17 Experts Weigh In on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence - AI Trends


Recently, I reached out to 17 thought leaders -- AI experts, computer engineers, roboticists, physicists, and social scientists -- with a single question: "How worried should we be about artificial intelligence?" There was no consensus. Disagreement about the appropriate level of concern, and even ...

Here's how to use AI to make America great again


Last October, Uber had one of its self- driving trucks make a beer run, traveling 200 kilometers down the interstate to deliver a cargo of Budweiser from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. A person rode in the truck but spent most of the trip in the sleeper berth, monitoring the automated system. (Th...

How Technology Rewrites the Business Playbook


Journalist Thomas Friedman speaks with MIT's Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee at the Aspen Ideas Festival in 2017. Machines are making decisions humans used to make. The world's five most valuable companies are tech firms. The Internet is a source of collective wisdom for people seeking solution...