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What if I told a story here, how would that story start?" Thus, the summarization prompt: "My second grader asked me what this passage means: …" When a given prompt isn't working and GPT-3 keeps pivoting into other modes of completion, that may mean that one hasn't constrained it enough by imitating a correct output, and one needs to go further; writing the first few words or sentence of the target output may be necessary.

'Mythbusters' robotics genius Grant Imahara has died


Friends, fans, and coworkers are paying tribute to beloved Mythbusters alumni Grant Imahara, who died suddenly on Monday due to a brain aneurysm. A talented engineer and roboticist, Imahara spent almost a decade at Lucasfilm's visual effects division Industrial Light and Magic, where he worked on films such as Galaxy Quest, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the Matrix sequels, and the Star Wars prequels. Being one of the people behind R2-D2 and the Energizer Bunny, Imahara's work had a notable impact on pop culture. He also gained some public recognition through appearances on BattleBots, where he competed his middleweight robot Deadblow. However, Imahara was most well known for being a member of Mythbusters' Build Team, joining the cast in 2005 after the departure of Scottie Chapman.

Twitch streamer Byron 'Reckful' Bernstein dead at 31

FOX News

Fox News Flash top entertainment and celebrity headlines are here. Check out what's clicking today in entertainment. Byron "Reckful" Bernstein, a popular Twitch streamer and "World of Warcraft" gamer, has died. Bernstein's older brother, Gary Bernstein, confirmed the tragic news via Twitter on Thursday. "My baby brother Byron @reckful is gone. RIP," Gary wrote of the Austin, Texas-based gamer.

Michael Hawley, Programmer, Professor and Pianist, Dies at 58


Michael Hawley, a computer programmer, professor, musician, speechwriter and impresario who helped lay the intellectual groundwork for what is now called the Internet of Things, died on Wednesday at his home in Cambridge, Mass. The cause was colon cancer, said his father, George Hawley. Mr. Hawley began his career as a video game programmer at Lucasfilm, the company created by the "Star Wars" director George Lucas. He spent his last 15 years curating the Entertainment Gathering, or EG, a conference dedicated to new ideas. In between, he worked at NeXT, the influential computer company founded by Steve Jobs after he left Apple in the mid-1980s, and spent nine years as a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, a seminal effort to push science and technology into art and other disciplines.

30ft long whale that died after it stranded in Welsh estuary was a year old male calf

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A 30ft-long whale that died after it became stranded in a Welsh estuary was a one-year-old male calf that was struggling to find food, an autopsy has revealed. The fin whale, named Henry by rescuers, is thought to have been recently weaned by his mother and started to live independently - as they stop receiving milk at around six to seven months old - before becoming beached. The young male died on the sands of the Dee Estuary, North Wales, on June 14. He had beached at least twice over the previous two days. A post-mortem was carried out by the Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CSIP) to identify the cause of death and find out why the whale ended up out of the sea.

Nils Nilsson, 86, Dies; Scientist Helped Robots Find Their Way

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Nils J. Nilsson, a computer scientist who helped develop the first general-purpose robot and was a co-inventor of algorithms that made it possible for the machine to move about efficiently and perform simple tasks, died on Sunday at his home in Medford, Ore. His death was confirmed by his wife, Grace Abbott. Dr. Nilsson was a member of a small group of computer scientists and electrical engineers at the Stanford Research Institute (now known as SRI International) who pioneered technologies that have proliferated in modern life, whether in navigation software used in more than a billion smartphones or in such speech-control systems as Siri. The researchers had been recruited by Charles Rosen, a physicist at the institute, who had raised Pentagon funding in 1966 to design a robot that would be used as a platform for doing research in artificial intelligence. Although the project was intended to create a general-purpose mobile "automaton" and be a test bed for A.I. programs, Mr. Rosen had secured the funding by selling the idea to the Pentagon that the machine would be a mobile sentry for a military base.

