China Roundup: Tencent's NBA test, TikTok parent deepens education push


The product, which leverages ByteDance's artificial intelligence capabilities, will be a "robotic learning companion" for K-12 students to use at home.

Artificial Intelligence Predicts El Niño Redbrick Sci&Tech


Researchers from China and South Korea have created an AI that can predict El Niño up to 18 months before it occurs. El Niño is a weather event that can occur every 2-7 years, where the area of warmer water in the western Pacific Ocean around Australia spreads across the Pacific. This leads to warmer air rising across the Pacific, causing severe rainfall and drastically changing wind direction and strength across the Pacific. This has huge knock on effects on weather worldwide. El Niño can cause colder winters in northern Europe and droughts in countries such as Australia and Malaysia.

Newt Gingrich: US must wake up and see China for what it really is – Before it's too late

FOX News

Former Trump campaign trade and jobs adviser Curtis Ellis on what this means for the trade deal. For many decades, Americans thought communist-ruled China would evolve into a free and open system similar to our own. In truth, Xi Jinping became the general secretary of the People's Republic of China and chairman of the Central Military Commission in November 2012. He became the president of the People's Republic of China in March 2013. During Xi's tenure, there has been a significant increase in censorship and mass surveillance, a significant deterioration in human rights, and the removal of term limits for the Chinese presidency.

Global Artificial Intelligence Robots Market Business Planning Research and Resources, Supply and Revenue By 2025 - WeeklySpy


The Artificial Intelligence Robots Market report is a complete overview of the market, covering various aspects product definition, segmentation based on various parameters, and the prevailing vendor landscape. Analysis and discussion of important industry trends, market size, market share estimates are mentioned in the report. Artificial Intelligence Robots Market report includes historic data, present market trends, environment, technological innovation, upcoming technologies and the technical progress in the related industry. The Global Artificial Intelligence Robots Market accounted for USD 3.0 billion in 2017 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 30.1% forecast to 2025. Some of the major countries covered in this report are U.S., Canada, Germany, France, U.K., Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, China, India, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Brazil among others.

Three Major Technological Changes That Are Going To Redefine The Automotive Sector And Change Our Lives


Volvo has unveiled its first fully electric vehicle, and with it, an important commitment to decarbonization. The carmaker says it will bring out a new electric model every year and reduce production of traditional combustion vehicles and hybrids, so that by 2025, half of its sales will be electric, and the other half will be a decreasing number of plug-in hybrids, with their non-electric motors produced outside the company. The launch and mass marketing of Volkswagen's ID.3, the increased manufacturing capacity of market leader, Tesla, after opening a factory in China, and the efforts of other manufacturers to quickly electrify their catalog, leaves no doubt about where the motor industry is going: the transition to electric vehicles is no longer about when, but at what speed it takes place. If you were thinking of purchasing a new vehicle with an internal combustion engine, know that you are buying obsolete technology. A strike by GM workers over a production switch to electric vehicles, which will mean smaller workforces, says it all.

BIG STORY: China's AI Revolution


Artificial intelligence (AI), it's often categorized as'bleeding edge' technology, believed to be the catalyst for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a roadmap for the future. Though in its infancy, AI's already showing signs of its potential; giving machines the ability to mimic and surpass human capabilities. China is among the world's leaders in artificial intelligence development and research. The government is giving incentives to research institutions to lead key projects in the development of next generation artificial intelligence technologies as part of its goal to close the AI gap with the US by 2030. China's AI Revolution takes a look at how artificial intelligence is being used to streamline shopping, secure sprawling cities, manage traffic, and even assist in diagnosing cancer.

Traders' A.I. – Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Driven by Human Wisdom!


The economic numbers from China are pointing to the realities of the trade war – a slowing China's economy. Results of Published Model Trades for THU 10/17 Find below the detailed outcome tracking of our models' trading plans for the day, as well as the results for the last month. Note: Our daily "S&P 500 Outlook, Forecast, and Trading plan" will be posted around 9:00am EDT, every trading day. Overnight futures markets are cheering the last minute deal struck between the UK and the EU on Brexit, despite serious doubts whether the UK parliament would approve the deal. Results of Published Model Trades for WED 10/16 Find below the detailed outcome tracking of our models' trading plans for the day, as well as the results for the last month.

Chinese citizens will soon need to scan their face before they can access internet services or get a new phone number


Chinese citizens will soon have to start using facial identification in order to sign up for internet services or get a new mobile number. The Chinese government announced last month that residents applying for a new mobile or internet device will have their faces scanned by telecommunications carriers. The new rules will apply from December 1. China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), which is the state agency responsible for internet and technology regulation, wrote that the decision was part of its moves to "safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens in the cyberspace" and prevent fraud, according to Quartz. Recent reports indicate that China has around 854 million internet users.

GE Healthcare officially launches Edison AI platform in China


GE Healthcare officially launched the Edison AI platform in Shanghai, China at its Digital Ecosystem Forum event. GE also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of strategic partnership with five local software development companies: Shukun Technology, Yizhun Medical AI, YITU Technology, 12Sigma Technologies and Biomind. Under the MoU, GE will cooperate with the five software vendors to develop the platform's applications in China. GE Healthcare's Edison platform was first introduced at last year's Radiological Society of North America annual meeting in Chicago in November. The platform is touted as a way to help hospitals derive more value from their technology.

AI has found a new use in China: preventing toilet paper theft


In China, AI helps sort rubbish, catch criminals and improve traffic – now it's used to stop toilet paper theft