Israeli drone crashes in Syria, circumstances unclear

FOX News

JERUSALEM – The Israeli military has confirmed that a drone crashed in Syria earlier this week in unclear circumstances.

ImageNet: VGGNet, ResNet, Inception, and Xception with Keras - PyImageSearch


A few months ago I wrote a tutorial on how to classify images using Convolutional Neural Networks (specifically, VGG16) pre-trained on the ImageNet dataset with Python and the Keras deep learning library.

IBM sets new speech recognition accuracy record


IBM announced an important milestone in conversational speech recognition last year. The company managed to develop a system that achieves a 6.9 percent word error rate. Despite the success, IBM continued to work hard on its speech recognition technology and has recently achieved a new industry record of 5.5 percent.

How Is Mastering Autonomous Driving With Deep Learning


Among all of the self-driving startups working toward Level 4 autonomy (a self-driving system that doesn't require human intervention in most scenarios), Mountain View, Calif.-based's

Alexa is not coming to an office near you


If you've recently had your first interaction with a voice-based personal assistant like Amazon's Alexa or Apple's Siri, you might get the sense that artificial intelligence is just a few years away from being able to talk and act like a human. It will soon be capable of managing our schedules, troubleshooting technical issues, or even holding conversation.

AI Assistants – The New Productivity Tool


Many discussions around artificial intelligence (AI) have focused on the new developments in machine learning, such as assisting with cancer recognition and even detecting earthquakes. However, the use of AI in the creation of a virtual assistant is starting to gain some traction. A recent article from VentureBeat stated that 2017 is the year that "virtual assistants really arrived." In this post, we wanted to look at the rise of virtual assistants and how they could change the way we work.

Ideas on interpreting machine learning


For more on advances in machine learning, prediction, and technology, check out the Data science and advanced analytics sessions at Strata Hadoop World London, May 22-25, 2017. Early price ends April 7.

Bosch will sell Nvidia's self-driving system to automakers


Nvidia has announced a new partnership with Bosch to sell its Drive PX 2 driver-assist platform to automakers. In effect, the deal gives Nvidia a go-to-market strategy for its self-driving hardware and software platform. Bosch joins ZF as the two so-called tier-one suppliers that will sell Nvidia's technology to automakers.

Envisioning the future of robotics


Robotics is said to be the next technological revolution. Many seem to agree that robots will have a tremendous impact over the following years, and some are heavily betting on it. Companies are investing billions buying other companies, and public authorities are discussing legal frameworks to enable a coherent growth of robotics.