Inside The Race To Deliver The First Self-Driving Car CNBC


CNBC's Phil LeBeau explores who is leading the autonomous car race, and which company will have cars out on the road the soonest. About CNBC: From'Wall Street' to'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: Find CNBC News on Facebook:

A.I. and the Power of Personalization in the Entertainment & Media Sector


In almost every industry today, you're seeing an increase in personalized experiences for consumers. With more people wanting control over how they buy or consume content, entertainment companies are in the midst of abiding by these customer demands. The consumer need to personalize content is a psychological impulse to find more control in a world filled with information overload. Since media content choices are often overwhelming, it's all the more important for consumers to find something fitting their world views. At the center of all this is artificial intelligence.

Lessons from Game of Thrones: Stopping the White Walkers of Data Monetization @ThingsExpo #IoT #M2M #BigData


As we end 2017, I'm tired of writing "lecturing" blogs about what organizations should be doing to master data monetization in order to power their business models and achieve digital transformation. While the objective of every organization should be to master big data and data science (artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning) to drive "data monetization," let's take a breath and have some fun. My recent ankle surgery afforded me the opportunity to binge watch "Game of Thrones." As I watched the impending battle between the White Walkers and humanity, I couldn't help but identify a number of lessons that we can learn from Jon Snow's battle with the leader of the White Walkers…and the power of Valyrian steel! Game of Thrones and data, not exactly two things you think are in harmony, but this is where I find myself.

Netflix or Coursera? How to finish Andrew Ng's 1st Deep Learning Course in 7 days


If you love Andrew Ng's first Coursera course on machine learning as much as I do, you were equally hyped when you heard that Since everybody's on a tight schedule, let's try the impossible and finish a course that is laid out to last one month in one week. Let's not rush through though, but actually understand the material. And of course, we'll do it while continuing our 40h/week job. What are the advantages of finishing the course quickly you ask?

Netflix will never host advertising or enter battle for live news and sport, CEO says

The Independent

"Our content is our crown jewel," said CEO Reed Hastings, speaking two days after the company won an Oscar for its Russian sports doping documentary Icarus and ahead of the release of the new series of Jessica Jones. "It's up to us to take [subscribers'] money and turn it into great content for their viewing benefit." Speaking at Netflix Labs Day, a rare press event at the company's headquarters in Los Gatos, California, Hastings stressed his opposition to "chopping up" the site's movies and TV shows to accommodate commercials. "Having a great experience... vastly outweighs the fact that one company is gaining a lot of influence," he said, alluding to Netflix's market dominance, now under renewed threat from rivals Amazon Prime, Hulu and Disney (bolstered by its recent multi-billion dollar takeover of Fox). Hastings is seemingly prepared to forego the lower prices and increased revenue advertising would bring and is putting his money where his mouth is, investing $8bn (£5.77bn) in original programme-making in 2018 alone.

The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence In The Everyday Lives Of Consumers


Artificial intelligence might conjure images of a robotic Haley Joel Osment in Spielberg's film AI, or it may make you think of Data from Star Trek. Yet the impact of artificial intelligence in everyday life is more understated and far-reaching than science fiction might suggest. Artificial intelligence has the potential to offer $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. You already encounter it every day. Think of all those times Amazon recommended a book to you or Netflix suggested a film or TV show.

NBC will use AI to match advertisers with programming


By cutting the number of ads it shows viewers and the overall amount of ad time, NBC is hoping to meet consumer demand for fewer ads. At the same time, the network is betting on digital technology -- something a growing number of traditional TV entities are doing -- to enhance the remaining inventory so it is more relevant and by extending the reach to social media, where many viewers are actively engaged while watching their favorite programs. The higher-quality, more relevant ad inventory will likely come with a premium price tag, as NBC will still need to maintain revenue levels. Marketers will have to decide if they're willing to pay more to be surrounded by fewer commercials from other brands. NBC Universal's new AI system for matching advertisers with programming will help the network create opportunities for marketers to better target specific segments with more contextually relevant spots.

Drone crashes and ruins couple's marriage proposal


This drone marriage proposal didn't go as planned. When this amateur drone pilot set up his craft in Bruarfoss Falls, a picturesque blue waterfall in Iceland, he expected a beautiful video of his proposal. Instead, the drone fell 55 seconds in, just as he was getting to it. "Just as I got down on my knee, the drone crashed to the ground, missing all the action," the YouTube description reads. Disney's'Christopher Robin' trailer is here to get you all nostalgic Wow, Netflix's'Lost in Space' reboot series sure looks expensive

China's reality TV programming is being taken over by robots and AI


Almost two decades ago, Wang Xi, then a teenager living near the Chinese capital of Beijing, fell in love with an American robot combat TV show called BattleBots. One of the most-watched TV shows ever in the US, it got 1.5 million viewers per episode at its peak, and was syndicated around the world, including China. Wang knew then that he wanted to one day make his own robot, and having it battle on TV in China. This year, Wang saw his dream realized on China's first robot combat show, King of Bots (铁甲雄心), which debuted in January. It's one of a series of robot combat shows that will air in the country this year, after China saw its first offline robot battle tournaments in recent years.

Wow, Netflix's 'Lost in Space' reboot series sure looks expensive


The previous Lost in Space trailer didn't show much, it just gave a taste. This new trailer, however, is much more generous. Netflix's reboot of the 1960s sci-fi series sticks to the same basic premise: The Robinson family, along with their small crew, are left stranded on a hostile, alien world when disaster strikes the colony ship that was ferrying them to a new home in the stars. This newly released trailer reveals how the reboot changes some of the story. Robot, once a Robinson traveling companion, now appears to be some kind of alien entity (though he does say his memorable "Danger, Will Robinson!" line in this trailer).