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Data alternatives for pretraining computer vision models


Not only did a classifier pre-trained on Task2Sim's fake images perform as well as a model trained on real ImageNet photos, it also outperformed a rival trained on images generated with random simulation parameters. Task2Sim even transferred its know-how to entirely new tasks, creating images to teach a classifier how to identify cactuses and hand-drawn numbers. "The more tasks you use during training, the more generalizable the model will be," Feris said. A related tool, SimVQA,2 also appearing at CVPR, generates synthetic text and images for training robot agents to reason about the visual world. In a typical visual-reasoning task, an agent might be asked to count the number of chairs at a table or identify the color of a bouquet of flowers.

UZH: Data Science Consultant Specialized in Machine Learning


Within the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) Evolving Language, which involves nearly 40 different research groups from a large variety of disciplines across Switzerland, and the University of Zurich Technology Platform LiRI (Linguistic Research Infrastructure), we seek to hire an expert in machine learning. The successful candidate will join our small Team of Data Scientists and contribute to our mission of delivering state-of-the-art machine learning solutions and workflows. The position is initially limited for a period of one year with the possibility of extension and a permanent contract. The successful candidate will join a data science task force at the NCCR's headquarters in Zurich in co-affiliation with the University of Zurich's Technology Platform LiRI (Linguistic Research Infrastructure).

How Automation is Impacting the Insurance Space -


There's no denying that automation is a long-term goal for many industries. To automate a business is to transform it for the better, and there are so many different ways to achieve such a goal, particularly with AI (artificial intelligence). Even startup owners are looking toward automation sooner rather than later, as automation can help businesses scale without growing pains. That said, what about the world of insurance? While automation affects every aspect of the business sector, it's understandable to be confused about how it might impact the insurance space.

Boston Dynamics CEO says a robot workforce is nothing to fear


The CEO of Boston Dynamics says more warehouse operators are considering a robot workforce after COVID-19 exposed health vulnerabilities at logistics hubs. His comments come as Amazon (AMZN) warns it could run out of workers by 2024. “They have almost 100 per cent turn-over in logistics jobs like picking and packing boxes,” Robert Playter told Yahoo Finance Canada at the Collision tech conference in Toronto. “We’ve definitely seen [with] our industrial or warehouse customers [that] interest in robotics has only increased during the pandemic.” Boston Dynamics has shown its “Stretch” robot is smart enough to react to a stack of boxes suddenly falling over, and clean up the mess. The company plans to release a new robot every three-to-five years aimed at mastering a new workplace task. But Playter says the key is Boston Dynamics looks for the sweet spot between what the labour market needs, and what its robots are capable of doing. “The next robot, which we hope will come out in a few years, will probably be pushing in the direction of more dexterous manipulation tasks, perhaps in a manufacturing environment,” he said. Late last year, the Hyundai Motor Company (HYMTF) acquired an 80 per cent stake. Playter says the new majority owner will help commercialize its robots with its expertise in large-scale manufacturing. “They're going to help us create these things more efficiently, and lower the cost,'' he said. “By the end of this year, we'll have about 1,000 robots out with customers. So we're seeing strong interest.” Asked if robots will push human labour out of warehouses, he said, “I think a lot of the manual work will be done by robots. But robots aren't as smart as people yet, and you have to deal with unexpected circumstances.” Playter says he envisions an “up-skilling path” for workers to become robot operators. “The robot, its intelligence, handles a lot of the complexities. You just give it very high-level commands about what to do, sort of point it in a direction, or lay down a route. And it will autonomously do that work on its own,” he said. “It won’t take a college degree to operate them.” Jeff Lagerquist is a senior reporter at Yahoo Finance Canada. Follow him on Twitter @jefflagerquist. Download the Yahoo Finance app, available for Apple and Android.

