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The Monumental Task of Tackling AI at the Pentagon


The Pentagon is creating a new position -- the chief digital and artificial intelligence officer. Intended to be the successor to the Defense Department's Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, the new office will better align data, analytics, digital solutions and AI efforts across the department, reflecting a "shift in organizational concept," according to Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks. The department's Chief Information Officer John Sherman has been named as the acting chief digital and artificial intelligence officer, while the search for permanent leader continues -- targeted for June 1 hire or earlier. Whomever takes on the permanent role will face an enormous task: establishing foundational analytics goals for the Defense Department, helping it better define AI for its enterprise operations, and providing best practices for building out tools, processes and reporting to drive toward those goals. Some distinct skills and strategic actions will be needed not only for the new director but for the estimated 200 to 300 individuals who will work under this office.

AI-Powered App Aims to Discover Talent in Guard, Reserve


Members of the Reserve and National Guard are highly skilled across a variety of private-sector industries and have the potential to make substantial contributions to Defense Department missions, a DOD official said. The problem is, the department is not always aware of that talent, said Scott Sumner, technical project manager at Defense Innovation Unit's artificial intelligence/machine learning portfolio. For example, reservists in their civilian jobs might be working on cloud computing, software engineering, cybersecurity or any number of other in-demand skills. The department has no way to find them or to know that those skills even exist, he said. That could soon change, Sumner said.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and the Future of National Security


Hundreds of billions in public and private capital is being invested in AI and Machine Learning companies. The number of patents filed in 2021 is more than 30 times higher than in 2015 as companies and countries across the world have realized that AI and Machine Learning will be a major disruptor and potentially change the balance of military power. Until recently, the hype exceeded reality. Today, however, advances in AI in several important areas equal and even surpass human capabilities. If you haven’t paid attention, now’s the time.

EpiSys Wins US Navy Drone Artificial Intelligence Competition


The Office of Naval Research recently concluded a competition to develop open-source software algorithms that could work in various drones.

US think tank: AI could cause nuclear war by 2040


Artificial intelligence (AI) could potentially cause nuclear war by 2040, according to a research report by a US think tank. A paper by the non-profit think tank Rand Corporation warns that AI could undermine geopolitical stability and eliminate nuclear weapons as a deterrent. Rand researchers warn that while nuclear strikes have maintained peace for decades as a mutually assured destructive strategy, guarantees of stability could be eroded if AI and machine learning (ML) determine military action. In a paper based on a series of workshops with experts, the researchers said AI could enable human actors to make lethal decisions in the future. For example, improvements in sensing technology could destroy retaliatory powers such as submarines and mobile missiles.

The Drones of War


North American professional drone maker Draganfly has sent the first of nearly a dozen humanitarian drones to the non-profit Ukraine organization Revived Soldiers Ukraine (RSU) in Europe, to be used to deliver insulin to hard-to-reach hospitals in the war-torn country. RSU has ordered 200 medical response drones from Draganfly, each costing $30,000 and equipped with temperature-managed payload boxes that can transport up to 35 pounds of blood, pharmaceuticals, insulin/medicines, vaccines, and wound care kits, the drone maker said. Because insulin is a temperature-sensitive product, quick and safe transportation is a top priority. There are roughly 2.3 million people living with diabetes in Ukraine, according to the International Diabetes Association, many of whom have Type 1 diabetes and require multiple daily injections of insulin to survive. For those living in high-conflict areas of the country, access to life-saving insulin is limited or non-existent.

China's New AI-Powered Satellite Can Send Real Time Targeting Info On US Carrier: Report

International Business Times

China has developed a remote sensing satellite powered by the latest artificial intelligence technology that helps the People's Liberation Army (PLA) trace the movements of U.S. aircraft carriers. A new study by Chinese space scientists said the technology was put into use last year in June to detect the movements of the USS Harry S. Truman. The satellite, which has not been named in the study, is said to have alerted Beijing with the precise coordinates of the carrier as it headed to a strait transit drill off the coast of Long Island in New York, reported South China Morning Post. According to the study published by the domestic peer-reviewed journal Spacecraft Engineering last month, the drill held on June 17 involved a joint action of seven warships and planes beside the USS Harry S Truman. Before this satellite, the PLA had to go through a large amount of raw satellite data on the ground to get a clue about such drills happening in the U.S. home waters, and the results usually came after the event was over, the report added. But, with the AI-powered satellites, China could now "live stream" military activities or assets of interest on the other side of the planet, the report quoted the study by space scientist Yang Fang and her colleagues with DFH Satellite.

Business intelligence firm Pyramid Analytics raises $120M – TechCrunch


Business intelligence is an increasingly well-funded category in the software-as-a-service market. By handling large amounts of data to analyze and benchmark lines of business, BI promises to help identify, develop and otherwise create new revenue opportunities. Pervasive BI remains elusive, but statistics on the category reveal that about a third of employees use BI tools for analytics to inform strategy. The big data and business analytics market could be worth $684 billion by 2030, according to Valuates Reports, if such outrageously high estimates are to be believed. The segment contains too many vendors to count -- a few include Noogata, Fractal Analytics, Tredence, LatentView and Mu Sigma.

Ukraine says drone destroyed Russian landing ship near Snake Island

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Ukraine's defense ministry on Saturday claimed it had sunk a Russian Serna-class landing boat off of the now-famous Snake Island which has stood as a symbol of resistance since the beginning of the war. Undated video footage posted to social media appears to show an airstrike hitting a landing vessel that had soldiers on board. Spokesman for the Odesa Regional Military Administration, Serhii Bratchuk, told Ukrainian news outlet Pravda that Zmiinyi Island – also known as Snake Island – has become "a symbol of our rock-hard endurance and our ability to shatter the enemy's most persistent efforts."