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What is the best ai chatbot?. Conversational AI, which is a mix of…


Conversational AI, which is a mix of Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), lets AI bots understand what people are saying and respond to them (NLP). They use data to imitate how people talk to each other and translate the meaning of text inputs from one language to another. NLP depends on Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generation (NLG). Chatbots that use artificial intelligence are able to solve 87% of customer problems Here's how an online AI chatbot uses technology to answer questions in seconds: Computers that learn: Figure out the right thing to do. Tidio gives you an AI chatbot that can have conversations and uses deep learning to help you improve your customer service and make more sales.

Lensa AI app's Ts and Cs allow it to 'distribute' your photos without 'any additional compensation'

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Have you seen a picture of one of your friend's on social media recently where they look like a fairytale character or Renaissance painting? They may have used Lensa AI - a new app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate a series of avatars using their selfies. While the'Magic Avatars' may look cool, there could be some hidden catches in the app's terms and conditions that unsuspecting users accepted without thinking. After uploading the selfies to the app, Lensa AI gets permission to'use' and'distribute' them indefinitely - and without'any additional compensation'. While the Lensa AI'Magic Avatars' may look cool, there could be some hidden catches in the app's terms and conditions, that unsuspecting users accepted without thinking.

Kremlin Sees 'Risk' Of Ukraine Attacks On Crimea

International Business Times

The Kremlin said Thursday that the Moscow-annexed Crimean Peninsula was vulnerable to Ukrainian attacks after officials said they had shot down a drone near a key naval base. The latest drone attack comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin recently visited the only bridge connecting Crimea with the Russian mainland to survey work to repair the key artery damaged in a blast Moscow blamed on Kiyv. "There are certainly risks because the Ukrainian side continues its policy of organising terrorist attacks. But, on the other hand, information we get indicates that effective countermeasures are being taken," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. The Moscow-appointed governor of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov said last month that Russia was strengthening fortifications on the peninsula in the wake of recent attacks.

How These AI-Powered Chatbots Keep Getting Better


Artificial intelligence is advancing faster than ever, with a new crop of generative AI programs that are creating art, videos, humor, fake news, and plenty of controversy. The technologies powering this latest slate of tools have been in the works for years, but the public release of these programs--particularly a new chatbot enabled by OpenAI's GPT system--represents a big step forward for machine intelligence. Same with the image-generating app Lensa, which creates painterly selfies that have captured the public's imagination. Now, engineers are asking chat programs for coding help, students are using AI to generate book reports instantly, and researchers are testing the tools' ethical boundaries. It's all gotten very weird, but AI is about to get bigger and even weirder still.

Amazon's new warehouse robot can handle individual products - The Verge


Amazon has focused heavily on robotization as reports about the work safety conditions in its warehouses continue to paint an unsettling picture and as the company faces a dwindling pool of workers. A leaked memo from earlier this year warned that Amazon may be rapidly running out of people to hire in some locations. In June, the company announced a new set of robots, including the fully autonomous Proteus, which is designed to move large shelves of products around the warehouse, and Cardinal, a robotic arm for picking up and moving packages that weigh up to 50 pounds.

Interpretable machine learning on metabolomics data reveals biomarkers for Parkinson's disease


The use of machine learning (ML) with metabolomics provides opportunities for the early diagnosis of disease. However, the accuracy and extent of information obtained from ML and metabolomics can be limited owing to challenges associated with interpreting disease prediction models and analysing many chemical features with abundances that are correlated and'noisy'. Here, we report an interpretable neural network (NN) framework to accurately predict disease and identify significant biomarkers using whole metabolomics datasets without feature selection. The performance of the NN approach for predicting Parkinson's disease (PD) from blood plasma metabolomics data was significantly higher than classical ML methods with a mean area under the curve of 0.995. PD-specific markers that contribute significantly to early disease prediction were identified including an exogenous polyfluoroalkyl substance. It is anticipated that this accurate and interpretable NN-based approach can improve diagnostic performance for many other diseases using metabolomics and other untargeted'omics methods.

SAIL: This changes everything • Buttondown


There have been a three points in my life where I have felt something like "this is something changes everything". The first was during an interaction with a Commodore Pet computer, loading a mine sweeper-type of game. Having a device that allowed users to change what it did and "executed" with simple commands was stunning. It felt like a writable and create-able world, at the hands of each individual. The second moment was in early 2000 as digital networks gave individuals the ability to effortlessly share their thoughts, reflections, and creations with the world through web 2.0/social media - anyone creating and anyone sharing.

You Will Lose Your Voice: Rupal Patel Can Preserve It


I have a voicemail message of a woman who helped watch over my kids when they were growing up – like a guardian angel. You know, the kind of person who becomes a member of the family. She was the one who would sort of spy on my nannies and stuff. And she passed a few years ago. I can't and I will never erase that voicemail.

San Francisco will allow police to deploy robots that kill


Supervisors in San Francisco voted Tuesday to give city police the ability to use potentially lethal, remote-controlled robots in emergency situations -- following an emotionally charged debate that reflected divisions on the politically liberal board over support for law enforcement. The vote was 8-3, with the majority agreeing to grant police the option despite strong objections from civil liberties and other police oversight groups. Opponents said the authority would lead to the further militarization of a police force already too aggressive with poor and minority communities. Supervisor Connie Chan, a member of the committee that forwarded the proposal to the full board, said she understood concerns over use of force but that "according to state law, we are required to approve the use of these equipments. So here we are, and it's definitely not a easy discussion."

5G-Advanced Will Build More Capabilities and Intelligence in Wireless Networks


Since 3G, the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) has standardized features and specifications for wireless cellular networks around the world. "5G-Advanced enhancements will unleash a diversity of new capabilities for fixed/mobile broadband as well as vertical industries powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and full duplex technologies based on a single platform. Chris Pearson, President of 5G Americas said, "The work done by 3GPP in Release 17 improved 5G New Radio (NR) by adding support for new services, reduced-capability user equipment, non-terrestrial networks, frequency bands beyond 52GHz, and the multicast and broadcast service (MBS). He further added, "The next few years will see initial work on Release18, the 5G-Advanced standard, which will offer a boost to network performance and create even more opportunities." This 5G Americas paper provides a detailed background on 3GPP's work leading into 2025, focusing on the organization's processes, a review of major enhancements and new vertical applications, an assessment of global market trends and use cases, and a developmental timeline for currently active 3GPP releases. It also covers radio access technologies, highlighting 22 new and enhanced RAN features and capabilities.