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How to Create a ChatGPT-4 Chat Bot with Laravel - Devops7


Are you looking to create a ChatGPT chatbot with Laravel? We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you create a powerful and effective chatbot to help you engage with your customers, answer their questions, and increase your sales. Before we start, let's first discuss ChatGPT-4 and why it is an excellent tool for building chatbots. ChatGPT-4 is a state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI that can generate human-like responses to text-based prompts. This means you can use ChatGPT to build chatbots that can understand natural language and provide personalized responses to your customers.

Key Strategies to Develop AI Software Cost-Effectively


You have probably read a lot about the major changes brought on by AI technology in recent months. Many people have called 2023 "the year of AI." Every day we hear new stories about miraculous breakthroughs caused by ChatGPT and other AI applications. For example, ChatGPT recently The Independent said that the technology is starting to show signs that it can think like humans. Some companies are interested in taking advantage of the benefits of existing AI tools like ChatGPT. However, others want more control over AI technology, so they are seeking to develop their own AI software.

Exploring the Power of Contrastive Learning - aiTechTrend


In recent years, deep learning has made significant progress in various computer vision tasks, including image classification, object detection, and segmentation. However, these models often require a large amount of labeled data for training, which can be expensive and time-consuming to collect. To address this issue, unsupervised learning methods have gained attention, particularly contrastive learning. In this article, we will discuss the concept of contrastive learning, how it works, and its applications. Deep learning models require a large amount of labeled data for training.

Thoughtful technology: We can now control robots - with our minds - Study Finds


Scientists from the University of Technology Sydney have developed new biosensor technology that actually makes mind reading possible! No, not like a fortune teller; this new technology allows people to operate devices, such as robots and machines, solely via thought-control. You think, and the robot acts. Researchers add this exciting breakthrough holds positive implications for the fields of healthcare, aerospace, and advanced manufacturing. This advanced brain-computer interface was developed by Distinguished Professor Chin-Teng Lin and Professor Francesca Iacopi, from the UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT, in collaboration with the Australian Army and Defence Innovation Hub.

AI vs. ML vs. DL vs. DS -- A Simple Differentiation Unknown to Many


What are all these things? Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to natural intelligence displayed by animals including humans. AI is the ability of a machine or a computer program to think, act and learn like humans. We have not yet achieved the technology (General AI) that can solve a variety of problems with breadth and versatility similar to human/natural intelligence. Machine learning (ML) is the study of computer algorithms that can improve automatically through experience and by the use of data.

Ezekiel Elliott has narrowed down free agent decision to 3 teams

FOX News

Fox News Flash top sports headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Running back Ezekiel Elliott has been searching for his next home in the NFL after the Dallas Cowboys released him. He's reportedly narrowed down his search to three teams, all of which could be Super Bowl contenders next season. The Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals are on Elliott's wish list, sources confirmed to Fox News Digital.

Killer robot dogs that are controlled by soldiers' MINDS are trialed by Australian army

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Soldiers controlling a robot dog with their mind as they patrol a dusty road and sweep an delipidated building may sound like science fiction, but it is the scene in a real world demonstration. The Australian Army has perfected mind-controlling abilities with eight sensors neatly packed inside a helmet that work in tandem with a Microsoft HoloLens. The innovation features an AI-decoder that translates a soldier's brain signals into explainable instructions that are sent to the robotic quadruped, allowing humans to stay focused on their surroundings. A new video shows military personal conducting a simulated patrol clearance using the robot dog, which was instructed to sweep a facility using what it read from a person's brain waves - and with 94 percent accuracy. The system was developed by the University of Technology Sydney that first unveiled the innovation last year, but recently published a new paper detailing the work. 'The user used our augmented brain–robot interface (aBRI) platform to control the robot systems,' reads the paper published by American Chemical Society on March 16.

Smart needles may cut down on surgeries: What to know

FOX News

Dr. Nicole Saphier and the mother of a daughter diagnosed with cancer, Laura Bray, discuss the drug shortage crisis. From smartphones to smart cars and smart homes, now this D.C.-based start-up company is attempting to release the "smart needle." Smart needles seem only appropriate as we inch closer to a seemingly sci-fi-based reality with neuralink, ChatGPT and quantum computing. Remarkably, this development, unlike the catastrophic undertones of ChatGPT, is a positive one that can only improve medicine. This start-up is aiming at disrupting modern health care treatments with the intent of providing superior curative care to cancer patients.

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NBCUniversal owns and operates over 20 different businesses across 30 countries including a valuable portfolio of news and entertainment television networks, a premier motion picture company, significant television production operations, a leading television stations group, world-renowned theme parks and a premium ad-supported streaming service. Here you can be your authentic self. As a company uniquely positioned to educate, entertain and empower through our platforms, Comcast NBCUniversal stands for including everyone. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives, coupled with our Corporate Social Responsibility work, is informed by our employees, audiences, park guests and the communities in which we live. We strive to foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture where our employees feel supported, embraced and heard.

Senior Data Engineer at MediaLab - Argentina


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