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Driving business opportunities at the Edge - TechHQ


Edge computing presents organizations with a significant leap in business opportunity. Much has been written about the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT), but it is now clear that these benefits can only be truly realized with Edge computing. Limiting your organization to only adopting central cloud computing simply won't support your future IoT needs. Today, every organization needs to be a digital organization, powered by data, running in a multi-cloud world. Recognizing that multi-cloud actually begins at the point of data creation – the Edge – the value in the future is in combining Edge computing with IoT.

Boolean Algebra with Julia (oops Should be bitwise operators)


Note: This blog should have been named bitwise operator, but yes will correct it after some time. Renaming it now will break the link and will leave many with a a 404 page. Okay, today let's look at Boolean algebra with Julia. In Julia, something true is represented by a constant true and something false is represented by a constant false. These two things are inbuilt in Julia and you can't keep a variable like true 1, Julia will throw an error.

Why Children Need To Learn About Artificial Intelligence - DLTK.AI


The age of artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived, changing the world around us in exciting and unpredictable ways. We are getting accustomed to AI and our children will be highly dependent on it. AI helps bring about new careers, discover new drugs, augment our senses, and influence both our interaction with the world and our understanding of it. One day, it may help us eradicate war, disease, and poverty. Unfortunately, we cannot fully predict the effects of AI on society.

Micron Technology hiring Intern - Artificial Intelligence Solutions Engineer in San Jose, California, United States


Micron's vision is to transform how the world uses information to enrich life for all. Join an inclusive team focused on one thing: using our expertise in the relentless pursuit of innovation for customers and partners. The solutions we create help make everything from virtual reality experiences to breakthroughs in neural networks possible. We do it all while committing to integrity, sustainability, and giving back to our communities. Because doing so can spark the very innovation we are pursuing.

Keeping Up with Deep Learning -- 26 Nov 2020


This is the second edition of my weekly update on deep learning. Every Thursday, I'll release a new batch of research papers, blog posts, Github repos, etc. that I liked over the past week. Links are provided for each featured project, so you can dive in and learn about whatever catches your eye. If you missed last week's edition, you can find it here. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Reinforcement Learning Explained Visually (Part 4): Q Learning, step-by-step


My goal throughout will be to understand not just how something works but why it works that way. If you haven't read the earlier articles, particularly the second and third ones, it would be a good idea to read them first, as this article builds on many of the concepts that we discussed there. Q-Learning is the most interesting of the Lookup-Table-based approaches which we discussed previously because it is what Deep Q Learning is based on. The Q-learning algorithm uses a Q-table of State-Action Values (also called Q-values). This Q-table has a row for each state and a column for each action. Each cell contains the estimated Q-value for the corresponding state-action pair. We start by initializing all the Q-values to zero. As the agent interacts with the environment and gets feedback, the algorithm iteratively improves these Q-values until they converge to the Optimal Q-values.

Kamua's AI-powered editor helps marketers embrace vertical video


A new AI-powered video-editing platform is preparing for launch, designed to help businesses, marketers, and creators automatically transform landscape-shot videos into a vertical format suitable for TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and all the rest. Founded out of London in 2019, Kamua wants to be aligned with tools such as Figma, a software design and prototyping tool for product managers who lack certain technical skills. For Kamua, the goal is democratizing the creative and technical processes in video editing. "Kamua makes it possible for non-editors to directly control how their videos look in any format, on any screen, in multiple durations and sizes, without the steep and long learning curves, hardware expense, and legacy workflows associated with editing software suites," Kamua CEO and cofounder Paul Robert Cary told VentureBeat. Kamua, which was available as an alpha release since last year before launching in invite-only beta back in September, is now preparing for a more extensive roll-out on December 1, when a limited free version will be made available for anyone without any formal application process.

How secure are your AI and machine learning projects?


When enterprises adopt new technology, security is often on the back burner. It can seem more important to get new products or services to customers and internal users as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost. Good security can be slow and expensive. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) offer all the same opportunities for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations as earlier technological advances, but they also have unique risks. As enterprises embark on major AI-powered digital transformations, those risks may become greater.

Amazon Black Friday deals: Echo, Kindle, Fire TV, and more


Here's a great lineup of gift ideas and resources to get you started. Black Friday is here, and we have rounded up the best deals on Amazon devices. Amazon has an ever-expanding list of devices. With tablets, smart speakers, streaming devices, and much more, it's bound to have something for everyone on your shopping list. As usual, most of the best prices on Amazon's devices can be found on Amazon's website.