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Apple Music Sing is here to fulfill all your karaoke needs


Are you ready to hear yourself sing your favorite songs? Tens of millions of songs will be available to sing along to at launch later this month, along with 50 curated playlists. It will be in beta soon and rolled out later this month to all customers. With "vocal control," users will be able to isolate the vocals and adjust the volume. Whether you want to be drowned out by the original singer or you want to sing along to a karaoke version of the song, Sing has you covered.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence?


It's really important to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence before it gets out of hand because this technology is improving and evolving at such a pace. As a computer science field, AI focuses on developing software and machines that mimic human thinking. Some artificial intelligence systems can analyze large amounts of data to learn from the past and enhance their performance without the input of programmers. AI is now widespread in both business and daily life. People interact with AI-powered virtual assistants or software daily to enhance their lives.

December Edition: 2022 Highlights


We kicked off 2022 with a wonderful post from a fifth grader, Isabella, who (via her father, Rod Fuentes) wrote up a report of her science fair project on optimizing garbage routes in order to reduce litter in her city using computer vision. The final product was a heat map to be offered up to city council for implementation. I particularly loved the way Isabella combined her love for our planet and coding to improve her space, and I especially enjoy reading posts from our young authors. I always appreciate posts that touch on the more ethical aspects of data science, and Aisulu Omar did a wonderful job of shedding light on the importance of representation within data itself, the workplace, and how the two are connected. Addressing systemic biases within data science is so important and this thorough write-up was very effective in breaking down what one needs to know.

Artificial Intelligence: A Reality Check - AnalyticsWeek


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new black, the shiny new object, the answer to every marketer's prayers, and the end of creativity. The recent emergence of AI from the arcane halls of academia and the backrooms of data science has been prompted by stories of drones, robots and driverless cars undertaken by tech giants like Amazon. But the hype exceeds the day-to-day reality. AI has a fifty-year history of mathematical and computer science development, experimentation and thought. What makes it exciting is the confluence of large data sets, improved platforms and software, faster and more robust processing capabilities and a growing cadre of data scientists eager to exploit a wider range of applications.

How to Test PySpark ETL Data Pipeline


Garbage in garbage out is a common expression used to emphasize the importance of data quality for tasks such as machine learning, data analytics and business intelligence. With increasing amount of data being created and stored, building high quality data pipelines have never been more challenging. PySpark is a commonly used tool to build ETL pipelines for large datasets. A common question that arises while building data pipeline is "How do we know that our data pipeline is transforming the data in the way that is intended?". To answer this question, we borrow the idea of unit test from the software development paradigm.

Software company hopes to fill job openings using "digital people" - CBS Boston


A software company is hoping to fill job openings using artificial intelligence. "Our mission in life is to really think about how we change the way people can connect in an increasingly digital world," said CEO and co-founder of Soul Machines Greg Cross. He hopes artificial intelligence could help fill in the gaps for all kinds of businesses. "Machines we're creating can improve our lives," Cross said. Cross is already rolling out digital creations for positions that are in critical need, like nurses, teachers, and other helper roles.

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 286

Al Jazeera

A third Russian airfield is ablaze from a drone attack, a day after Ukraine demonstrated an apparent new ability to penetrate hundreds of kilometres deep into Russian airspace with attacks on two Russian air bases. A drone struck an airfield in the Russian region of Kursk bordering Ukraine, setting fire to an oil storage tank. Russia said three of its military personnel were killed in what it said were Ukrainian drone attacks on two Russian air bases hundreds of kilometres from the frontlines in Ukraine. Kyiv did not directly claim responsibility. Ukraine's military intelligence chief said Russia had enough high-precision missiles to conduct several more big air raids on Ukraine before it runs out of stock.

Robo Truckers and the AI-Fueled Future of Transport


Economists and policymakers are becoming increasingly concerned about the effects of automation and artificial intelligence on employment--including whether some kinds of jobs will cease to exist at all. Trucking is often thought to be one of the first industries at substantial risk. The work is difficult, unsafe, and often deadly and high rates of driver turnover are a constant problem in the industry. As a result, autonomous trucks have become a site of tremendous technical innovation and investment--and some forecasters project that truck driving will be one of the first major industries to be targeted by AI-driven automation. If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission.

What is a neural network? - Maedebastami - Medium


A neural network is a method in artificial intelligence that teaches computers to process data in a way that is inspired by the human brain. It is a type of machine learning process, called deep learning, that uses interconnected nodes or neurons in a layered structure that resembles the human brain. It creates an adaptive system that computers use to learn from their mistakes and improve continuously. Thus, artificial neural networks attempt to solve complicated problems, like summarizing documents or recognizing faces, with greater accuracy.

How Amazon Robotics researchers are solving a "beautiful problem" - Amazon Science


The rate of innovation in machine learning is simply off the chart -- what is possible today was barely on the drawing board even a handful of years ago. At Amazon, this has manifested in a robotic system that can not only identify potential space in a cluttered storage bin, but also sensitively manipulate that bin's contents to create that space before successfully placing additional items inside -- a result that, until recently, was impossible. This journey starts when a product arrives at an Amazon fulfillment center (FC). The first order of business is to make it available to customers by adding it to the FC's available inventory. In practice, this means picking it up and stowing it in a storage pod.