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Top MLOps Books In 2021


Machine learning is getting mainstreamed as many organisations have integrated or are trying to integrate ML systems into their products and platforms. MLOps is the branch of ML that unifies ML systems development (dev) and ML systems deployments (ops). We have curated a list of top MLOps books to help you get a handle on the subject (in no particular order). The Machine Learning Engineering book is one of the most complete applied AI books out there and is filled with best practices and design patterns of building reliable machine learning solutions at scale. Andriy Burkov has a PhD in AI and is currently the machine learning team leader at Gartner.

Practical Machine Learning for Computer Vision: End-to-End Machine Learning for Images: Lakshmanan, Valliappa, Görner, Martin, Gillard, Ryan: 9781098102364: Books


Machine learning on images is revolutionizing healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and many other sectors. Many previously difficult problems can now be solved by training machine learning (ML) models to identify objects in images. Our aim in this book is to provide intuitive explanations of the ML architectures that underpin this fast-advancing field, and to provide practical code to employ these ML models to solve problems involving classification, measurement, detection, segmentation, representation, generation, counting, and more. Image classification is the "hello world" of deep learning. Therefore, this book also provides a practical end-to-end introduction to deep learning. It can serve as a stepping stone to other deep learning domains, such as natural language processing.

Online workers are creating new tools to improve their working conditions. Will it work?


Mechanical Turk requesters outsource paid tasks and processes via the platform, where they are made available to workers, or Turkers. About a year ago, shortly after having a baby boy, Brittany set out to find ways that she could contribute financially as a stay-at-home mum. She soon discovered the crowdsourced work marketplace Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT) – and after working her way through the platform, started landing jobs that pay up to $50 per hour. At times, she laughs, she is even making more money than her husband. That is not to say that the "good work" came easily. Some savvy Googling and a few Reddit channels got things moving, but she still remembers starting off with "crappy stuff". Which video conferencing platform is right for your business? We've gathered details about 10 leading services. "I compare it to a video game," says Brittany, who did not want her full name reported.

Walmart Onn Streaming Stick and Device reviews: Surprisingly great budget streamers


If you're wondering which company makes the best streaming players for the least amount of money, you might not expect the answer to be Walmart. Walmart's $25 Onn FHD Streaming Stick and $30 UHD Streaming Device both undercut the cheapest comparable Roku and Fire TV streamers, yet the hardware doesn't seem compromised despite the low price. Meanwhile, Google's Android TV software provides a slick streaming menu, powerful voice search, and the ability to cast video from your phone. They don't support Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, or HDR10, and I had trouble getting TV volume and power controls to work on the cheaper FHD Streaming Stick. But if that doesn't happen to you, and your streaming needs aren't overly demanding, Walmart's devices are surprisingly hard to beat.

Amazon's 'New World' wants you to walk miles to see your friends

Washington Post - Technology News

Last weekend, I logged on again, and Andrea and I played with another friend who was starting the game and had spawned in First Light as well. This made the game more bearable for Andrea; she now had a buddy to do quests with, which is the point of an MMO. I started to do faction quests to level up and increase my standing with the Marauders, my chosen allegiance, which involved killing sheep, skinning them and venturing to some mines. After I completed these quests, I received the same quests again. In the beta, at least, it didn't feel as though there was much for me to do.

Amazon's 'AI-powered cameras in vans determine driver's pay by scoring them on safety infractions'

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Amazon is reportedly using artificial intelligence (AI) to determine how much its delivery drivers should be paid by and their employment status. According to The Information, which first reported the news, the AI-powered surveillance cameras in delivery trucks are monitoring the driver's behavior and scoring them on safety infractions like tailgating, speeding or illegal U-turns. The news outlet says it obtained confidential documents that reveal cameras inside vans count the number of potentially dangerous actions – most equal one point, but others like running a stop sign are worth 10 points. The documents also states that contracted drives receive a report card each week, showing their performance that ranges from'fantastic' to'poor' that shows how many infractions occurred for every 100 trips. Those with five or fewer violations per 100 trips usually receive a'fantastic' score, according to The Information. The Amazon documents also states that the firm will remove some infractions to balance to account for'edge cases' where the cameras' AI software misidentifies violations.

US military tests AI software that could let it predict events 'days in advance'

The Independent - Tech

The US military is conducting tests involving artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and sensors, that could give it the ability to predict events "days in advance". The system, called Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDE), has been tested in three times according to General Glen VanHerck, Commander of United States Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command. These two organisations are part of eleven unified combatant commands of the Department of Defense, which also include Space Command, Cyber Command, and various commands for geographic areas. "The threats we face and the pace of change in the geostrategic environment continues to advance at really alarming rates. We've entered a era of new and renewed strategic competition, and this time, we're facing two peer competitors, both nuclear-armed, that are competing against us on a daily basis", General VanHerck said during a press briefing.

Quantum Machine Learning: An Applied Approach: The Theory and Application of Quantum Machine Learning in Science and Industry: Ganguly, Santanu: 9781484270974: Books


Know how to adapt quantum computing and machine learning algorithms. This book takes you on a journey into hands-on quantum machine learning (QML) through various options available in industry and research. The first three chapters offer insights into the combination of the science of quantum mechanics and the techniques of machine learning, where concepts of classical information technology meet the power of physics. Subsequent chapters follow a systematic deep dive into various quantum machine learning algorithms, quantum optimization, applications of advanced QML algorithms (quantum k-means, quantum k-medians, quantum neural networks, etc.), qubit state preparation for specific QML algorithms, inference, polynomial Hamiltonian simulation, and more, finishing with advanced and up-to-date research areas such as quantum walks, QML via Tensor Networks, and QBoost. Hands-on exercises from open source libraries regularly used today in industry and research are included, such as Qiskit, Rigetti's Forest, D-Wave's dOcean, Google's Cirq and brand new TensorFlow Quantum, and Xanadu's PennyLane, accompanied by guided implementation instructions.

What is Artificial Intelligence? -- Suffixtree


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the field of computer science dedicated to solving cognitive problems commonly associated with human intelligence, such as learning, problem solving, and pattern recognition. Artificial Intelligence, often abbreviated as "AI", may connote robotics or futuristic scenes, AI goes well beyond the automatons of science fiction, into the non-fiction of modern day advanced computer science. Professor Pedro Domingos, a prominent researcher in this field, describes "five tribes" of machine learning, comprised of symbolists, with origins in logic and philosophy; connectionists, stemming from neuroscience; evolutionaries, relating to evolutionary biology; Bayesians, engaged with statistics and probability; and analogizers with origins in psychology. Recently, advances in the efficiency of statistical computation have led to Bayesians being successful at furthering the field in a number of areas, under the name "machine learning". Similarly, advances in network computation have led to connectionists furthering a subfield under the name "deep learning".

Bias in Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been swiftly infiltrating each aspect of our days and civilization. AI plays a notable role in human society, from hiring employees to the healthcare system and even criminal justice. Shaped by human norms and individual preferences, AI algorithms can lead to biases that are frequently subliminal, flawed. It is the outcome of the inadequate view of the world that individuals possess. Bias in AI is what we encounter when a machine-learning algorithm exhibits a systematically inaccurate result.