Lo-fi sc-fi 'This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy' excels on a shoestring

Los Angeles Times

With an affection for nerd culture that is inversely proportional to its budget, this lo-fi sci-fi comedy is destined for laugh-filled late-night viewing. "This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy" pays homage to favorites like "Doctor Who" and "Battlestar Galactica" while looking like it cost less than a cosplay effort to make. Serious fan Jeffrey (Daniel Pujol) drags his friends Tom (cowriter and director Christian Nicolson) and Gavin (Lewis Roscoe) to a science-fiction convention. There, they get far more than their passes offer when they're sucked into an alternate universe that looks just like a black-and-white B movie set in space, where they're the heroes who have to fight intergalactic supervillain Lord Froth (Joseph Wycoff) alongside heroine Emmanor (Sez Niederer). Fans of the silliness of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" and "Galaxy Quest" will find that Nicolson and his co-writer Andrew Beszant are on their wavelength with this inventive New Zealand film.

3 Things About Machine Learning Every Marketer Needs to Know


We marketers love our data, but, let's face it … we probably only use a fraction of the data we collect. It's not that we don't want to use more of it. It would be fantastic, for example, to follow each and every customer around, to see everything they read, how long they read it for, where they clicked next. You might even want to drop a cookie on their computer and see all the other websites they went to. You could survey them, too, and send them personal messages on social media.

6 Types of Artificial Neural Networks Currently Being Used in Machine Learning


Artificial neural networks are computational models which work similar to the functioning of a human nervous system. There are several kinds of artificial neural networks. These type of networks are implemented based on the mathematical operations and a set of parameters required to determine the output. This neural network is one of the simplest form of ANN, where the data or the input travels in one direction. The data passes through the input nodes and exit on the output nodes.

Big Data Machine Learning Business Value – DM Radio


Visionary open-source advocate Usama Fayyad says there's so much low-hanging fruit for machine learning, that the value of practically any initiative would likely be "plus or minus a million" dollars. His point is that machine learning offers a wealth of opportunities for companies to harness big data. The key is always application: getting the job done, and ensuring it's aligned with important business initiatives. Find out how to do that by listening to this episode of DM Radio! Eric has more than 20 years of experience as a career journalist with a keen focus on enterprise technologies.

Fully Automated Detection and Quantification of Macular Fluid in OCT Using Deep Learning


OCT has profoundly disrupted conventional diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in clinical management and has led to paradigm shifts in the understanding of macular disease. Although OCT has continuously undergone hardware improvements since its inception,1x1Huang, D., Swanson, E.A., Lin, C.P. et al. The number of patients with macular disease requiring efficient disease management based on OCT in clinical practice continues to increase, similarly to the amount of image data produced by advanced OCT technology such as swept source. Therefore, the feasibility of manual OCT assessment in clinical practice has become largely unrealistic. Likewise, poor reproducibility between OCT assessors, even in a research setting, also has been reported.2x2Toth,

Artificial Intelligence Powered Banking


Banking business and technology leaders agree that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is among the key trends that will reshape the industry in 2017. Siri, Alexa, Google home) are gaining popularity among progressive banks. Financial Services is data intensive and therefore a great candidate for AI automation. AI technologies offers banks an opportunity to reinvent banking processes and gain unprecedented advantages. However, there is a lack of clear direction to banks on how should they approach this technology.

Google AutoML Turns Coders into Machine-Learning Masters


Google announced on Thursday the launch of its AutoML Vision, taking its AI easy approach one step ahead. The Cloud AutoML is a tool that will allow developers with limited machine learning (ML) expertise to train custom image recognition models, without having to write any code. Google's AutoML initiative was first announced at the company's I/O conference last year. The service, for now, is focused only at image recognition, however, Google plans to expand it to other services for all major fields of AI, i.e. speech, translation, video, natural language recognition. The Cloud AutoML allows anybody to train their model just by uploading their images, tagging them and then having Google's AutoML to develop a customer ML model.

New bills introduced by neural network


Between 2009 and 2017, approximately 18,458 unique bills were introduced to the legislature of Massachusetts (out of 33,201 total). I know this because Dru Tarr, a legislative aide at the Massachusetts House of Representatives, very kindly compiled the publicly available list of bills into a neural network-digestible format. A neural network is a kind of computer program I train to imitate human data, usually to humorous effect. It looks at examples and then learns to generate more like them (at least, that's the idea). So, I gave the neural network this set of bills.

The Future Computed: Artificial Intelligence and its role in society Entrepreneurship, Social Media and Digital Marketing


"For leaders to know exactly what attributes they need, they should attend seminars and workshops to hone their skills. Simply having the ability to lead does not happen to everyone, so learning to become a leader is important. Even a natural leader should be open to learning because that small step is a great leap forward to becoming a great leader and being successful in life."

Slack using AI to remedy message overload


To remedy the sometimes overwhelming influx of messages on its communication platform, Slack is using AI and ML to organize received messages by importance, reports MIT Technology Review. The live features include showing where and how often a topic is conversed. Once the AI system identifies those discussion details, employees can search for coworkers with the most expertise on the subject matter. Last year, the feature made searches 50% better. Developers used a "work graph" to examine the companies that use Slack and analyze "how the people within them are interrelated, where in the app their discussions are taking place and what topics are being discussed," according to the report.