Save up to $220 on select Sonos wireless smart speakers on Amazon


Looking to upgrade your home audio? You can save up to $200 on select Sonos speakers like the Sonos One, Sonos Beam, and more on Amazon. Why is Sonos so special? Sonos speakers deliver rich and detailed sound throughout your home with a completely wireless setup. The audio company's speakers and subwoofers are also known for their sleek and sexy design with an eye towards bringing all of your smart home devices and wireless speakers together.

Waymo will build self-driving cars in Michigan


Waymo just took another major step toward bringing self-driving cars into the mainstream. The Alphabet-owned brand has received approval to establish a factory for its driverless vehicles in Michigan. This will be the first factory in the world to be completely devoted to mass-producing Level 4 autonomous vehicles, the company said. It may be a while before the first vehicles roll off the line. Waymo first plans to "identify a facility" somewhere in southeastern Michigan, and it's not clear when that factory might be ready.

Surfacing prominent narratives in the EPA budget conversation


President Trump's plans to trade record-high budget cuts at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for increases in defense spending made headlines after the release of his proposed budget in early March 2017. At the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), our marketing and communications teams wanted to see how the EPA budget cuts were being covered in the media to study which messages were most engaging to constituents. Preliminary survey results that we collected suggested that the general public was more receptive to health-related messaging; however, we wanted to better understand the entire media landscape around the topic. To explore the health angle and other prominent themes around cuts to the EPA's budget, EDF used Quid to analyze relevant articles within a four-month period following Trump's 2017 announcement. Quid leverages natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to read thousands of news articles and blog posts and group them based on common language and keywords.

'Big day for automation' as Canada launches AI supplier framework


The Government of Canada has announced an approved supplier list of companies able to provide the state with artificial intelligence (AI) services and products. Chief information officer Alex Benay said it was a "big day for automation of Government of Canada services and overall modernisation of our institutions." The list of AI vendors, published on January 15, includes large tech companies such as Amazon, McKinsey & Company and Palantir, alongside smaller businesses such as Dessa, which has only been in operation since 2016. The web page announcing the pre-qualified suppliers list said each of the companies selected "met all of the mandatory criteria to provide Canada with responsible and effective AI services, solutions and products." The successful companies were banded into three groups, depending on the size of the contracts they could work on.

101 Data science interview questions and answers - 2019


If you want to succeed in as data scientist, you need to have knowledge on statistics, linear algebra, data science, machine learning. You want to be be expert you learn about deep learning, Natural language processing, Computer vision and more. How many Types of statistics are there?

7 Core Qubit Technologies for Quantum Computing - Amit Ray


Here we discussed the advantages and limitations of seven key qubit technologies for designing efficient quantum computing systems. The seven qubit types are: Superconducting qubits, Quantum dots qubits, Trapped Ion Qubits, Photonic qubits, Defect-based qubits, Topological Qubits, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) . They are the seven pathways for designing effective quantum computing systems. Each one of them have their own limitations and advantages. We have also discussed the hierarchies of qubit types.

AI policy is tricky. From around the world, they came to hash it out


Hal Abelson, an MIT computer scientist, talks to senior policymakers from countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Hal Abelson, an MIT computer scientist, talks to senior policymakers from countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Hal Abelson, an MIT computer scientist, talks to senior policymakers from countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The subject was artificial intelligence, and his students last week were mainly senior policymakers from countries in the 36-nation Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Abelson began with a brisk history of machine learning, starting in the 1950s.

Warehouse Robots Pave Way for More AI Logistics


Robots have taken their place inside eCommerce and other commerce-related warehouses, and will in the coming years take even larger roles in fulfillment, according to estimates. Hot on their trail are machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technology -- the software and algorithms promising to reduce the risks of overstocking and understocking, and providing other benefits that can boost retailers' revenue. Overstocking costs retailers about $470 billion annually, according to one of the most recent estimates, this one from IHL Group. Understocking is even more expensive -- about $630 billion in global annual costs. Algorithms -- most notably, the ones used by Amazon -- already help assuage both problems by predicting consumer demand "for hundreds of millions of products it sells, often as much as 18 months ahead," according to The Economist.

What's Coming: Tech Hiring Predictions For 2019


From the further advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to the increased reliance on data analytics and data science, this past year has been significant for all things tech as it relates to business needs. As executives and finance departments look to strategize for 2019, here's a look at some of my core tech hiring predictions for 2019 -- based on my observations as the CEO of a digital media and tech staffing firm for short- and long-term talent -- to help ensure your business remains informed and capable of attracting (and retaining) the most in-demand talent. According to Gartner's April 2018 forecast, worldwide IT spending is projected to reach about $3.85 trillion in 2019, up 2.8% from 2018. Despite the various pieces of negative press big tech has received, the business advancements and benefits provided through the adoption of AI, ML, cloud technologies and tools in the workplace have led to a continued investment in IT departments. Almost half of the respondents to the 2018 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey reported an IT budget increase, and 48% expected a budget increase within the next year.

Lessons From The Man Who Has Revolutionized The Grocery Business - AI Trends


As Ocado Chief Technology Officer Paul Clarke notes, the company has become a hardware company, as well, for example developing robots that pick the groceries for customers. The company has been able to use some of those profits to invest substantially in research and development. Ocado began life competing with traditional grocery business. Clarke describes the company's fascinating innovation journey herein. You are the Chief Technology Officer of Ocado Technology.