The Future Of AI With Alexy Khrabrov


FILE - In this May 13, 2015, file photo, Google's self-driving Lexus drives along a street during a demonstration at Google campus in Mountain View, Calif. While the Boston region is a center for robotics and artificial intelligence research, none of the Northeast states allows self-driving cars to be driven or tested on public roads. But Massachusetts officials are looking in 2016 at turning part of the former Devens military base into a self-driving testing ground.

Media's Data-Driven Future


"Today is the slowest rate of technological change you will ever experience in your lifetime," wrote Shelly Palmer in his e-book Data-Driven Thinking (Digital Living Press, 2016). As one of the world's premier voices on the accelerating pace of digital technology, he is increasingly preoccupied with helping companies and individuals prepare for the dramatic changes he sees coming, particularly in entertainment and media.

Alphabet's Waymo Offering Families Rides in Self-Driving Cars


Waymo LLC, the autonomous-car unit of Google parent Alphabet Inc., will expand its testing efforts by making hundreds of self-driving vehicles available to families and urban commuters in the Phoenix area.

Little Nightmares review: A Tim Burton-esque horror game that doesn't rely on jump scares

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Little Nightmares is a side-scrolling adventure platformer that takes place in a 3D space. You take control of Six, a tiny, yellow raincoat-clad protagonist with an uncertain background as you attempt to escape a series of dire and dingy rooms and head towards the tantalizing bright lights of freedom. It oozes unique style, but also seems strangely familiar at the same time...

Flying cars are (still) coming: Should we believe the hype?


In the 1950s, when America was hopeful and reckless conjecture was encouraged, prognosticators had some wild ideas about 21st century technology. A few came true, like robot companions. Most didn't, like lunar shuttles.

Waymo Is Quietly Winning The Self-Driving Car Race

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The addition of 500 vehicles will dramatically increase Waymo's ability to capture critical mapping data ― and to use that data to improve its software (read more about that here) ― launching the company even further ahead of competitors like Uber and Lyft (though probably not Tesla, which has a couple billion miles under its belt, compared with Waymo's 3 million).

Now you can ride in a Google self-driving car NBC News


After eight years of testing, Waymo is ready to go public: Google's autonomous vehicle spin-off is offering families in the Phoenix area the chance to try out its self-driving cars as part of a new pilot ride-sharing program.

Google's Waymo Launches Self-Driving Taxi Program In Phoenix Area

International Business Times

Arizona residents will soon be able to get a first-hand look at Waymo's self-driving car technology. Google's driving spinoff company is now accepting early applicants to its self-driving car trial program in Arizona.