Deep Learning for Business Coursera


For the course "Deep Learning for Business," the first module is "Deep Learning Products & Services," which starts with the lecture "Future Industry Evolution & Artificial Intelligence" that explains past, current, and future industry evolutions and how DL (Deep Learning) and ML (Machine Learning) technology will be used in almost every aspect of future industry in the near future. The following lectures look into the hottest DL and ML products and services that are exciting the business world. Then the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot products are introduced along with the Alexa cloud based DL personal assistant that uses ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) technology. The next lecture focuses on LettuceBot, which is a DL system that plants lettuce seeds with automatic fertilizer and herbicide nozzles control. Then the computer vision based DL blood cells analysis diagnostic system Athelas is introduced followed by the introduction of a classical and symphonic music composing DL system named AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist).

Universal basic income is no panacea for us – and Labour shouldn't back it Sonia Sodha

The Guardian

There aren't many ideas that unite trade unionists, the libertarian right, the green movement, and the Silicon Valley tech scene . But that's the rainbow alliance backing a universal basic income, a centuries-old idea posited as the solution to a range of 21st-century problems. Is its surprising coalition of bedfellows a sign of an idea whose time has at last resoundingly come – or a symptom of a catch-all, superficial fix in search of a problem? Universal basic income, sometimes called a citizens' income, is the idea that the state should pay every adult citizen a regular, modest income. It is a no-strings payment, so unlike benefits currently available to people of working age, it is not means tested.

AI is Poised to Disrupt Any Market it Can


I look forward to a world with artificial intelligence (AI). Personally, I see the power of AI being embedded into all of our current technology. We currently live in a world of simple AI. We can ask Siri or Alexa to active our lights, send a message, or read our e-mail. The goal is to be able to query complicated searches, cross-check data, provide insight, and aid with decision-making instantaneously.

How AWS Innovation and AI are finding their way to India


At the recent AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS, introduced 20 platforms on which Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)-based services can be used. Everyone at the event – from Goldman Sachs to NASA to Expedia – showed the world how AWS can deploy infrastructure and heavy life data very quickly. But there's is a history why AWS is running on a $18 billion dollar run rate because they were the first to move to the cloud and they are constantly innovating by talking to customers. Simply put, it has thousands of engineers working on AI-based services. Dr Charles Elkan, Amazon Fellow, AI and Deep Learning, says, "We have worked on several technologies and with several businesses by understanding their problems.

Horizons Ventures backs AI startup Fano Labs in first Hong Kong investment


Horizons Ventures, the VC firm founded by Hong Kong's richest man Li Ka-Shing, has made a rare early-stage investment after it backed AI startup Fano Labs. Horizons has invested in the likes of Facebook, Razer, Slack, Improbable, Spotify and more, and now it is putting undisclosed money into Fano Labs, which recently graduated AI accelerator program Zeroth. This deal also marks the firm's first investment in a Hong Kong-based company. Founded by academics, Fano Labs uses speech recognition and natural language processing to help out at call centers. No, the robots are taking those jobs (yet) but they are helping call centers themselves to run more efficiently.

How Artificial Intelligence is different from human reasoning


The man walking toward me on the street looks like Bob, a friend of mine. As he continues to walk toward me, I decide he is Bob, my friend. I say "Hi, Bob" and he returns his greeting the same way "Hey, Sam. This conversation exchange is repeated millions of times every day all over the world in English, German, French, Italian and so on. Now let us change the situation a bit.

New Artificial Intelligence Method Outsmarts CAPTCHA Security System


CAPTCHA is security system created and developed to prevent Bots from accessing websites. This security system allows users to prove to be human by recognizing some patterns, distorted type in text or signs which are impossible for machines to complete correctly. This method becomes super successful to overcome the spam and bots from visiting and accessing the data or website. It's a highly secured and advance way where different questions has been asked my AI to identify the real humans, and don't allow the bots for visiting sites. But, as we know nothing is a permanent solution.

Unlock machine learning for the new speed and scale of business - Vertica


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When building a model, the data scientist can set the value of hyperparameters for the model. Examples of hyperparameters are the number of layers in an artificial neural network, the number of trees in a random forest, etc. The modeler has the power to decide these hyperparameters, providing the flexibility to train the best model. Flexibility comes at the expense of added complexity. So many choices can be overwhelming.

Top Data Science and Machine Learning Methods Used


The average respondent used 7.7 tools/methods, similar to 2016 poll. Next, we compared the top 16 methods in this year's poll with their share last year - see Figure 1. We note a significant increase in Random Forests, Visualization, and Deep Learning share of usage, and decline in K-nn, PCA, and Boosting. Gradient Boosting Machines was a new entry in 2017. Deep Learning, despite its amazing successes, is reported used by only about 20% of KDnuggets readers.