Learning AI: The Way to Flourish in the Future


Since Klaus Schwab drew attention to the arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution in January 2016, we are witnessing the significant impact of Artificial Intelligence and its more well known subset, often seen as its synonym of Machine Learning that led Andrew Ng to propound " AI is the new electricity". India created the IITs in the 1960s that helped some Indians to achieve places of eminence in the technical and business world of the 3rd Industrial Age. Today, India is a ' KRANTI' nation poised to play center-stage in the AI age leveraging the opportunity as a ' learning movement' amongst its masses, evidenced by the rapid adoption of the mobile phone. A group of former IIT faculty and students led by Prof. M.M. Pant have started a movement of AI awareness and lifelong learning to spread knowledge about AI as per one's need. Their Mission 2020 is to prepare not only the young but all ages for their future in the 4th Industrial Age.

Artificial intelligence is changing how investors' money is being managed


The Dow Jones Industrial Average shed more than 1,300 points earlier this month in the most dramatic drop since February. If you are a client of Morgan Stanley MS Wealth Management, you may have received a message from your financial advisor. The purpose of the message would be to tell you exactly what happened in the market and what the firm's investment professionals are saying about it. It would also tell you your portfolio's current probability of success in light of recent events. The email would come from your financial advisor.

Epson at the forefront of computer printers, artificial intelligence


BY SHAHD ALHAMDAN SAUDI GAZETTE L IGHTSCENE EV-100 and SC-T5100 printer were some of the technologies presented by Epson, one of the largest manufacturers of computer printers, during GITEX Technology Week 2018 in Dubai. Regional Sales Director for picture at Epson Jason Whiley said Epson's Lightscene EV-100 has marked its regional market entry at the event. He said "another new entrant is Epson's large format SC-T5100 printer that allows users to print technical and CAD drawings in great detail up to 36. We also demonstrated our new Workforce Pro WF-C8690DWF printer, a highly reliable A3 business inkjet for small to medium workgroups. It will keep costs low and productivity high."

Kennedy: I'm all in on artificial intelligence ... mostly


We are on the cusp of the Age of AI. AI, as most of you know, stands for artificial intelligence. I would like to go on the record in favor of AI as I have come to the conclusion that there isn't enough cell-based human intelligence to go around. Case in point: Pick any fast-food drive-through. All I want from a drive-through hostess is an extra thing of maple syrup, and not to be called a pet name.

Tesla's New Model 3, Lime's New Scooter, and More This Week in the Future of Cars


It's been a week since we cracked open the champagne to celebrate our 25th birthday, along with our memory banks to take a look at our history of predicting the future. Now that we're back in the present and once again looking forward, it seems like we're not the only outfit reconsidering the road ahead. Chinese automaker NIO thinks it can make battery swapping work this time. Elon Musk reveals yet another Model 3 that costs more than $35,000. Uber and Lyft are defending against claims they make traffic worse--again--and we have yet more confirmation that systems like Tesla's Autopilot are confusing people.

Comparing Machine Learning as a Service: Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud AI, IBM Watson


For most businesses, machine learning seems close to rocket science, appearing expensive and talent demanding. And, if you're aiming at building another Netflix recommendation system, it really is. But the trend of making everything-as-a-service has affected this sophisticated sphere, too. You can jump-start an ML initiative without much investment, which would be the right move if you are new to data science and just want to grab the low hanging fruit. One of ML's most inspiring stories is the one about a Japanese farmer who decided to sort cucumbers automatically to help his parents with this painstaking operation. Unlike the stories that abound about large enterprises, the guy had neither expertise in machine learning, nor a big budget. But he did manage to get familiar with TensorFlow and employed deep learning to recognize different classes of cucumbers. By using machine learning cloud services, you can start building your first working models, yielding valuable insights from predictions with a relatively small team. We've already discussed machine learning strategy. Now let's have a look at the best machine learning platforms on the market and consider some of the infrastructural decisions to be made.

These were Stephen Hawking's last bold predictions on AI, superhumans, and aliens


Threat number one one is an asteroid collision, like the one that killed the dinosaurs. However, "we have no defense" against that, Hawking writes. "A rise in ocean temperature would melt the ice caps and cause the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide," Hawking writes. "Both effects could make our climate like that of Venus with a temperature of 250C."

How AI Can Help Your Business Grow


Salesforce recently conducted a survey on how small businesses use technology, and we were surprised to see that 61% of small business owners believe their businesses are not ready for artificial intelligence (AI). Because AI adds the type of seamless efficiency that gives small businesses a huge boost -- and because you probably use it already anyway. That's right -- We rely on intelligent offerings every time we order from Amazon, ask Siri for directions, chat with a customer service rep, or add a suggested friend on Facebook. And there's no reason smaller businesses can't emulate these powerful, time-saving features, too. Here are three ways to add artificial intelligence to your growing business.

Building Machine Learning Model From Unstructured Data


You might be familiar with structured data, it is everywhere. Here i would like to focus on discussion on how we transform unstructured data to something data machine can process the data then to take inference. As the time goes by, people think how to handle unstructured like text, image, data satellite, audio, etc. Tthat might give you something useful to make decision in your business. In this case i take from kaggle competition named What's Cooking. The competition wants you to classify type of food based on its ingredients.

Across Time and Space: Machine Learning Reveals Paths to Dementia


Researchers face a challenge in understanding the brain changes during the long course of Alzheimer's disease. It's not possible to track neurodegeneration continuously in individual people for up to 30 years, so instead scientists collect snapshots of the disease from different people in all stages of the disease. Now, using advanced computational approaches and a massive trove of MRI brain volume data, scientists have stitched together a series of these snapshots. This way, they identified disease subtypes with distinct progression patterns in people with Alzheimer's disease or with mutations that cause frontotemporal dementia (FTD) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). They dubbed their method SuStaIn, for Subtype and Stage Inference.