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I no longer program, I build. ChatGPT + Bing Chat+ Trading Platform


"It appears to me virtually certain that many big changes fueled by artificial intelligence working with human intelligence will lead to shocking advances in many areas over the next 10 years (in fact over the next three years)." It seems like every time we turn around, there's a new gadget or app that's changing the way we live our lives. But did you know that this is just the beginning of a much bigger trend that's happening all around us? That's what Ray Kurzweil's concept of the Exponential Cycle is all about. It might sound a bit scary at first, but trust me, it's actually pretty exciting. The Exponential Cycle is all about how technological progress is not linear but exponential.

Vision-based techniques for automatic marine plankton classification - Artificial Intelligence Review


Plankton are an important component of life on Earth. Since the 19th century, scientists have attempted to quantify species distributions using many techniques, such as direct counting, sizing, and classification with microscopes. Since then, extraordinary work has been performed regarding the development of plankton imaging systems, producing a massive backlog of images that await classification. Automatic image processing and classification approaches are opening new avenues for avoiding time-consuming manual procedures. While some algorithms have been adapted from many other applications for use with plankton, other exciting techniques have been developed exclusively for this issue.

Will a robot take YOUR job? Interactive tool reveals the risk you'll be replaced by a machine

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The idea of a robot taking your job may sound like the plot from the latest episode of Black Mirror. But experts predict it could soon become a reality for many people in the future. Researchers from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne recently developed an interactive tool that reveals which jobs are most and least likely to be taken by robots. Their findings suggest that meat packers, cleaners and builders face the highest risk of being replaced by machines, while teachers, lawyers and physicists are safe for now. So how safe is your job?

Debate: How to stop our cities from being turned into AI jungles


As artificial intelligence grows more ubiquitous, its potential and the challenges it presents are coming increasingly into focus. How we balance the risks and opportunities is shaping up as one of the defining questions of our era. In much the same way that cities have emerged as hubs of innovation in culture, politics, and commerce, so they are defining the frontiers of AI governance. Some examples of how cities have been taking the lead include the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights, the Montreal Declaration for Responsible AI, and the Open Dialogue on AI Ethics. Others can be found in San Francisco's ban of facial-recognition technology, and New York City's push for regulating the sale of automated hiring systems and creation of an algorithms management and policy officer.

Council Post: Can AI Replace Human Curiosity?


Artificial intelligence (AI) is an excellent and rapidly growing field that involves the development of algorithms and systems that continuously tend to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. AI systems can process vast amounts of data, identify patterns, make predictions and automate repetitive tasks. Recent years have seen a rapid advancement in AI capabilities, resulting in its adoption across various manufacturing and finance industries. Despite the impressive capabilities of AI, it is essential to recognize that it still has limitations. While AI systems can process vast amounts of data and make predictions, they need more independent thought and creativity, often essential for scientific exploration and discovery.

Uncovering the Power and Limitations of the TanH Activation Function in Neural Networks


The TanH activation function is a commonly used activation function in neural networks. Similar to the Sigmoid function, the TanH function is particularly useful for binary classification tasks. In this post, we'll be exploring the power and limitations of using the TanH activation function in neural networks. We'll look at its unique properties, advantages, and disadvantages, and discuss some use cases where the TanH function is particularly effective. One of the main advantages of using the TanH function is that it's a zero-centered function.

What is Machine learning Bias and Where Can We See It?


We are moving towards a tech-driven future. Artificial intelligence is becoming more prevalent in everyday life. Concern about machine learning bias is growing as machine learning and artificial intelligence become more mainstream. This topic is important because CompreFace, our face recognition software, is improving. This is similar to other facial recognition systems.



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How AI Chatbots Are Helping Some People Have Hard Conversations - The New York Times


Unlike turning to friends or even professionals for help, the bot, said Mr. Mitchem, gives what feels like objective advice. "The bot is giving me responses based on analysis and data, not human emotions," he said. ChatGPT, the new virtual tool powered by Open AI, sources its information from a wide range of online material including books, news articles, scientific journals, websites and even message boards, allowing users to have humanlike conversions with a chat bot. "It's giving you what the collective hive mind on the internet would say," said Irina Raicu, who directs the internet ethics program at Santa Clara University. A new crop of chatbots powered by artificial intelligence has ignited a scramble to determine whether the technology could upend the economics of the internet, turning today's powerhouses into has-beens and creating the industry's next giants.