Artificial Intelligence Deployments Have Expanded to Include 258 Unique Use Cases Across Enterprise, Consumer, and Government Markets


Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and deployments are becoming even more widespread, thanks to a combination of growing amounts of data, faster processing power, and increasingly powerful algorithms. Indeed, as AI technologies make their way into virtually every industry, enabling machines to speak, listen, move, and make decisions in unprecedented ways, a wide range of use cases are illustrating the potential business opportunities, attracting new investment, and driving changes to existing business processes. According to a new report from Tractica, AI implementations now encompass 258 discrete use cases, and the worldwide market for AI software stands at $8.1 billion as of the end of 2018, a figure the market intelligence firm forecasts to rise to $105.8 billion annually by 2025. "The AI opportunity spans a wide range of industries and geographies, from advertising and automotive, to transportation and telecommunications," says principal analyst Keith Kirkpatrick. "A significant portion of the overall revenue is concentrated in highly domain-specific markets with high-volume data needs and ontologies, as well as those with growing applications for machine perception."

US researchers decode genetic influence over behavior through machine learning


LOS ANGELES, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- Researchers at University of Utah Health are using machine learning to draw links between genetic controls that …

To Find Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Buy, Think Like Bill Gates


The big subset of AI that everyone's working in now is machine learning . That's where machines can actually learn from massive amounts of data, …

Letter: Artificial intelligence is rage of today


There are many definitions for artificial intelligence, or A.I. I would say it is a takeover of our thinking patterns.

r/MachineLearning - [P] Updates to Incredicat, my attempt at a 20 questions style game powered by Cat AI


I posted this a few months ago and had some great feedback. I've put some work into the model and have just released the latest update. It uses a modified version of C4.5 decision trees and a load of other adjustments. Think it is working better now after some changes around the classification process.

Facial Recognition Software Prompts Privacy, Racism Concerns

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The city started using the cameras in areas with high crime rates, such as gas stations and outside liquor stores. But earlier this year, public housing officials installed Project Green Light cameras in a senior citizens' community, said Sandra Henriquez, executive director of the Detroit HousingCommission. She said the cameras themselves are not equipped with facial recognition software.

r/MachineLearning - AMA: We are Noam Brown and Tuomas Sandholm, creators of the Carnegie Mellon / Facebook multiplayer poker bot Pluribus. We're also joined by a few of the pros Pluribus played against. Ask us anything!


You are right that the algorithms in Pluribus are totally different than reinforcement learning or MCTS. At a high level, that is because our settings are 1) games, that is, there is more than one player, and 2) of imperfect information, that is, when a player has to choose an action, the player does not know the entire state of the world. There is no good textbook on solving imperfect-information games. So, to read up on this literature, you will need to read research papers. Below in this post are selected papers from my research group that would be good to read given that you want to learn about this field.