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Don't leave mopping out of spring cleaning. Save $50 on iRobot's robot mop instead.


Save $50: The iRobot Braava Jet M6 robot mop is on sale for $399.99 -- a discount that matches its lowest price ever at Amazon. Mopping should be an integral part of everyone's spring cleaning, but it's often a step that gets ignored. It's much easier to pretend like we're *not* stepping on dried bottom-of-shoe gunk with our bare feet. No one wants to mop manually, let alone get on their knees to scrub. A robot mop like iRobot's Braava Jet M6 picks up where a robot vacuum leaves off, and you can grab it for its lowest price ever at Amazon of $399.99.

AWS rekindles a crafty scheme to get developers into machine learning


Amazon wants to encourage more newcomers to the world of machine learning, and has given a new spin to an old idea to try and make it happen. Three years ago, the company created AWS DeepRacer, a racing competition where enthusiasts from all over the world would develop a 1/18 scale race car and power it with a machine learning model. The goal was to help more people get in on machine learning in a fun and engaging way, however two problems quickly arose: firstly, the competition was overrun by professionals, giving newbies and enthusiasts very little to hope for in the competition, and secondly, the Covid-19 pandemic forced the competition into a virtual environment. In an attempt to tackle these issues (at least the first one), AWS has now introduced two separate divisions for the competition – Open and Pro - with the first being open to everyone, and Pro for professional developers. The new version of AWS DeepRacer starts on March 1 and lasts until October 31.

[N] Mastering PyTorch - hands on deep learning with PyTorch is on Amazon


I recently wrote a book on deep learning - Mastering PyTorch which is now available on Amazon. It is an applied deep learning book with tons of exercises on training, testing, deploying, interpreting .. various kinds of deep learning models, using PyTorch. If you want to get hands-on proficiency in deep learning, this book can be a good resource. I have tried to keep the contents easy to grasp while retaining all the essential technical concepts.If you do get a copy, please let me know how you found it, and possibly leave an Amazon review. You can also read a synopsis of the book here.

Amazon makes Alexa Conversations generally available


Amazon on Monday announced the general availability of Alexa Conversations, a deep learning-based dialog manager for the Alexa Skills Kit. The tool, first introduced in preview in 2019, helps developers create more natural conversations with customers. "Natural language is actually a very difficult thing to emulate," Nedim Fresko, Amazon's VP of Alexa Devices and Developer Technologies, told ZDNet last year. "When people speak naturally, they change direction, they make contextual references to things they said. Sometimes they over-supply information, sometimes they under-supply it -- when that happens, consumers revert to robotic language and simple phrases, and developers just give up."

Amazon AI patent could spell the end for voiceover actors


A new plan by Amazon to use artificial intelligence (AI) to dub films could spell the end for voiceover actors. The technology giant has patented a system that would see computers learn the voices of Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise by studying their films. Amazon's computer systems could then automatically generate foreign language versions without any need for voiceover actors to dub the audio. The company used the example of "The Last Samurai" as an example use of the technology in its patent filing. By analysing how Cruise sounds in other films such as "Mission Impossible" and "Rain Man," Amazon could recreate his lines from "The Last Samurai" in French or Polish while still sounding recognisable.

Don't leave out the human touch in artificial intelligence


Retail is an intensely personal business, and the best artificial intelligence (AI) deployments recognize that fact. Amazon and the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics are co-sponsoring a competition to train machine learning models to predict the delivery routes chosen by experienced drivers. Amazon is providing all information used by existing route optimization algorithms as part of the training data. However, Amazon will also provide more than 4,000 traces of driver-determined routes, which encode the drivers' know-how. Using both sources of information, contestants will be able to build models that identify and predict drivers' deviations from routes computed in the traditional manner.

Approaching (Almost) Any Machine Learning Problem - KDnuggets


There are a growing number of works out there addressing how to approach machine learning problems, many of them quite good. But how many of them are written by a 4x Kaggle Grandmaster? Abhishek Thakur, the 4x Grandmaster in question -- who now works on NLP at Hugging Face -- wrote and released his book Approaching (Almost) Any Machine Learning Problem (AAAMLP) last year. The book can be purchased through Amazon for a very reasonable price, much more so than most other books of similar content. Additionally, however, Abhishek has recently released the entirety of the book online for free, available in PDF via its Github repo.

Top 5 Cloud Platform where you get Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS)


Most of the App you use in day to day life is Machine Learning enables. It is really difficult to deploy and manage Machine Learning applications in your own environment. Specially Machine learning-based Applications are quite resourced consuming in terms of hardware requirements. I found the majority of people work in AI-based company to support the infrastructure behind such applications. To overcome this problem we have good news. We have some cloud-based solutions in the market where you can run and deploy your ML-based application without any headache of managing server and all.

Programming Machine Learning: From Coding to Deep Learning: Perrotta, Paolo: 9781680506600: Books


There are many ways to implement a supervised learning system. The most popular of those is the neural network-- a brilliant algorithm that was loosely inspired by the connections of neurons in our own brains. Part II of this book is dedicated to neural networks. We'll grow the program from Part I into a full-fledged neural network. We'll have to overcome a few challenges along the way, but the payoff will be worth it: the final neural network will be way more powerful than the fledgling program we'll start off with.

Synthetic Data's Role In The Future Of AI - Liwaiwai


As technology improves, AI and ML applications are becoming increasingly pivotal for businesses to stay ahead of their competition. The time will soon come when a business that doesn't leverage AI in its decision making processes will find itself out in the cold. While AI holds a lot of potential, the technology is still nascent and prone to error. A big reason for this is the so-called "cold start" problem. ML algorithms rely on historical data being fed to them, so they can learn and get better and better at predicting future data patterns.