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Here is a wide assortment of artificial intelligence quotes. Once you read some of the quotes it is easy to see why AI is so important. "Google will fulfill its mission only when its search engine is AI-complete. You guys know what that means? "Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity." "I am telling you, the world's first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI and all its derivatives,and applies it in ways we never thought of." "Cyber hygiene, patching vulnerabilities, security by design, threat hunting and machine learning based artificial intelligence are mandatory prerequisites for cyber defense against the next generation threat landscape." "Every serious technology company now has an Artificial Intelligence team in place.

Disruption 2.0: How IoT And AI Are Breaking Up The Business World


Once again, businesses are under attack. We are in the midst of "Disruption 2.0," and this time, the attack comes from within. Previously, in the age of Disruption 1.0, startups were spearheading the battle against established businesses. The old corporate world appeared to be defenseless in the face of these fast, agile, tech-savvy, micro, and, at times, well-funded companies. The fuel that powered Disruption 1.0 was the fact that the technology, the talent, and the funding driving startups all existed outside the corporate walls.

How this decade's tech changed the insurance industry PropertyCasualty360


Over the past decade technology has become increasingly interwoven into our daily lives and work. Back in 2010, tablets, battery-powered cars, augmented reality, smartwatches, consumer drones and smart speakers were hard to imagine. To say technology has transformed throughout the decade is an understatement. The same could be said of how technology has impacted the insurance industry in the 2010s. It has has enhanced how damage is assessed and claims are adjusted.

AirWorks Reveals the Top Reasons to Buy a Drone in 2020


AirWorks Is an Expert DJI Authorized Dealer Based in Dubai Offering Products, Consulting and Online Courses. Choosing the best drone on the market is not easy, as the offering is so wide and varied. DJI offers a solution for every need: from the extra-lightweight Mavic Mini, which films incredibly smooth videos, to more professional drones like the Mavic 2 Pro to record adrenaline-filled adventures. AirWorks uncovers the details about the all-time favorite DJI Mavic drones so everyone can finally make an informed purchase and start getting high-quality footage. Using a drone allows anyone to have a new perspective of the world.

AI Expert Claims We Need 'Greta Thunberg of Robot World' to Prevent Emergence of Dangerous Robots


Dr David Levy, an expert on artificial intelligence (AI), said in an interview with the Daily Star that the way technology is developing nowadays, the world might soon face a serious challenge from AI-equipped robots of all types. Levy complained that governments are acting too slowly when it comes to introducing new laws and addressing the new challenge, recalling how the Dutch Ministry of Defence had ignored his warnings regarding the potentially malign use of drones and, less than a year later, simple drones were able to paralyse the work of Gatwick Airport in the UK during Christmas season. The AI expert argues that in order to draw more attention to the problem, a "Greta Thunberg of the robot world" is needed, adding that dangerous robots are likely to harm humanity sooner than climate change. Thunberg, a famous teenage environmental activist, rose to prominence globally in recent years by rallying students around the world to take part in her "strikes for climate", which are designed to draw attention to ecological problems. She also made an appearance at a UN committee devoted to the topic, delivering a passionate speech in which she accused global leaders of doing too little to address climate change.

Scientists Repurpose Living Frog Cells to Develop World's First Living Robot


Deniz Kalaslioglu is the Co-Founder & CTO of Soar Robotics a cloud-connected Robotic Intelligence platform for drones. You have over 7 years of experience in operating AI-back autonomous drones. Could you share with us some of the highlights throughout your career? Back in 2012, drones were mostly perceived as military tools by the majority. On the other hand, the improvements in mobile processors, sensors and battery technology had already started creating opportunities for consumer drones to become mainstream.

Drones are growing into a $100 billion industry - Supply Chain Today


Drones will soon be a $100 billion industry. Military drones have been used for years and delivery drones will be here soon.

Sci-Fi Short Film "Slaughterbots" presented by DUST


"Slaughterbots" directed by Stewart Sugg In a dystopian world a new form of A.I. weaponry has been created. All these drone bots need is a profile: age, sex, fitness, uniform, and ethnicity. Take out your entire enemy virtually risk free. Just characterize him, release the swarm, and rest easy. The 7 minute film opens with a Silicon Valley CEO-type delivering a product presentation to a live audience a la Steve Jobs.

Mysterious drone swarms flying at night are baffling US authorities

New Scientist

Mysterious drone swarms have been seen flying in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming at night since December, sometimes over locations believed to house nuclear missile silos. A federal task force has been formed to investigate the drones' origin and purpose. The Phillips County Sheriff's Office in Colorado reported the first drones on 20 December. There have been hundreds of sightings since, some of groups of drones flying in grid patterns. Some observers assumed the drones were part of a military exercise, but the US Air Force has denied involvement.

CES 2020


I just dragged my sorry sack of cells around the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 for two days; it was hard work. Here are some notes of the things I saw during my visit. It's not intended to be a comprehensive review (nor an unbiased one), I'll leave that up to the professional journalists. This posting is just about what I happened to stroll into and piqued my interest. For the last few years I've done a write up on the show. Here are links to some of the previous years' reviews: What is better than a 4k TV? I think every major manufacturer had an 8k TV on display.