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Mental Fatigue Is No Longer An Illusion Nor An Inflated Symptom Of Stress: Study

International Business Times

While it's obvious that humans are not mentally sharp when their brains are exhausted, it has not been long since we started noticing that mental exhaustion can make our physical performance suffer, too. However, this was often attributed to an illusion of the mind and an inflated symptom of mental exertion. Now a study has busted this myth, assuring all mentally tired souls that it's not all in their heads. Yes, mental fatigue is real. The study, published in the journal Current Biology on Aug. 11, found a build-up of potentially toxic material in the region of the brain called the prefrontal cortex after intense cognitive engagement for long hours.

Free, Open-Source AI Tool Repairs Old Photos Of Relatives Instantly -


You could be looking at a picture from 20 years ago and it'd still have its full color, since it's most likely stored digitally. Generative Facial Prior (GFP-GAN) is just one of numerous photo restoration tools that have made their way online, but it does the job remarkably and--even better--it's open-source and free for all to use. Created by researchers at the Tencent Applied Research Center, the app is able to bring definition to old, low-resolution photos of loved ones, removing their flaws and sharpening them to appear closer to portraits of today. All it takes is a simple upload, and the results are almost instantaneous. GFP-GAN was recently commended by artificial intelligence expert Louis Bouchard of YouTube channel What's AI (via PetaPixel), who detailed that the free tool seems to work more impressively than others of its ilk.

The Detail: Artificial intelligence: Will the robots revolt?


It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but how worried should we be about artificial intelligence systems running rogue and potentially turning against us? All of these are at least 20 years old, with the latter being written approximately 3000 years ago, so if you've not caught up on them yet, you've only yourself to blame.) In the 1999 film The Matrix, which is set in the near future, the human race - worried by the increasing sentience and potential villainy of the artificial intelligence (AI) machines it's created - makes the decision to scorch the sky. They reason that without an energy source as abundant as the sun, the machines - which rely on solar power - will be crippled. "The human body generates more bioelectricity than a 120-volt battery, and over 25,000 BTUs of body heat," says one of the film's main characters, Lawrence Fishburne's Morpheus, in a voiceover.

Clearview reveals biometric presentation attack detection feature, talks training and testing


A new presentation attack detection feature has been added to the Clearview Consent API from Clearview AI to allow developers to build spoof detection into identity verification solutions. Clearview Consent was launched just months ago to bring the company's facial recognition algorithms to a whole new set of use cases as a selfie biometrics tool, and the addition of presentation attack detection capabilities is the next step in its development, according to the people who made it. Clearview considered a range of approaches, and CEO Hoan Ton-That points out that developers do not typically have access to the specialized hardware behind device-based 3D biometric systems. Early engagement with Clearview Consent customers has yielded some insights into how businesses and developers plan to use it, which not only convinced the company to pursue liveness detection based on 2D images, but also imagine a range of applications. "We're looking at passive liveness video too, but some vendors have told us'We have these old profiles, and we want to find out how many of them are deepfakes and how many are presentation attacks," Clearview Ton-That tells Biometric Update in an interview.

Why AI Is Here to Help Accountants – Not Replace Them


With artificial intelligence (AI) technology maturing, there are many other roles and jobs that are set to be replaced. For example, AI can pick up trends in massive data sets that a human being would be unable to match. So, are accountants going to be replaced by AI? (Hint: we don't think so.) Those arguing for the replacement of accountants by AI have misunderstood some key elements of the two. Their argument, simply put, is that as the world gets digitized, computers will take care of any manual work previously done by humans – including accounting.

Remote Cloud network Engineer openings in Austin, United States on August 15, 2022 – Cloud Tech Jobs


Required Skills/Abilities/Profile: • Mandatory 3 years of demonstrated hands-on experience designing and implementing AWS core infrastructure components including expert level CLI experience with IAM, S3, EC2, VPC, ELB, Route 53, DynamoDB, RDS, Elasticache, and other core AWS products.

Last Week in AI #174: Cerebras sets record for largest AI model on one device, open source large language model, robotaxis paralyzed, and more!


Cerebras Systems, with its latest WSE-2 chip, has set the record for the largest AI model ever trained on a single device. The chip, which has 850k cores and 2.6 trillion transistors, is much larger than the largest GPUs. It has 123x more cores, 1k times more memory, and 12k times more bandwidth than the largest GPU. This allowed Cerebras to train a 20 billion parameter neural network model on a single chip. Doing so with GPUs would require complex compute cluster engineering and management, which could be much more expensive and only doable at large tech companies.

Google Search Will Now Be Better, New AI Model Launched


Google has announced the expansion of content advisory for searches where its AI (Artificial Intelligence) system does not have high confidence in the overall quality of the results available for search. Google Search Vice President Pandu Nayak said that this does not mean that there is no useful information available or that a particular result is of low quality. "These notices provide context about the full set of results on the page, and you can always see the results of your query, even if the advice is present," he said in a blog post. Nayak also said in a blog post that Google has invested deeply in both information quality and information literacy for Search and News, and today we have some new developments regarding this important task. Google has also introduced the latest AI model called Multitask Unified Model (MUM) to improve search result quality in'snippets' that are shown at the top of the page for search.

Artificial Intelligence


The BMW Group continues to follow global developments in terms of both technological innovations and regulatory and ethical issues. Together with other companies and organisations, the BMW Group is involved in shaping and developing a set of rules for working with AI, and the company has taken an active role in the European Commission's ongoing consultation process. Building on the fundamental requirements formulated by the EU for trustworthy AI, the BMW Group has worked out seven basic principles covering the use of AI within the company. These will be continuously refined and adapted as required according to the multi-layered application of AI across all areas of the company. In this way, the BMW Group will pave the way for extending the use of AI and increase awareness among its employees of the need for sensitivity when working with AI technologies.

These snake-like robots could be used in surgery to save lives


When it comes to robotics, it seems engineers take a lot of inspiration from snakes. In the past, we have brought you snake robots that fix pipelines on the ocean floor, snake-inspired machines that burrow through sand and soil, and snake-like robotics that could even be used in emergencies. Now, a team led by Jessica Burgner-Kahrs, the director of the Continuum Robotics Lab at the University of Toronto Mississauga, is building very slender, flexible, and extensible robots that could be used by doctors to save lives, according to a press release by the institution. They do this by accessing difficult-to-reach places.