Doctors could use AI to diagnose DEMENTIA

Daily Mail

Doctors could use artificial intelligence to diagnose dementia more accurately and give better treatment, scientists say. Researchers have invented a computer algorithm which can analyse MRI brain scans and learn how to recognise different types of dementia. They say that although many types of the brain-destroying condition have similar symptoms, they respond differently to treatment. Being able to correctly identify which type someone has means patients could be helped earlier on in their illness or given more targeted therapy. Experts say the research is'pioneering' and has'huge potential' in the future of treating dementia, expected to affect one million Britons by 2025.

AI can be used to protect your children from cyberbullying

Daily Mail

Artificial intelligence is adapting to protect children from the perils of cyber-bullying and social media. Researchers trained a machine-learning algorithm to detect bullying posts on social media and hide them from view. The AI detected words and phrases in this dataset that were typically associated with bullying and filtered out more than two-thirds of threats, insults and instances of sexual harassment. Gilles Jacobs at Ghent University in Belgium built the programme and tasked it with filtering real-life posts from AskFM. A team of professional linguists went through the same set of data and picked out the offensive posts from almost 200,000 posts.

Ford set to launch fleet of robot taxis and delivery vehicles across Washington

Daily Mail

Ford is set to unveil a fleet of self driving cars in Washington. The firm's driverless fleet that will carry customers and make deliveries for businesses across all corners of the nation's capital. It is part of Ford's $4bn push into self driving vehicles. Ford's driverless fleet that will carry customers and make deliveries for businesses across all corners of the nation's capital. Ford said it would invest $4 billion through 2023 in its newly formed autonomous vehicle unit, Ford Autonomous Vehicles, as it looks to produce self-driving cars in the next three years.

Stunning NASA flyover video shows an up-close look at the surface of the moon

Daily Mail

NASA has released a mesmerizing new video of the moon set to Claude Debussy's famous piano composition, Clair de Lune. The stunning nature documentary-style footage uses high-resolution images from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to reveal an unprecedented look at the surface of Earth's only natural satellite. It follows the sun over the course of one lunar day, slowly panning over an endless landscape of craters and other surface features brought to life by elevation maps and image mosaics. The new visualization was created to accompany a performance of Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune by the National Symphony Orchestra Pops. It was performed at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, on June 1 and 2, 2018, led by conductor Emil de Cou, as part of a celebration of NASA's 60th anniversary.

Uber claims its food delivery drone service will be up and running in 'multiple markets' by 2021

Daily Mail

Uber's dream of delivering food via drones may no longer be just pie in the sky. The ride-hailing giant is eyeing the launch of its drone delivery service in multiple markets as soon as 2021, the Wall Street Journal reported. This plan is described in a since-deleted job listing on Uber's website, where it appears to be looking for a drone executive to'enable safe, legal, efficient and scalable flight operations.' Uber's dream of delivering food via drones may no longer be just pie in the sky. The drone executive would be tasked with making Uber's delivery drones functional by 2019 and, ultimately, commercially operational by 2021.

"AI Clinician" Makes Treatment Plans for Patients With Sepsis

IEEE Spectrum Robotics Channel

Most experiments with artificial intelligence in medicine thus far have worked on the diagnostic side. AI systems have used computer vision to examine images like X-rays or pathology slides, and they have combed through data in electronic medical records to spot subtle patterns that humans can miss. Just last week, IEEE Spectrum reported on hospitals that are trying out AI systems that identify patients with the first signs of sepsis, a life-threatening condition where the body responds to infection with widespread inflammation, which can lead to organ failure. Sepsis is the third leading cause of death worldwide, and the primary cause of death in hospitals. But the technology that goes by the name AI Clinician, described today in a paper in Nature Medicine, doesn't diagnose--it makes decisions.

Machine Learning Fun and Easy - YouTube


Welcome to the Fun and Easy Machine learning Course in Python and Keras. Are you Intrigued by the field of Machine Learning? Then this course is for you! We will take you on an adventure into the amazing of field Machine Learning. Each section consists of fun and intriguing white board explanations with regards to important concepts in Machine learning as well as practical python labs which you will enhance your comprehension of this vast yet lucrative sub-field of Data Science.

Software Engineer (NLP) at Mendelian Health


Mendelian is helping doctors diagnose rare genetic diseases faster. We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer passionate about NLP (natural language processing) who can help us design and deploy production biomedical text mining techniques and help us grow our Spark, Docker, Tensor Flow, Kubernetes infrastructure, as well as exploring and implementing new technologies and frameworks. Get in touch if you want to play a key role in a high-impact growing startup -- and if you are cool with building stuff that save people's lives. We built an online medical search engine supporting physicians in identifying genes that can explain certain rare conditions. Rare diseases (all 7,000 known types combined) affect over 350m people (more than cancer!) and take on average 7 years to diagnose in clinics.

Global Bigdata Conference


Synthetic Minds, which aims to build safer blockchain code, today announced it has raised $5.5 million in a new round of funding. The San Francisco startup is a graduate of the most recent summer class from the Y Combinator accelerator. The money came from Khosla Ventures and Pantera Capital (a cryptocurrency-focused fund). This funding comes on the heels of investment from Y Combinator. Synthetic Minds' core technology is called program synthesis.

Variational Autoencoders Explained – Towards Data Science


If such a model is trained on natural looking images, it should assign a high probability value to an image of a lion. An image of random gibberish on the other hand should be assigned a low probability value. The VAE model can also sample examples from the learned PDF, which is the coolest part, since it'll be able to generate new examples that look similar to the original dataset! The input to the model is an image in a 28 28 dimensional space (ℝ[28 28]). The model should estimate a high probability value if the input looks like a digit.