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Artificial Intelligence Initiative: Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan


When Imran Khan became prime minister of Pakistan in August 2018, the country's economy faced twin deficits – foreign exchange reserves were …

The Development of Artificial Intelligence Continues its Unstoppable Advance


Companies like Amazon are already working intensively through AWS to create machine learning tools for AI, and Bezos's company is certainly not …

Clickbait headlines might not lure readers as much, may confuse AI


Clickbait might not lure readers as before – and using artificial intelligence to detect fake news might be much more complex than previously thought, a team of researchers suggest. Clickbait headlines might not be as enticing to readers as once thought, according to a team of researchers. They added that artificial intelligence – AI – may also come up short when it comes to correctly determining whether a headline is clickbait. In a series of studies, the researchers found that clickbait – headlines that often rely on linguistic gimmicks to tempt readers to read further – often did not perform any better and, in some cases, performed worse than traditional headlines. Because fake news is a concern on social media, researchers have explored using AI to systematically identify and block clickbait.

Best Data Science Tools & Software 2021


Within the enterprise, it's increasingly paired with machine learning (ML) and other artificial intelligence (AI) tools to ratchet up insights and drive …

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Waste Collection


"With the footage, we can see when the bin is lifted and we can translate that [into data] using technology of machine learning and QR codes to identify …