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Why Neural Networks can learn (almost) anything • AI Blog


The video does an excellent job of explaining how neural networks learn. It begins by showing how a simple neural network can be used to solve a basic problem. The video then goes on to show how more complex problems can be solved by using a deep neural network. Finally, the video explains how neural networks can be used to improve the accuracy of predictions made by machine learning algorithms. By watching the video, viewers will gain a better understanding of how neural networks work and how they can be used to solve real-world problems.

SmartCard Marketing System (OTC:SMKG) Company Overview for 2023 & Chatbot AI Spotlight


SmartCard Marketing Systems tech suite of 22 platforms offers a Multi-Industry and Multi-Tier portfolio of solutions for infrastructure projects and commerce strategies. The company's expertise and knowledge in Data Management, Analysis and Artificial Intelligence allows for "knowledge-based models" with real-time automation that can include payment technology, blockchain protocols and fintech as embedded utilities. The expansion of both Axepay Cross-border Payments and Xpay World "TMS" in SE Asia continue to enjoy success with more industry partners onboarding. The model is simple: "WE INVEST IN THE STRATEGY AND DEVELOP THE TECH TO MINIMIZE THE CAPEX FOR ENTERPRISES AND FINANCIAL INSITUTIONS – OUR CLIENTS ARE ALSO OUR PARTNERS" CEO MB The company has a methodical approach to commercializing solutions with its own proprietary Digital IP Portfolio developed for "As a Service" model offerings to SME's for brick mortar, web and mobility, offering flexibility, security and scalability to customers. The Company's applications are licensed as white-label and private-label solutions to customers and partners.

OpenAI launches tool for detecting AI-generated text - SiliconANGLE


The tool, which is available at no charge, is itself based on an AI model. It can detect text generated by not only OpenAI's neural networks but also competing software from other companies. However, the startup cautioned that the tool currently has a number of significant accuracy limitations.

ChatGPT creator rolls out 'imperfect' tool to help teachers spot potential cheating - CNN


Two months after OpenAI unnerved some educators with the public release of ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that can help students and professionals generate shockingly convincing essays, the company is unveiling a new tool to help teachers adapt. OpenAI on Tuesday announced a new feature, called an "AI text classifier," that allows users to check if an essay was written by a human or AI. The tool, which works on English AI-generated text, is powered by a machine learning system that takes an input and assigns it to several categories. In this case, after pasting a body of text such as a school essay into the new tool, it will give one of five possible outcomes, ranging from "likely generated by AI" to "very unlikely." Lama Ahmad, policy research director at OpenAI, told CNN that educators have been asking for a ChatGPT feature like this, but warns it should be "taken with a grain of salt."

How Digital twin technology can be leveraged in insurance industry


Digital Twin technology has been around for decades. The concept is believed to have its origin at NASA when simulations were carried out to bring back the Apollo 13 astronauts. Gartner defines digital twin as a digital representation of a real-world entity or system. Simulations of what-if scenarios can be performed on this digital/virtual copy of the asset in deriving at the next-best action. Machine Learning models can perform predictive and prescriptive analytics on this digital copy which can then be applied back to the actual asset.

ChatGPT's creator made a free tool for detecting AI-generated text - The Verge


I also got an "unclear" result for some articles written by CNET Money, with others getting an "unlikely" classification. The outlet says these articles were "assisted by an AI engine and reviewed, fact-checked and edited by our editorial staff," so there are likely some human tweaks in there (especially since CNET has added corrections to over half of them). While CNET's owner hasn't said which specific system it's using for the articles, my co-worker Mia Sato has reported that it's used a tool called Wordsmith for some of its content. OpenAI says its tool isn't just for GPT, though, and that it should detect "text written by AIs from a variety of providers."

You'll Be Seeing ChatGPT's Influence Everywhere This Year - CNET


Chatbots have existed in some way since as far back as the 1960s. The internet already abounds with ideas for how to put ChatGPT's human-like dialogue to use, from creating custom chatbots to help fight traffic tickets to creating workout and diet plans. The bigger question, however, is whether ChatGPT (or more accurately, the tech that powers it) will have the same sweeping influence as other breakthrough technologies of our generation, like the iPhone, Google search and Amazon Alexa. It'll likely be years before we have an answer to that question. But in 2023, artificial intelligence experts expect to see a wave of new products, apps and services powered by the tech behind ChatGPT.

Six with ties to MIT honored as 2022 ACM Fellows


On Jan. 18, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) announced its 2022 fellows, those it recognizes "for significant contributions in areas including cybersecurity, human-computer interaction, mobile computing, and recommender systems among many other areas." Included in the crop of new fellows were six distinguished scientists with ties to MIT. Constantinos Daskalakis, the Armen Avanessians (1982) Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), was honored "for contributions to the foundations of algorithmic game theory, mechanism design, sublinear algorithms, and theoretical machine learning." Daskalakis is a theoretical computer scientist who works at the interface of game theory, economics, probability theory, statistics, and machine learning. His current work focuses on multi-agent learning, learning from biased and dependent data, causal inference and econometrics.

OpenAI's new tool may help you identify text written by ChatGPT


OpenAI has released a tool to help you determine whether text was more likely written by a human or AI. However, the ChatGPT maker warns that its equivalent of Blade Runner's Voight-Kampff test can also get it wrong. The tool includes a box where you can paste text that's at least 1,000 characters long. It will then spit out a verdict, like "The classifier considers the text to be very unlikely AI-generated" or "The classifier considers the text to be possibly AI-generated." I tested it by prompting ChatGPT to write an essay about the migratory patterns of birds, which the detection tool then described as "possibly AI-generated."

Gaming YouTuber in Japan claims pet fish took over Nintendo Switch, went on shopping spree

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on A group of pet fish whose motions are tracked by a Japanese gaming YouTuber have allegedly gone on a Nintendo Switch shopping spree, while putting their owner's financial information at risk. Mutekimaru Channel, a YouTube channel created in May 2020 by an unidentified gamer who reportedly lives in Japan, has been uploading "Fish Play Pokémon" videos that have served as entertainment for 93,900 subscribers, according to YouTube stats and a self-written description in the channel's "About" section. On Monday, Jan. 16, the Mutekimaru Channel livestreamed a Pokémon gaming session with three fish swimming in a motion camera fish tank, which is said to be connected to a keyboard overlay and red laser pointer overlay that follows each fish's movement. The motion capture system is reportedly hooked up to a Nintendo Switch – allowing the fish to "play."