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Mercedes is the first certified Level-3-autonomy car company in the US


At CES earlier this January, Mercedes announced that it would become the first car company to achieve certification from the SAE for a Level 3 driver assist system. That became official on Thursday when the automaker confirmed its Drive Pilot ADAS (automated driver assist system) now complies with the requirements of Nevada Chapter 482A, which governs the use of autonomous vehicle technology on the state's roads. That makes Drive Pilot the only legal Level 3 system in the US for the moment. "An unwavering commitment to innovation has consistently guided Mercedes-Benz from the very beginning," Dimitris Psillakis, President and CEO of MBUSA, said in Thursday's press statement. "It is a very proud moment for everyone to continue this leadership and celebrate this monumental achievement as the first automotive company to be certified for Level 3 conditionally automated driving in the US market."

The Morning After: Will AI be your next lawyer?


In a new study, University of Minnesota law professors used ChatGPT AI chatbot to answer graduate exams at four courses in their school. The AI passed all four, but with an average grade of C . The University of Minnesota group noted ChatGPT was good at addressing "basic legal rules" and summaries, but it floundered when trying to pinpoint issues relevant in a case. When faced with business management questions in a different study, the generator was "amazing" with simple operations management and process analysis questions, but it couldn't handle advanced process questions. It even made mistakes with sixth-grade-level math – something other AI authors have struggled with.

Robot Cars Are Causing 911 False Alarms in San Francisco


For some residents of San Francisco, the robotic future of driving is just a tap away. Ride-hailing services from GM subsidiary Cruise and Alphabet company Waymo allow them to summon a driverless ride with an app. But some riders have become perhaps too comfortable with the technology. In a letter filed with a California regulator yesterday, city agencies complained that on three separate occasions since December, Cruise staff called 911 after a passenger in one of its driverless vehicles became "unresponsive" to the two-way voice link installed in each car. Each time, police and firefighters rushed to the scene but found the same thing: a passenger who had fallen asleep in their robot ride.

Audi's Activesphere EV concept is built for off-roading and augmented reality


Audi has finally revealed the Activesphere EV concept it promised last summer. The crossover is built to go off-road, complete with a rugged underbody, a liftable suspension and easy ways to carry your sports gear. The rear can transform into a loading area with enough room for your e-bikes, for instance. It nonetheless features a sedan-like profile and the creature comforts of past concepts, including a spacious, bright interior designed for relaxing while the vehicle is in self-driving mode. The cabin reflects Audi's confidence in augmented reality.

Ukraine wakes up to deadly attacks after securing battle tanks

Al Jazeera

At least one person was reported killed in Kyiv as Russia pummeled Ukraine with a wave of missile and drone attacks. Thursday's rush-hour assault came a day after Kyiv secured the battle tanks it has long called for from Germany and the United States, a development Russia warned was a "dangerous" escalation. Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, said a missile killed a 55-year-old man, the first death from an attack in the capital since New Year's Eve, while two people were injured. Crowds of people took shelter in train stations as air raid sirens rang out across the country. A Ukrainian air force spokesperson said as many as six Tu-95 warplanes took off from the Arctic region of Murmansk in northern Russia and launched long-range missiles.

The Download: ChatGPT workout plans, and cleaning up aviation

MIT Technology Review

When I opened the email telling me I'd been accepted to run the London Marathon, I felt elated. Barely six months on from my last marathon, I knew how dedicated I'd have to be to keep running day after day, week after week, month after month, through rain, cold, tiredness, grumpiness, and hangovers. The marathon is the easy part. It's the constant grind of the training that kills you--and finding ways to keep it fresh and interesting is part of the challenge. Some exercise nuts think they've found a way to live their routines up: by using the AI chatbot ChatGPT as a sort of proxy personal trainer.

Drones could soon be forced to have electronic NUMBER PLATES so police can track them

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Drones could soon be forced to have electronic number plates so they can be tracked by police and security teams as they fly through the skies. The plans are part of new regulations being drawn up by the Government that would allow a drone's speed, location, height, take-off point to be tracked - as well as the operator's location. To collect the information, remote ID technology will be installed in the drones, working in a similar way to the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system used on cars, vans and lorries. The move comes amid growing concern that the UK's drone registration scheme is not being enforced properly, as well as fears that drones could be used by terrorists to cause serious harm or economic damage. According to the Civil Aviation Authority, anyone with a drone weighing more than 250g needs to pass a test and get a flyer ID from the authority.

What Is The Importance Of Computer Vision In Business And 6 Ways To Use It?


Computer vision is critical in the applications of facial recognition. It enables computers to match the identities of their faces. The algorithms detect facial features with face profiles in databases.

MailOnline takes a ride in BMW's new £110,000 smart car with a 32-INCH cinema screen

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The days of shotgunning the front seat may soon be over thanks to BMW, which has taken backseat luxury to new levels in its high-tech £110,000 smart car. MailOnline took a ride in the new fully-electric BMW i7, which has 5G connectivity, interior mood lighting and a super-wide'theatre screen' in the back. The 8K screen, which measures 32x9 inches, folds out from the sun roof at the touch of a button and streams video from Netflix, YouTube and more. BMW gave me a ride during my morning commute through west London - a welcome alternative to the cramped and temperamental Underground. BMW i7, part of the legendary Series 7 range, boasts 5G connectivity, interior mood lighting and a theatre screen' in the backseat The new vehicle's proudest feature is the theatre screen, which, at 32x9 inches is really super-wide The BMW i7 is a new electric variant of the BMW 7 Series, which has been in production by the German automaker since 1977.

5 best streaming devices in 2023

FOX News

Kurt "CyberGuy" Knutsson helps you to find parking spots with this easy to use Apple Maps feature. An increasing number of you are turning to streaming as your primary way of consuming media. New streaming services and original content are also expected to drive growth in the industry. With all of this in mind, we want to ensure that you can watch all the content you love, so we've gathered up five of the best streaming devices on the market. CLICK TO GET KURT'S CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, SECURITY ALERTS AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER With over 208,000 reviews on Amazon and an 84% approval rating at the time of publishing, the Amazon Fire Stick is an excellent streaming device choice.