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Senior Scientist, Computational Biology at Flagship Pioneering, Inc. - Cambridge


Flagship Pioneering has conceived of and created companies such as Moderna Therapeutics (NASDAQ: MRNA), Editas Medicine (NASDAQ: EDIT), Omega Therapeutics (NASDAQ: OMGA), Seres Therapeutics (NASDAQ: MCRB), and Indigo Agriculture. Since its launch in 2000, Flagship has applied its unique hypothesis-driven innovation process to originate and foster more than 100 scientific ventures. In 2021, Flagship Pioneering was ranked 12th globally on Fortune's "Change the World" list, an annual ranking of companies that have made a positive social and environmental impact through activities that are part of their core business strategies. Alltrna is the world's first tRNA platform company to decipher tRNA biology and pioneer tRNA therapeutics to treat thousands of diseases. Alltrna unlocks tRNA biology to correct disease.

Data Management Intern at SOPHiA GENETICS - Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France


Be part of our mission to disrupt the healthcare and democratize the data driven medicine! SOPHiA GENETICS is looking for a Data Management Intern to join the Clinical Operations (ClinOps) Team to support activities related to multimodal projects leveraging on the aggregation of clinical, biological, imaging and genomics data. Combining high-quality data for each individual to generate multimodal insights, SOPHiA GENETICS harnesses the power of advanced AI and machine learning models. You will gain and benefit from experience in clinical study management across a wide range of trainings and activities involvement (regulatory, data management, biostatistics, legal, quality, finance, etc). You will be joining an organisation with the patient at the heart of every decision and action, driven by purpose as we drive exponential growth.

Data Scientist/Data & Analytics Specialist to CX&Sales at H&M Group - Stockholm, Sweden


Do you want to explore and develop statistical and mathematical methods to enable data-driven insights on how to capitalize on space in store to drive comparable growth net selling? Then this might be the role for YOU! The Data & Analytics Specialist within Retail Space Planning & Analytics will be the key enabler to explore and develop new robust methods in order to get new and more accurate insights on consumer demand and space in stores. In addition to this, this person will interact and influence the analytical community within H&M to explore and enable new data areas to realize even more business potential. If you feel that your experience, skills and ambitions are right for this role, apply by submitting your CV.

Data Engineer at ServiceNow - Hyderabad, India


At ServiceNow, our technology makes the world work for everyone, and our people make it possible. We move fast because the world can't wait, and we innovate in ways no one else can for our customers and communities. By joining ServiceNow, you are part of an ambitious team of change makers who have a restless curiosity and a drive for ingenuity. We know that your best work happens when you live your best life and share your unique talents, so we do everything we can to make that possible. We dream big together, supporting each other to make our individual and collective dreams come true.

Data Analyst at Zensurance - Toronto, ON


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Chat GPT Playground: How to Use OpenAI Playground - AI Blog Zone


If you're having trouble with Chat GPT, OpenAI Playground has got you covered. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use OpenAI Playground, including their new speech-to-text feature. Once inside, select'Playground' from the top menu. One cool feature that OpenAI has, and is not available with Chat GPT, is the speech-to-text option. Click it and try it out now. Click'Start Recording' to say your prompt instead of typing it.

Google to release ChatGPT rival named Bard

The Japan Times

San Francisco/Paris – Google said on Monday that it will release a conversational chatbot named Bard, setting up an artificial intelligence showdown with Microsoft which has invested billions in the creators of ChatGPT, the hugely popular language app that convincingly mimics human writing. ChatGPT, created by San Francisco company OpenAI, has caused a sensation for its ability to write essays, poems or programming code on demand within seconds, sparking widespread fears of cheating or of entire professions becoming obsolete. Microsoft announced last month that it was backing OpenAI and has begun to integrate ChatGPT features into its Teams platform, with expectations that it will adapt the app to its Office suite and Bing search engine. This could be due to a conflict with your ad-blocking or security software. Please add and to your list of allowed sites.

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A model that could improve robots' ability to grasp objects


When completing missions and tasks in the real-world, robots should ideally be able to effectively grasp objects of various shapes and compositions. So far, however, most robots can only grasp specific types of objects. Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Peking University have recently developed a new machine learning model that could help to enhance the grasping abilities of robots. This model, presented in IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, is specifically designed to predict grasps for objects in a robot's surroundings, so that they can devise optimal strategies for grasping these objects. "In real-world applications, such as intelligent manufacturing, human-machine interaction and domestic services, robotic grasping is becoming more and more essential," Junzhi Yu, one of the researchers who carried out the study, told Tech Xplore. "Grasp detection, a critical step of robotic grasping, entails finding the best grasp for a target object.

Concerns mount as ChatGPT passes MBA exam given by Wharton professor


OpenAI's artificial intelligence chatbot has passed the final exam of an MBA programme designed for Pennsylvania's Wharton School, according to a new study. Professor Christian Terwiesch, who authored the study, noted that educators should be concerned that their students might be cheating on homework assignments and final exams using such AI chatbots. The yet-to-be peer-reviewed research found AI chatbot GPT-3 did an "amazing job at basic operations management and process analysis questions including those that are based on case studies". GPT-3 – an older version of the ChatGPT bot that has gained prominence – scored somewhere between a B- and B on the exam, according to Dr Terwiesch. The study noted that the AI displayed a "remarkable ability to automate some of the skills of highly compensated knowledge workers in general and specifically the knowledge workers in the jobs held by MBA graduates including analysts, managers and consultants".