Collaborating Authors

Junior Data Analyst - Dailymotion Advertising (All Genders) at Dailymotion - Paris, France


Dailymotion is the leading video discovery destination & technology that learns about your tastes over time, constantly surfacing the best, most relevant content on the web. Our mission is to provide the best video user experience for consumers on the market, connecting publishers and advertisers to engaged viewers who turn to Dailymotion for their daily fix of the most compelling music, entertainment, news, and sports content around. Through partnerships with the world's leading publishers and content creators, France Télévisions, Le Parisien, CBS, Bein Sports, CNN, GQ, Universal Music Group, VICE and more, Dailymotion commands 3 billion monthly pageviews across its mobile app, desktop and connected TV experiences. Dailymotion is owned by Vivendi, one of the largest mass-media corporations in the world. We build the best place for people to enjoy the videos that matter.

Machine Learning Engineer - Vungle Exchange at Liftoff - United States (Remote)


Liftoff is the leading growth acceleration platform for the mobile industry, helping advertisers, publishers, game developers and DSPs scale revenue growth with solutions to market and monetize mobile apps. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Redwood City, CA, Liftoff has a diverse, global presence. Looking for an engineer to build machine learning models with our data science team. Liftoff is committed to providing and maintaining a work environment where all employees and candidates are treated with dignity and respect and that is free of bias, prejudice, and harassment. Liftoff is further committed to providing an equal employment opportunity for all employees and candidates for employment free from discrimination and harassment on the basis of sex, gender (including sexual harassment, gender harassment, and harassment due to pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and related conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, gender nonconformity, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, ancestry (including association, affiliation, or participation with persons or activities related to national origin, English-proficiency or accent, or immigration status), physical or mental disability, medical condition(s), genetic information of an individual or family member of the individual, marital or domestic partner status, age, veteran or military status, family care status, requesting or taking pregnancy, parental or disability leave, requesting an accommodation, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law, regulation, or ordinance.

Senior Clinical Data Manager - Remote at Precision for Medicine - Montreal, Quebec, Canada


As a member of our thriving team, you have the opportunity to work alongside clinical research colleagues who understand the patients' mindset and their disease experiences. We help translate science into success for trials with a strategic and targeted, patient-centric approach. We are specialists who find solutions for novel trial challenges in our detailed approach throughout every study phase. From the beginning, we have nurtured an employee-centric company culture that focuses on patients' needs. Precision's team-focused culture ensures that team members will thrive and learn.

Machine Learning Platform Lead at Liftoff - United States (Remote)


Liftoff is the leading growth acceleration platform for the mobile industry, helping advertisers, publishers, game developers and DSPs scale revenue growth with solutions to market and monetize mobile apps. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Redwood City, CA, Liftoff has a diverse, global presence. With our success over the past 10 years, we are ready to move beyond our current technologies and build the next generation ML Platform to align with our current business needs as we continue to grow. Currently using a custom setup, we handle 1.5 billion ML inferences per second, every day. We are now building a new ML platform to support neural networking in order to increase the intelligence of our models.

Digital Transformation Using the Power of Artificial Intelligence


The phrases artificial intelligence and digital transformation are interlinked in today's tech world. Even if businesses only mention one, they will almost certainly be talking about both simultaneously. In short, AI now powers the next stage of digital transformation activities and software and will continue to do so, opening up new opportunities and enabling advancements that were previously impractical. When discussing artificial intelligence (AI) in engineering and manufacturing, we frequently speak to Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), created to carry out particular tasks using predetermined inputs. ANI aims to use sophisticated algorithms to carry out predefined tasks, such as CAD applications, rather than mimic human thought.

The AI Hype Cycle: What Blockchain Can Teach Us About Managing Expectations - Grit Daily News


Technology can be a topic difficult to understand and make predictions on, even for those with a strong technical background and perceived expertise. From Ethernet's creator Robert Metcalfe's 1995 prediction that the internet would "catastrophically collapse" by the next year to Intel's prediction that 3D TV was the future, it is clear that predicting tech trends is a difficult endeavor. No matter how hard predicting the future of technology is, every new technology that creates disruption will go through this cycle. Most recently, we have gone through multiple hype cycles with innovations like blockchain, cryptocurrency, the metaverse, VR, and now, AI. Every single of these technologies has captivated not only the public but also developers and investors, blurring the line between facts and fiction.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership Develops Machine Vision Solution for Autonomous Vehicles


Aston University has completed a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Coventry-based global transport technology firm Aurrigo, resulting in a sophisticated machine vision solution making its autonomous vehicles more capable. A KTP is a UK-wide program that helps businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills. This project has led to Aurrigo's driverless vehicles being able to see and recognize objects in greater detail, resulting in improved performance across a wider spectrum of operational domains. Previously the company's driverless vehicles were only capable of detecting that there was an object in their path and not the type of object. The project team leveraged computer vision systems, coupled with machine learning and artificial intelligence, to differentiate between objects of interest.

ChatGPT is not the end of written integrity - The Georgetown Voice


When the first capable version of ChatGPT was released in November 2022, professors across the internet bemoaned the death of the undergraduate essay as a method to assess students. The Atlantic called the moment a "textpocalypse" and a writer from The New York Times said he was "deeply unsettled" following a conversation with Bing's integrated AI chatbot. ChatGPT, unlike earlier chatbots, has the capacity to generate coherent, long-form writing. ChatGPT has upended what it means to write. But, upon further analysis, it may not be the game-changer for writing or other industries that the world initially envisioned.

ChatGPT plugins: How to get access


In an announcement on Thursday(Opens in a new tab), OpenAI told the world that ChatGPT will soon have "eyes and ears." Plugins are about to be rolled out, and with them will come a radical expansion of ChatGPT's capabilities. OpenAI will soon have proprietary plugins, and there will also be third-party plugins. If this doesn't sound exciting, here's an example: ChatGPT sucks at math because its brain is just a language model. If there were a calculator plugin, it wouldn't have to suck at math anymore.