19th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC), Heraklion 2022


The ESWC is a major venue for discussing the latest scientific results and technology innovations around semantic technologies including in knowledge graphs, web data, linked data and the semantic web. The goal of the Semantic Web is to create a Web of knowledge and services in which the semantics of content is made explicit and content is linked to both other content and services allowing novel applications to combine content from heterogeneous sites in unforeseen ways and support enhanced matching between users needs and content. This network of knowledge-based functionality weaves together a large network of human knowledge, and make this knowledge machine-processable to support intelligent behaviour by machines. Creating such an interlinked Web of knowledge which spans unstructured text, structured data as well as multimedia content and services requires the collaboration of many disciplines, including but not limited to: Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Databases and Information Systems, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Multimedia, Distributed Systems, Social Networks, Web Engineering, and Web Science. For more information about the event please visit the ESWC 2022 website.

Pinaki Laskar on LinkedIn: If intelligence is not knowledge, then How would we know if there


AI Researcher, Cognitive Technologist Inventor - AI Thinking, Think Chain Innovator - AIOT, XAI, Autonomous Cars, IIOT Founder Fisheyebox Spatial Computing Savant, Transformative Leader, Industry X.0 Practitioner If intelligence is not knowledge, then How would we know if there was AI? Knowledge is the product of Intelligence Process, as learning, reasoning, thinking, or deciding. Any intelligent being, be it biological, non-biological or alien, follows its world interaction rules: Data Input, Symbol, Signal, Stimulus (Data Processing Mechanisms, Programming, Tools, Apparatus, Sensory Organs, Data Transformation, Coding, Compilation, Quantitation); Knowledge, Information, Facts, Concepts, Rules, Algorithms, Laws, Theories, Models (Model Building Mechanisms, Tools); Data Output, Decision, Recommendation, Prediction, Action, and Behavior (data processing system as a combination of machines, people, and processes); So, Knowledge is facts and concepts, theories and models, information and skills acquired through experience or education by means of intelligence process; the theoretical or practical understanding of the world or its domains. Knowledge is what a person or machine has acquired through Intelligence, and Intelligence is the power/ability/capacity to apply knowledge. The Greek word tecnh (pronounced techne) describes art and skill in making things. When we made our earliest stone tools a couple of million years ago, our brains were small and weak.

Smarter, Better, Faster: Using Machine Learning to Review Emotes


About the Author:� I�m Linda and I�m an applied scientist working on safety related problems, like spam and abuse in chat. This is how I built an image classification model to help our internal safety specialists to review custom emotes. If you are interested in working on safety related problems, feel free to reach out to @lindarrrliu Emotes are an indispensable part of the Twitch experience. They�re the (unofficial) official language of Twitch because they pack a ton of meaning and...

Greatest EA Play Video games on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Sequence S/X - Channel969


The EA Play recreation subscription service brings collectively a few of the most famous titles revealed by Digital Arts below one roof. And it begins at solely Rs. 315 monthly in India. However in case you're already subscribed to Xbox Recreation Move Final, you possibly can take pleasure in content material from EA Play for no extra value. However the record of video games could be a bit overwhelming, contemplating it has a plethora of titles starting from basic first-person shooters resembling Battlefield and Crysis, to co-op masterpieces resembling It Takes Two. EA Play additionally brings alongside remastered variations of racing video video games resembling Burnout Paradise and Want for Velocity Sizzling Pursuit.

A.I. Has Helped Humans Know the Family Tree of the Milky Way


Kindly give this article a like or a comment, so I know that you are still reading. I'm a big believer in A.I.'s ability to enable human civilization to become a multi-planetary species. I think artificial intelligence will be critical in enabling us to make this jump in the brief window afforded to us by time and history since the risks of human extinction will become greater in the decades and centuries ahead. I'm always searching and on the hunt for big stories in how A.I. is shaping our understanding of the world and in terms of business innovation. Sometimes however you have to look up.

Artificial Intelligence in the 4th Industrial Revolution


Artificial intelligence is providing disruptive changes in the 4th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) by increasing interconnectivity and smart automation. Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the way companies manufacture, improve and distribute their products. Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. It allows computers to think and behave like humans, but at much faster speeds and with much more processing power than the human brain can produce. AI offers advantages of new and innovative services, and the potential to improve scale, speed and accuracy.