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Google Trial Spills Details on Search Engine's Deals With Apple, Samsung WSJD - Technology

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Would you roleplay with a chatbot? Bizarre AI bot can send you sexts and erotic voice notes - and they're eerily realistic

Daily Mail - Science & tech

From ChatGPT to virtual girlfriends, a range of weird and wonderful chatbots have emerged in recent months amid the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI). But the latest AI-powered app is arguably the most bizarre yet. Users of the erotic audio platform, BLOOM, can now send and receive sexts and voice notes from their favourite characters, with the launch of AI'roleplaying' chatbots. The move, which its creators say will set a'new, realistic standard for pleasure' will let BLOOM's nearly half a million users directly chat with characters from erotica and receive voice messages in the characters' voices. The AI model powering these chatbots has been trained to ensure they stay true to the style and personality of the audio-story characters, so, whether you're chatting with Rob the charming ranch hand or having a late-night conversation with'strict German Professor Roman', the AI ensures the bot never breaks character.

Copyright board delivers blow to 'Terminator' tech over photo protections

FOX News

Allen explained that he "input numerous revisions and text prompts at least 624 times to arrive at the initial version of the image," which created an initial version of the image that Allen edited with Photoshop.

New AI poll reveals elites are way out of step with the rest of us

FOX News

Kara Frederick, tech director at the Heritage Foundation, discusses the need for regulations on artificial intelligence as lawmakers and tech titans discuss the potential risks. Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping up to be yet another public policy issue where elites are out of step with the public. In Silicon Valley, Congress and the Biden administration, leaders are buzzing about AI. For those in the Valley, killer robots with lasers for eyes dominate the conversation. The Beltway, in contrast, is spending a lot of political capital to deal with bias in algorithms. And yet, the general public isn't primarily worried about either machines gaining control or about algorithms being biased.

Get lifetime access to this DALL-E AI image generator for under £50


TL;DR: A lifetime license to the DALL-E AI Image Generator and WordPress Plugin is on sale for £47.68, saving you 80% on list price. Artificial intelligence is having its moment. Companies worldwide are figuring out how to use this tool to their advantage. From marketing to customer service, finance, and beyond, it seems every corner of the globe is immersed in AI. And while most of us have heard of ChatGPT, DALL-E from OpenAI is the image counterpart to its famous writing AI tool.

Kickstart a lucrative career in coding with the best free Python courses


TL;DR: As of Sept. 26, you can take a wide range of Python programming courses for free on Udemy. Voucher codes are one of those things that can potentially save you a lot of money, but often let you down. It's common to apply a voucher code and expect a massive discount, only to be met with an error message. We hope that's not the case this time around, because Udemy has dropped a bunch of voucher codes for Python programming courses. We have checked out everything on offer and lined up a selection of standout options.

Audio erotica app Bloom debuts AI roleplay chatbots


Audio erotica platform Bloom launches its AI-powered "roleplaying" chatbots today. Unlike other bots like ChatGPT that prohibit sexual conversation, Bloom's chatbots encourages it, and will get as X-rated as you'd like. Formerly Audiodesires, Bloom launched in 2020 and now has a library of over 800 original stories in English, Spanish, and German, and boasts 500,000 users. On the app, you can enjoy scripted erotic stories featuring one or more voice actors; guided solo play and partner play tracks; affirmations; and sleep stories. Now, with AI, users can chat with a range of characters via personalized text messages and voice notes using the characters' original voices. Bloom Chat is available for free users to enjoy endless text messages.

Pennsylvania man accused of having sexual relationship with teen he met on Tinder: reports

FOX News

During an address Thursday, President Joe Biden claimed he taught "political theory" at the University of Pennsylvania. An Altoona, Pennsylvania man has been arrested after allegedly having a sexual relationship with a teenage girl he met on the popular dating app, Tinder, according to reports. An NBC station out of Johnstown-Altoona, Pennsylvania reported that state police spoke with the 14-year-old girl on Sept. 19. During the conversation, the girl reportedly told police she met Steven Ellis, 32, on Tinder after creating a profile that made her appear older. In court documents, police said they learned the teenager and Ellis sent each other explicit messages and photos.

Bahrain says 2 soldiers killed in Houthi drone attack on Saudi-Yemen border

Al Jazeera

Bahrain's military command has accused Yemen's Houthi fighters of killing two Bahraini soldiers in a drone attack on Saudi Arabia's southern border with Yemen. A number of Bahraini soldiers were also wounded in the attack, Bahrain's military said in a statement, which was carried by the official Bahrain News Agency on Monday. The exact number of soldiers wounded was not released. "This terrorist attack was carried out by the Houthis, who sent aircraft targeting the position of the Bahraini guards on the southern border of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia despite the halt of military operations between the warring sides in Yemen," the Bahraini military statement said. The island nation of Bahrain is a close ally of Saudi Arabia, which has been at war with Iran-aligned Houthi fighters in Yemen for several years.

ChatGPT can now answer out loud with five different synthesised voices when users talk to the AI chatbot

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Users can now talk out loud to the AI chatbot and it will answer back with its own synthesised voice. The feature is part of an upgrade to the mobile app and follows in the footsteps of voice assistants such as Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri. ChatGPT has been given five different voices – both male and female - that were trained on actors hired by OpenAI, the US company behind the technology. The firm claims they are far more realistic than rival voice assistants – and is looking at allowing users to create their own in the future. Spotify has announced it is trialling the technology to translate podcasts into other languages, with an AI-generated imitation of the original host's voice.