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Homemade 'DIY' Weapons Boost Ukraine War Arsenal

International Business Times

In a metal workshop in the industrial city of Kryvyi Rih in southern Ukraine, a homemade anti-drone system waits to be mounted on a military pick-up truck. The contraption -- a heavy machine gun welded to steel tubes -- is one of several do-it-yourself weapons that are proving to be valuable additions to the Ukraine war effort. "We have the skills and the equipment, and we don't lack ideas," said Sergey Bondarenko in the workshop near the southern front. The well-built 39-year-old with a long black beard is a local leader of the territorial defence, a unit of the Ukrainian army. The device will be accompanied by shock absorbers, for more stability and precision, Bondarenko told AFP beside the anti-drone prototype.

8 Ways Waymo's Autonomous Taxi Surprised Us on a Ride


Standing around an empty parking lot in Arizona on a sunny, 100 F summer day was not a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. But excitement and anticipation overpowered our fears of heat exhaustion as we waited for Waymo's self-driving taxi. I was there with Kelly Funkhouser, CR's manager of vehicle technology. We looked back and forth wondering which direction the minivan would arrive from. "What if it gets stuck on the way here and never shows up?" Kelly was a little more optimistic.

Startup Funding: September 2022


The onshoring and buildout of dozens of fabs, many costing tens of billions of dollars, is beginning to spill over into other areas that are critical for chip manufacturing. Materials, in particular, which often gets little attention outside of chip manufacturing, witnessed a big spike in September 2022. In fact, seven materials companies covered in this report made up more than a third of the month's total reported investments, with three of the companies garnering more than $200 million. Other investment targets were sputtering equipment and evaporation materials for deposition, high-purity polycrystalline silicon, fluorine-containing electronic gases, and silicon carbide. In the AI hardware arena, numerous startups are focusing on in-memory and near-memory compute, reducing the volume of data that needs to be moved back and forth between memory and processing elements. Novel architectures also are appearing, such as one that uses sparse mathematics.

AI Epilepsy & Neuro


It is with great pleasure that we launch the inaugural conference on artificial intelligence and other neurological disorders in what promises to be an exciting series of lectures and panel discussions on machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence in the field. The conference addresses a broad range of topics, from phenotyping epilepsy and drug discovery, to seizure forecasting and thalamic neuromodulation. From your contributions and interest, you know that we are at an important juncture, where new technologies and advances are poised to impact clinical practice and research to an extent where education and awareness in the community has become a critical need. The Program is an ACCME approved event. Abstract submission is now open.

Stroking dogs engages the part of the brain responsible for social interactions, study finds

Daily Mail - Science & tech

We all love to have a cuddle with our furry friends, and now a new study has shed light on exactly why that is. Researchers at the University of Basel in Switzerland compared brain scans of study participants while they were stroking a pooch and a cuddly toy. They found that viewing, feeling, and touching the dog engaged the part of the brain that regulates and processes social or emotional interactions - known as the prefrontal cortex - in a way that petting the cuddly toy didn't. It is hoped their findings will improve treatments in animal-assisted clinical therapy for patients who struggle with motivation and attention. 'Prefrontal brain activity in healthy subjects increased with a rise in interactional closeness with a dog or a plush animal, but especially in contact with the dog the activation is stronger,' the authors concluded.

Remote DevOps Engineer openings near you -Updated October 05, 2022 - Remote Tech Jobs


ALEX – Alternative Experts is seeking a DevOps Engineer II to provide pipeline development support and infrastructure management across our cutting-edge AI/ML tool set. This is an early career-stage role (4 or more years of experience) and will directly influence our technology development efforts. This is an exciting new opportunity to work with our team of professionals to deliver AI based tools to our customers.

Tesla to REMOVE sensors from new cars in a bet on cameras and AI - amid scrutiny of crashes

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Tesla is removing sensors from its cars as it shifts toward a system based solely on eight cameras that feed information into its self-driving artificial intelligence. Ultrasonic sensors (USS), which emit high-frequency sounds that bounce off of potential obstacles, will in the coming months be phased out of new Model 3 and Model Y vehicles sold in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Taiwan, and then globally. They will be phased out of Model 4 and Model X cars next year. The announcement from the company led by CEO Elon Musk comes as Tesla is facing intense regulatory and legal scrutiny over a series of crashes involving its self-driving system. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) identified 392 reported accidents as of May 2022 involving cars with assisted-driver features - out of those, 273 involved Teslas. Tesla is removing sensors from its cars as it shifts toward a system based solely on eight cameras that feed information into its self-driving artificial intelligence.

The Impact of AI on Sports Betting and Its Software -


Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of artificial intelligence, a technology that allows machines to mimic human intelligence. It is a broad topic that includes tools and technologies such as knowledge representation, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), database management, etc. Unsurprisingly, AI has found countless applications across various sectors, including the sports betting industry. You would agree since its inception, artificial intelligence (AI) has helped improve efficiency and productivity across various industries. It is changing entirely because of AI -- design, transportation, healthcare, finance & sports. Sports technology is often less discussed in the tech world since it is a relatively new concept.

Best music for working on AI blogs • Music • AI Blog


As anyone who works in the field of artificial intelligence knows, focus is essential. Whether you're working on coding an algorithm or writing a blog about the latest breakthroughs in AI, it's important to be able to maintain concentration for long periods of time. And one of the best ways to do that is by listening to music that helps you stay focused and motivated. For many people in the AI community, that music is by the German band Kraftwerk. With their minimalist electronic soundscapes, Kraftwerk create an ideal backdrop for concentrated work.

Retinal Imaging Combined with AI Helps Predict Cardiovascular Disease Risk


Research led by St George's University of London shows that retinal imaging can be a good predictor of cardiovascular health when combined with artificial intelligence (AI) analysis tools. As reported in the British Journal of Ophthalmology, the team created an AI-based tool using information from more than 65,000 individuals to analyze changes to the vasculature in the eyes and assess links to cardiovascular disease risk. There are some ways to predict who is most likely to develop cardiovascular symptoms, or experience potentially life-threatening events such as heart attack or stroke, but these are inconsistent at best and many people are not aware they are at risk. Research suggests that the width of small blood vessels in the retina could be a predictor of cardiovascular disease risk, but data on how accurate and consistent these predictions are is lacking. To try and understand the value of this data, first author of the study Alicja Regina Rudnicka, a professor at St George's University of London, and colleagues developed an automatic AI algorithm (QUantitative Analysis of Retinal vessels Topology and siZe, or QUARTZ) to develop models to assess how well retinal vasculature imaging, as well as known risk factors, can predict vascular health and death.