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Researchers develop a new robot that can efficiently navigate sidewalks in urban environments


To operate efficiently in urban environments, mobile robots and other autonomous systems should be able to move safely on sidewalks and avoid collisions with pedestrians or other obstacles. This is particularly true for delivery robots or systems that are specifically programmed to patrol urban environments. Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology and Stanford University have recently developed AlienGo, a quadruped robot that can follow specific routes generated by public map services while remaining on sidewalks and avoiding collisions with obstacles or humans. This robot, presented in a paper pre-published on arXiv, is based on a new, highly performing two-staged learning framework for safe sidewalk navigation. "As part of this project, we developed an intelligent quadrupedal robot that can navigate sidewalks in the real world," Sehoon Ha, one of the researchers who carried out the study, told TechXplore.

Paccar, Aurora, Fedex Pilot Autonomous Linehaul Trucking Operation


Paccar's autonomously-enabled trucks configured with the Aurora autonomous Driver platform will haul FedEx loads between Dallas and Houston along the I-45 corridor. Paccar has teamed up with Fedex and Aurora to launch a commercial pilot of autonomous trucks in linehaul trucking operations. Paccar's autonomously-enabled trucks configured with the Aurora autonomous Driver platform will haul FedEx loads between Dallas and Houston, a 500-mile round trip, along the I-45 corridor. The trucks will operate autonomously, with a backup driver for additional safety. This is the first collaboration of its kind between a truck manufacturer, an autonomous technology developer and a logistics provider, Paccar officials said.

UK publishes National Artificial Intelligence Strategy


The UK government has published its much-awaited National AI Strategy in pursuit of "global science superpower" status. The document talks of plans for a "new national programme and approach to support research and development" plus a government white paper on the governance and regulation of AI [PDF]. Details of the strategy were trailed back in January when the AI Council published its "AI Roadmap" including 16 recommendations to the government. Among the headlines from today's announcement is the recognition that to make any progress, ministers must ensure the right skills are in place – and that means starting at school age right up to postgraduate learning. The government also plans to launch a National AI Research and Innovation Programme to – you guessed it – improve research.

Tech Talks: Lead AI Scientist Bin Shao on Artificial Intelligence


Welcome to eSimplicity's Tech Talks blog series! Tech Talks is a series launched by eSimplicity's technical writing interns to discuss various topics within the tech industry. From personal experiences within the company to emergent innovative technologies, eSimplicity aims to gauge diverse perspectives and shed light on engaging topics within the tech sector! In a recent interview, eSimplicity's Lead AI Scientist Bin Shao shared with us his thoughts on the prominence of artificial intelligence, as well as its place in the future. Bin has over 20 years of professional experience in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision and cybersecurity.

Artificial intelligence might eventually write this article


I hope my headline is an overstatement, purely for job purposes, but in this week's Vergecast artificial intelligence episode, we explore the world of large language models and how they might be used to produce AI-generated text in the future. Maybe it'll give writers ideas for the next major franchise series, or write full blog posts, or, at the very least, fill up websites with copy that's too arduous for humans to do. Among the people we speak to is Nick Walton, the cofounder and CEO of Latitude, which makes the game AI Dungeon, which creates a plot in the game around what you put into it. We also chat with Samanyou Garg, founder of Writesonic, a company that offers various writing tools powered by AI. The company can even have AI write a blog post -- I'm shaking!

Career Guidance - Robotics Process Automation RPA ( Jobs in RPA )


Now a days, most of the technologies are getting boost. One of them is Robotics Process Automation. Why students should go with technology. We have explained considering package and consistency of this technology. There are more RPA tools in market like Uipath studio, BluePrism, Automation Anywhere etc. Students can practice by creating robots by downloading these tools from their official sites.

Why Robotics is emerging technology now a day ?


Why Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning all the the are emerging technologies, we have explained. Please watch the video for more details .

Amazon's 'New World' MMORPG is finally here


After four delays spanning nearly a year and a half of missed release dates, New World is finally here. You can download the MMORPG from Steam and Amazon's own marketplace. At launch, the title is available through a $40 Standard Edition or $50 Deluxe Edition. The latter comes with the game, a digital artbook and a collection of bonus items. Beyond the cost of entry, you don't need to pay a subscription fee to play New World. If you buy the game and you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can claim the Pirate Pack for free until November 1st.

The best tech certifications for every IT professional


IT certifications can help professionals break into the field, stand out in the competitive job market, and pursue higher-level, lucrative positions. Whether you're new to tech and looking for a basic certification or a seasoned pro who wants to receive recognition for your specialized skills and experience, there's a certification for you. While the best tech certifications are those that serve your experience and career goals, these credentials can help you secure a more lucrative job in IT. Certifications in IT help you tout your skill set so you can vie for raises and qualify for better-paying positions. On this page, you'll find an exploration of the best tech certifications available in 2021.

Introduction To Web Applications: Part 1


It is hardly surprising that web applications have seen such an impressive development over the course of the last approximately ten years. If one were to make a synthesis of the overall experience of desktop applications, there are a couple of valid arguments that we can be almost certain would appear. First and foremost, a piece of desktop software has to be manually retrieved (downloaded from the Internet or physically) and installed, which can present issues to the "non-technical" user. Needless to say that this process can bring, and mostly has, subsequent issues in regards to updating and/or patching the software, system requirements, etc. Also, cross-platform development efforts are needed in order to provide versions for the three major operating systems (macOS, Windows, Linux) if the target is to reach as large of an audience as possible. Desktop applications used to be bound to the machine in terms of the licensing as well, which further reduced the flexibility in approaching one's work. A further valid point has to do with the limited, often delayed, user feedback and how that can lead to the diminishing of testing scenarios. Of course no solution is constructed out of disadvantages alone and we are not dealing with such a case here, either: desktop applications tend to be faster and are generally considered more secure than their web counterparts. However, history has shown that while the web is not the perfect solution, its advantages were simply too powerful to ignore. Not only does a web application require no installation from the user, updates can be easily rolled out and made available to all users instantly after a new release.