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PyTorch for Deep Learning in 2023: Zero to Mastery - Couponos 99


Become a Deep Learning Engineer. PyTorch is a machine learning and deep learning framework written in Python. PyTorch enables you to craft new and use existing state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms like neural networks powering much of today's Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. Much of the latest machine learning research is done and published using PyTorch code so knowing how it works means you'll be at the cutting edge of this highly in-demand field. And you'll be learning PyTorch in good company.

Production-Ready Face Re-Aging for Visual Effects


Photorealistic digital re-aging of faces in video is becoming increasingly common in entertainment and advertising. But the predominant 2D painting workflow often requires frame-by-frame manual work that can take days to accomplish, even by skilled artists. Although research on facial image re-aging has attempted to automate and solve this problem, current techniques are of little practical use as they typically suffer from facial identity loss, poor resolution, and unstable results across subsequent video frames. In this paper, we present the first practical, fully-automatic and production-ready method for re-aging faces in video images. Our first key insight is in addressing the problem of collecting longitudinal training data for learning to re-age faces over extended periods of time, a task that is nearly impossible to accomplish for a large number of real people.

I tried ChatGPT from OpenAI and my mind was blown


I wasn't around when the internet was discovered for the first time but I could only imagine this must be what it's like to do so. Feature Image was a prompt suggested by the AI itself, "A person's mind being stretched and expanded by the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence". And the tl;dr above is written by it as well. Linh Dao Smooke is the wife of David Smooke, the founder of Hacker Noon. She is also a co-founder of the company and serves as the Chief Strategy Officer.

New Content: Qlik AutoML Learning Modules - Qlik Community - 2012025


AutoML (Automated machine learning) finds patterns in your data and uses them to make predictions on future data. Machine learning experiments in the Qlik Cloud hub let you collaborate with other users and integrate your predictive analytics in Qlik Sense apps. In addition to making predictions, you can do an in-depth analysis of the key features that influence the predicted outcome.

At NeurIPS 2022, generative AI and LLMs are hot topics


Check out the on-demand sessions from the Low-Code/No-Code Summit to learn how to successfully innovate and achieve efficiency by upskilling and scaling citizen developers. Generative AI and LLMs were two of the hottest topics at NeurIPS 2022, which brought the AI and ML community back in-person for the first time since 2019 and has offered "a lot of excitement," said Alice Oh, professor at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and the conference's lead program chair. Some of that excitement may have been the sound of thousands of keyboards trying out OpenAI's ChatGPT demo, which was released on Wednesday and has been the talk of Twitter, if not NeurIPS, since then. But the Conference and Workshop on Neural Information Processing Systems, a machine learning and computational neuroscience conference held every December, this year in New Orleans, certainly had plenty of its own buzz going on. According to conference leaders, over 10,000 were in attendance in person, with another 3,000 tuning in online.

Using AI To Power Fashion-Tech 'Intelligent Avatars' In The Metaverse


With China serving as a world leader in AI technology & digital avatars, Anina Net shares her journey about how she's producing ‘intelligent avatars’ that can provide fashion insight & customer service for metaverse-goers.

The Beauty of A.I. Is That It Lives in the Twilight Zone Between Atoms And Bits


Originally published on Towards AI the World's Leading AI and Technology News and Media Company. If you are building an AI-related product or service, we invite you to consider becoming an AI sponsor. At Towards AI, we help scale AI and technology startups. Let us help you unleash your technology to the masses. And this is probably its main weakness as well.

State Of AI, December 2022


Sentient or not, MineDojo got Nvidia's researchers the NeurIPS 2022 Outstanding Datasets and Benchmarks Paper Award, demonstrating their belief that large language models in the future will be "embodied agents that proactively take actions, endlessly explore the world, and continuously self-improve." The current version of this AI agent learned Minecraft's flexible gameplay using a massive online database of more than 7,000 wiki pages, millions of Reddit threads and 300,000 hours of recorded gameplay.

Samsung's Cyber Week deals are still live


A ton of deals are up for grabs during Samsung's Cyber Week, available through Dec. 4: BEST TV DEAL: The 75" Class QN85B Samsung Neo QLED 4K Smart TV (2022)(opens in a new tab) offers the biggest discount in this list -- $1799.99 $2599.99 BEST WATCH DEAL: The Galaxy Watch5(opens in a new tab) is available at a discount, and you can also trade in a smartwatch from multiple brands to receive in-store credits -- $289.99 $359.99 (save $70) BEST VACUUM DEAL: Clean up your home in style using the Samsung Jet 60 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum(opens in a new tab) -- $199.99 $329.99 (save $130) BEST GAMING MONITOR DEAL: Optimize your gaming experience with the 49-inch Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor(opens in a new tab) -- $899.99 $1499.99 Whether you're looking to completely overhaul the tech used in your home, or simply want to purchase a smartwatch or gaming monitor as a holiday gift, then Samsung's website can definitely cater to all your needs. The Korean tech giant is offering its Cyber Week deals on nearly all premium products for a few more days (through Dec. 4), so take full advantage of these savings while you still can. The 75-inch giant can give you a great cinematic experience.

Workers at Diablo, Warcraft developer Blizzard Albany win union

Washington Post - Technology News

Back in August, Activision Blizzard's lawyers framed much of their argument in the Blizzard Albany hearing around the highly anticipated upcoming game "Diablo IV." The dark fantasy action role-playing game, in which players battle various hellspawn, is slated for release sometime next year. Unlike its approach with Raven, where the company requested that all Raven developers vote in a union election (a request that was denied) Activision Blizzard argued that in the case of Blizzard Albany, all developers on Diablo should be able to vote, positioning the game as uniquely difficult to make.