solutions, KVUE reports.

Singapore hopes artificial intelligence will help boost its tourism industry


Singapore is gradually reopening its borders again after months of coronavirus travel restrictions. As the city-state looks to salvage its battered tourism industry -- which contributes around 4% to its economy -- it's hoped that artificial intelligence (AI) can help the sector bring back visitors safely. Official data shows monthly visitor arrivals were down by 76% between January to July, compared to a year ago. Visitor arrivals in July alone were down more than 99% year-on-year. Even though the Southeast Asian nation remains closed off to most foreigners, officials are now considering lifting restrictions for select groups of visitors.

AI Virtual Assistant using Python


So let's create our own virtual assistant. This is the latest virtual assistant module, created by me. It provides the basic functionality of any virtual assistant. The prerequisite is only Python ( 3.6). The functionality is cleared by the methods name.

Global Big Data Conference


The machine learning and AI-powered tools being deployed in response to COVID-19 arguably improve certain human activities and provide essential insights needed to make certain personal or professional decisions; however, they also highlight a few pervasive challenges faced by both machines and the humans that create them. Nevertheless, the progress seen in AI/machine learning leading up to and during the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be ignored. This global economic and public health crisis brings with it a unique opportunity for updates and innovation in modeling, so long as certain underlying principles are followed. Here are four industry truths (note: this is not an exhaustive list) my colleagues and I have found that matter in any design climate, but especially during a global pandemic climate. When a big group of people is collectively working on a problem, success may become more likely.

Summarization with Simple Transformers


Since we don't need filename column, we will delete it before proceeding further. We will keep the last 10 records as a test dataset and the remaining dataset we will use to train the model.

Be future ready with AI skills


Join this session as we welcome you to the world of'Data Science' and help you understand the technicalities of building a Machine Learning model. A foundation session and a must attend to get acquainted with theory and technicalities as you start your Data Science journey. This session forms the foundation for the series and covers the approach, life cycle and building blocks for the next two modules.

Graph Database: What is It and Why It Matters for Businesses?


Graph databases, sometimes referred as semantic databases, have developed a lot in recent years. They have evolved into mainstream technology and have been successfully deployed across a different variety of applications. Simply put, a graph database is a purpose-built software application to store, query and modify network graphs. It is the rapidly-growing category in data management. The database has gained much traction from social networking models as businesses are leveraging it to meet their big and complex data challenges that conventional databases, such as relational and NoSQL, are not able to do.

Artificial Intelligence for Edge Devices Market to witness high growth in near future


The Artificial Intelligence for Edge Devices market study now available with Market Study Report, LLC, is a collation of valuable insights related to market size, market share, profitability margin, growth dynamics and regional proliferation of this business vertical. The study further includes a detailed analysis pertaining to key challenges, growth opportunities and application segments of the Artificial Intelligence for Edge Devices market. The Artificial Intelligence for Edge Devices market report delivers an exhaustive analysis of this industry vertical and comprises of insights pertaining to the market tendencies including profits estimations, periodic deliverables, current revenue, industry share and remuneration estimations over the forecast period. A summary of the performance evaluation of the Artificial Intelligence for Edge Devices market is offered in the report. It also includes crucial information concerning to the key industry trends and projected growth rate of the said market.

8 developer roles that are in high demand in healthcare


An example is Stereotaxis, a company that develops robotic systems that allow for precise navigation of minimally-invasive surgical catheters using computer-controlled magnetic fields. The technology is used for a specific type of surgery called cardiac ablation that treats heart rhythm disorders but has broader applications in endovascular surgery. Robotic control of cardiac ablation catheters allows for unprecedented surgical precision and safety. It allows physicians to perform a procedure protected from radiation and with enhanced integration of procedural information. Over 100,000 patients have been treated using Stereotaxis' robotic technology by over 100 hospitals globally.