Uber demotes senior executive at centre of the Waymo self-driving car lawsuit

The Independent

Anthony Levandowski, who is at the centre of Alphabet's trade secrets lawsuit against Uber, stepped down from his post overseeing self-driving car technology. Uber said he'll take a lesser role on the team and won't be involved in decisions relating to lidar technology, which is the subject of the suit.

Apple Smart Speaker, Amazon Echo With Video In The Works, Reports Say

International Business Times

Smart speakers are getting increasingly popular and tech giants Google and Apple could not have been left behind in the race. While Amazon was the first to operate in the segment, Google jumped onto the bandwagon last year and now Apple is ready to give it competition. According to Apple tipster Sonny Dickson, Apple is all set to release its smart speakers soon. Dickson tweeted Thursday saying: "Apple is currently finalizing designs for their Alexa competitor, expected to be marketed as a Siri/AirPlay device."

Amazon planning Alexa rival?

FOX News

The rumors saying that Apple is working on a Siri-based Amazon Echo rival are back, with a noted insider saying that Apple is currently finalizing the design for the unnamed product.

Tech firms race to spot video violence before going viral

Daily Mail

Companies from Singapore to Finland are racing to improve artificial intelligence so software can automatically spot and block videos of grisly murders and mayhem before they go viral on social media.

Docker Orchestrations Compared @DevOpsSummit #DevOps #Docker #AI #DX


Containerized software is riding a wave of growth, according to latest RightScale survey. At Sematext we see this growth trend via our Docker monitoring adoption and via Sematext Docker Agent popularity on Docker Hub, where it crossed 1M pulls line. This rapid rise of containers now makes Docker the top DevOps tool among those included in RightScale survey. Overall Docker adoption surged to 35 percent, while Kubernetes adoption doubled, going from 7% in 2016 to 14% percent.

Artificial intelligence and startups: The AI gold rush


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the hot technology for Silicon Valley startups (I've personally talked to 15 AI startups in the past year). In fact, AngelList currently lists more than 2,000 AI startups with an average valuation of $5 million. In his TED Talk, digital visionary Kevin Kelly described AI as the next revolution, and his simple formula for startups is to "solve a problem using AI." And, IDC projected the AI market will reach more than $47 billion by 2020, with 62% of enterprises adopting the technology by next year.

Artificial Intelligence, will we really lose our jobs? - Accountex


Simon Goodyear, co-founder of mTrio and a respected Salesforce MVP, previews his session with Jessica Pillow at Accountex 2017: Elon Musk has been quoted as fearing AI, but he also set up a new company to explore the technology to make direct connections between a human brain and a computer.

Why do we need the Democratization of Machine Learning?


We are living in an era of hype. In this article, I am trying to discover the hype around Artificial Intelligence. The First thing I want to clear is that ML/DL are algorithms, neither conscious nor intelligent or smart machines.