The terrible, fantastic life of AbleGamers COO Steven Spohn


When Twitch streamer DrDisrespect won the Trending Gamer prize at the 2017 Game Awards, there was a tiny riot on Twitter. There's always a buzz of hashtag activity after a winner is announced as people congratulate or disagree with the pick, but this time around, there was a small yet clear consensus: Steven Spohn should have won. As the Chief Operating Officer of AbleGamers, a charity working to make video games more accessible to people with disabilities, Spohn was the face of positive change in the industry. He regularly shared insightful affirmations on Twitter, as well as deeply personal stories about the realities of living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a disease that was progressively destroying his motor neurons and muscles. Meanwhile, DrDisrespect was best known for wearing a mullet wig and mocking his teammates with racist accents in Fortnite streams.

Robert John obituary

The Guardian

My friend Robert John, professor of computer science at the University of Nottingham, who has died of liver cancer aged 64, pioneered the use of "type-2 fuzzy sets" in computational intelligence, to establish ways of reasoning algorithmically about linguistic concepts that involve uncertainty – something humans are good at, but computers are not. In the 1990s, while Rob (as he was known to family, though called Bob by work colleagues) was working at De Montfort University, he became involved in research into solving a community transport scheduling problem using fuzzy logic. Working from the foundations laid by Prof Lotfi Zadeh, Rob, through his PhD in 2000 and subsequent work with Prof Jerry Mendel and others, developed the mathematical techniques to use type-2 fuzzy sets. Two papers on type-2 and interval type-2 that he wrote with Mendel are among the most frequently cited and influential in the world on the topic. Rob was a founder member in 1995 of the Centre for Computational Intelligence at De Montfort and led its growth through the 2000s, established his reputation in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' conferences and in journals on fuzzy logic, and was promoted over time to deputy dean.

Seminars -- Supercomputing Frontiers Europe 2020


Erol Gelenbe PHD DSc D.h.c.m., was elected IFIP Fellow, Fellow of ACM, IEEE, National Academy of Technologies of France, the Science Academies of Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Turkey and Academia Europaea. Citizen of France and Turkey, he graduated from Ankara Koleji and Middle East Technical University, Ankara with High Honours. He received several science prizes including the ACM SIGMETRICS Life-Time Achievement Award, IET Oliver Lodge Medal, Grand Prix France-Telecom, In Memoriam Gabor Denes Prize, Mustafa Prize – Erol received his PhD in Electrical Engineering under Prof. Ed Smith at NYU on "Stochastic Automata with Structural Restrictions" by showing the mathematical links between state transition functions of probabilistic automata and the formal languages that they recognize, published in Information and Computation, and IEEE Transactions on Computers. At Orsay and University Paris-Descartes (1986-93), he invented G-Networks and Random Neural Networks, patented the first Voice-over-IP switch Sycomore (Thales), published seminal work on resequencing in codecs in Journal ACM, and other work in Journal of Applied Probability, Comm. He founded two PhD programs, developed the commercial FLEXSIM manufacturing simulator, served as Ministerial Adviser for Science (1983-86), and co-founded IFIP WG7.3 with Paul Green (IBM Yorktown Heights).

Max von Sydow, star of 'The Exorcist,' 'Game of Thrones' and 'Star Wars,' dead at 90

FOX News

Max von Sydow dead at 90. Widely known for his roles in'The Exorcist,' 'Game of Thrones' and'Star Wars' died from undisclosed causes. Acclaimed actor from "The Exorcist" "Star Wars" and "Game of Thrones," Max von Sydow, has died at age 90. Representatives for the star confirmed to Fox News that the star died on Sunday, March 8, 2020, but did not comment on any official cause of death. "It is with a broken heart and with infinite sadness that we have the extreme pain of announcing the departure of Max von Sydow," a statement from his wife, Catherine, reads. 'THE EXORCIST' ACTOR: 'HAPPY TO PORTRAY A MEXICAN ... WHO IS NOT JUST A GUY WITH A SOMBRERO' Actor Max von Sydow had a long career in film, TV and video games prior to his death on March 8, 2020.