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Are you the forgetful type? Here are 5 ways tech can help find your phone, keys, parked car or pet

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You don't consider yourself the forgetful type, yet somehow you can't seem to find your smartphone on a daily basis. It's not unusual to misplace your car keys or reading glasses (which are on your head). And wasn't your wallet on the kitchen counter a moment ago? OK, so maybe you've had a lot on your mind, these days. The good news, however, is technology can help you find your stuff.

Artificial intelligence can boost power, efficiency of even the best microscopes


With the help of artificial intelligence, even already powerful microscopes can see better, faster and process more data. In a new study, published Friday in the journal Nature Methods, researchers used new machine learning algorithms to combine a pair of novel microscopy techniques. The marriage dramatically accelerated image processing and yielded crisp, accurate results. To capture speedy biological processes in 3D, like the beating heart of a fish larva, researchers rely on a method called light-field microscopy. The technique involves the collection of massive amounts data, and as a result, image processing can take days.

What Can You Do with AI? - Andreessen Horowitz


Artificial intelligence is a broad set of software capabilities that make your software smarter. We think it's going to have as broad (and maybe broader) an impact on software as relational database technologies. Databases are inside just about every important piece of software you use each day. Codd's original research paper proposing the relational database was published in June 1970, Oracle published its first commercially available Oracle V2 database in 1979, and we've been building on top of this breakthrough ever since. We're in the very early years of putting AI in all our software in the same way we put databases in all our software, and this trend will unfold over decades, not months or even years.

Thought Leadership Webcast -- AI Ethics


Amita Kapoor is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronics, SRCASW, University of Delhi and has been actively teaching neural networks and artificial intelligence for the last 20 years. She completed her masters in Electronics in 1996 and Ph.D. in 2011, during Ph.D. she was awarded a prestigious DAAD fellowship to pursue a part of her research work in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany. She was awarded the Best Presentation Award at the Photonics 2008 international conference. She is an active member of ACM, AAAI, IEEE, and INNS. She has co-authored four books including the best-selling book "Deep learning with TensorFlow2 and Keras" with Packt Publications.

Alteryx Masterclass for Data Analytics, ETL and Reporting


A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this Alteryx course. Why should you choose this course? This is a complete tutorial on Alteryx which can be completed within a weekend. Data Analysis and Analytics process automation are the most sought-after skills for Data analysis roles in all the companies. Alteryx designer core certification portrays one of the most desired skills in the market.

3 signs that your AI project is doomed


"Among the machine learning strategy consultations you've done, which kinds of product team were the most challenging to work with?" After consulting on hundreds of machine learning projects, I've learned to pay attention to early warning signs that the client is in danger of shooting themselves in the foot. There's a lot of hype and nonsense about AI out there, so when teams come to me straight from the latest As-Seen-On-TV session ("…but if you call now, we'll throw in 50 free deep neural networks which you can compose into an unholy ensemble!") I know I'm going to have to undo all kinds of unrealistic expectations. Science fiction is a terrible teacher… but an ace of sales.

DeepVerge creating at least 60 highly skilled jobs in Co Cork


DeepVerge, an Irish-founded, London-listed scientific research group, is to create 60 highly skilled jobs in Co Cork. It has announced a major expansion at its Fermoy-based scientific data management company Rinocloud with the development of a new artificial intelligence (AI) centre of excellence. The company is recruiting for roles in data science, physics and microbiology. Fin Murray, managing director of Rinocloud and chief operating office at DeepVerge, said the new centre would pay a key role in the real-time detection of pathogens such as E-coli and the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which leads to Covid. The new facility, which is to be located in Moorepark Technology Centre, includes laboratory and engineering production units to uncover such pathogens in water and wastewater systems.

The AI-Powered Micro-Business with Ash Fontana


Artificial Intelligence is already part of our lives in the tools and services we use every day. As AI development accelerates, how can authors and small businesses use it as leverage to expand income and opportunities? Ash Fontana gives some ideas in this interview on The AI-First Company.

Detecting colon cancer early with artificial intelligence


NORFOLK, Va. - News 3 is taking action for your health! March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Be aware - the Hampton Roads area was identified as a "hot spot" for colon cancer deaths, according to the American Cancer Society. In Norfolk, a trial is currently underway, adding the tool of artificial intelligence in the quest for prevention. As the video indicates, AI technology is like an extra set of eyes; it highlights areas of interest when a patient undergoes a colonoscopy.