Men who are 'couch potatoes' are more likely to want to be muscular and hit the gym, study shows

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Experts found that men from wealthy western countries like the UK are more motivated to workout than their Nicaraguan and Ugandan counterparts. However, in all three countries, men that watch more television -- and are therefore exposed more to images of idealised bodies -- wanted to be muscular more. Men who are'couch potatoes' -- those spending a lot of time watching TV -- are more likely to want to be muscular and hit the gym, a study has found Psychologist Tracey Thornborrow of the University of Lincoln and colleagues examined British men's obsession with getting a muscular physique -- along with related phenomena like relying on protein shakes, unhealthy dieting and steroid use. Comparing British men with those from Nicaragua and Uganda, the team assessed each man's body mass index, along with their feelings about peer pressure and their ideal appearance. Participants also ranked the perceived level of muscularity of their current body and their ideal body on the so-called'Male Adiposity and Muscularity Scale.' Designed by the Person Perception Lab at the University of Lincoln, the new scale makes use of two-dimensional images created from 3D software, providing a more realistic range of body types and sizes based on measurements of real people.

Best Books To Learn Machine Learning For Beginners And Experts - GeeksforGeeks


You want to learn Machine Learning but have no idea how? Well, before you embark on your epic journey into machine learning, there are some important theoretical and statistical principles you should know first. And that's where this book comes in! It is a practical and high-level introduction to Machine Learning for absolute beginners. Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners teaches you everything basic from learning how to download free datasets to the tools and machine learning libraries you will need. Topics like Data scrubbing techniques, Regression analysis, Clustering, Basics of Neural Networks, Bias/Variance, Decision Trees, etc. are also covered. So, if you haven't had that Lion King moment yet, where you proudly gaze on the expanse of ML-like Simba looks over the Pride Lands of Africa, then this is the best book to gently hoist you up and offer you a clear lay of the land.

Unilag soars at Africa Inter-university Machine Learning Competition


"It was a one-day competition with the aim of building machine learning models and increasing the awareness of students on Artificial Intelligence.

Global Big Data Conference


On March 31st the Her Future Summit powered by the Global Startup Ecosystem will take place virtually with 1000 digital delegates. This will be the largest virtual summit for women to date featuring digital stakeholders from over 60 countries. The Her Future Summit aims to identify, train, and empower the next generation of female pioneers. The summit also serves to teach fundamentals of future technology and the leading social impact applications of Artificial Intelligence, among other technologies. Her Future Summit was scheduled to take place in 7 global cities - DC, Silicon Valley, New York, Accra, Port-au-Prince, London, and Dubai - throughout the month of March.

Winning Women: Dineo Lioma's big plans for artificial intelligence in the world of medicine


Dineo Lioma's energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and the way she speaks about things such as artificial intelligence (AI), DNA, enzymes and gene sequencing to aid those in the field of healthcare makes one believe there is hope for our virus-stricken world. Lioma has co-founded two medical technology companies, founded a third and currently runs two of them – and she is not yet 30 years old. She has a master's degree in micro and nanotechnology enterprise with distinction from Cambridge University in the UK. Cambridge offered Lioma the chance to do her PhD there to "work out how to harness solar and mechanical energy", but the engineer, who grew up fiddling with electrical plugs in her family's home in Bloemfontein, Free State, and obtained her BSc in metallurgical and materials engineering with 24 distinctions from Wits University, declined the offer. "I knew I wanted to work in the field of health and to help South Africa progress. There was not a lot going on in micro and nanotechnology here, so I came home. I wanted to give back," she says.

Hisham El-Amir


Hisham Elamir is a data scientist with expertise in machine learning, deep learning, and statistics. He currently lives and works in Cairo, Egypt. In his work projects, he faces challenges ranging from natural language processing (NLP), behavioral analysis, and machine learning to distributed processing. He is very passionate about his job and always tries to stay updated about the latest developments in data science technologies, attending meet-ups, conferences, and other events.

Image classification in the wild


As we have announced recently, Appsilon Data Science's AI for Good initiative is working together with biodiversity conservationists at the National Parks Agency in Gabon and in collaboration with experts from the University of Stirling. Part of our role in the project is to develop an image classification algorithm capable of classifying wildlife seen in images taken by camera traps located in the forests of Gabon. The project has received support from the Google for Education fund which allowed us to embark on this journey with the immense power of the latest computational resources at hand. Below are some interesting findings we made so far. Stay tuned for more news on the progress!

MTN AI Managed Services Ericsson


The companies already partner on charging system operations managed services. The new deal, which is already being implemented, includes network operations center services and field services in radio, core and transmission technology. AI-driven intelligent and data driven operations are part of the deal. AI-related efficiency benefits, automation and data analytics will enable MTN Benin and Ericsson to run predictive operations to enable a shift from reactive to proactive IT and network management – boosting customers' experiences, as well as network quality and performance. Stephen Blewett, Chief Executive Officer, MTN Benin, says: "Network managed operations play a significant role in improving MTN customers' satisfaction and enhancing customer experience as well as enabling revenue growth and cost efficiency. We expect advanced technologies like AI, automation and analytics to further accelerate operational transformation through this new managed services partnership."

Coronavirus: Menzgold Ghana CEO wants government of Ghana to use Artificial Intelligence to fight menace, here's how


According to him, there are various test kits that get individuals the results of whether or not they have the virus in just 20 seconds, noting that "it is a 96% accuracy rate too." Although Mr Appiah Mensah has faced various backlash from customers following the Menzgold saga, he has noted that the coronavirus menace is a national problem thus taking to his Instagram page to share some tips about how best he believes other countries in the world, especially, how Ghana can deal with the virus to get the needed healing. He said, "The procurement of the AI system developed by a Chinese tech Baidu, which uses cameras equipped computer vision and infrared sensors to do temperature predictions of masses in public places that are indispensable like, Government Ministries and Agencies, transport terminals, Courts market places and so. The AI system is capable of screening up to 200 people per minute and detects their temperature within a range of 0.5 degrees Celsius."

How machine learning can keep SA's retail shelves stocked during Covid-19


DURBAN - The recent Covid-19 fuelled rush on retailers in South Africa, as consumers start stockpiling grocery staples, is leaving many shelves empty. Some, such as Makro, have recently announced that they will be "enforcing customer limits on shoppers … to give customers fair access to essential items." Morne Laubscher, CTO of Logicalis South Africa said, "Both online and brick-and-mortar retailers are experiencing a run on products, which is limiting their ability to service the needs of their entire customer base". Retailers have the data that they need for customer buying patterns but often aren't always able to access the benefits. The 2019 Global CIO Survey from Logicalis, a global provider of IT solutions which questioned 888 CIO's from around the globe, found that just under one in ten (9 percent) of respondents believe that their organisation is very successful at understanding the advantages of AI technology in some areas of business; whereas 44 percent believe their organisation is not very successful at all.