Together, these sensors detect and visualise everything around the truck, including cars, pedestrians and lamp posts. The system works with Caesium, a cloud-based platform (also developed by Oxbotica) that can manage and coordinate fleets of autonomous vehicles. The company sells a "smart platform" which gives other companies access to its delivery infrastructure -- the technology behind its apps, its warehouses and delivery vehicles. So it's very important for us to keep innovating and to keep doing exciting technology projects, because that will give us a competitive advantage going forward."

ARM Institute West Coast meeting review


Robotics manufacturing in the US will be getting federal support to match business or startup investments via the new Advanced Robotics Manufacturing (ARM) Institute. The federal government has committed over $1 billion, matched by over $2 billion in non-federal investment, across the Manufacturing USA network. China is now the world's largest purchaser of industrial robots from overseas, but is now creating Chinese robot manufacturing companies. As one of the industry partners, Silicon Valley Robotics was represented and I'm providing a summary of my notes on the event and presentations.

Can a robot be man's best friend?


This problem is becoming even more pronounced as many factory workers retire and millennials are less inclined to work in manufacturing jobs," explains Jim Lawton, chief product officer at Rethink Robotics. Robots working alongside humans could be the answer. We'll see more manufacturers adopting collaborative robots – they will change the way manufacturing is done globally "Repetitive handling processes are simple to automate and are often unhealthy to humans. These processes are the first to be automated," explains Mr Johansen.

Flipboard on Flipboard


Twice in the space of six weeks, the world has suffered major attacks of ransomware -- malicious software that locks up photos and other files stored on your computer, then demands money to release them. In the early days, identifying malicious programs such as viruses involved matching their code against a database of known malware. For instance, a program that starts encrypting files without showing a progress bar on the screen could be flagged for surreptitious activity, said Fabian Wosar, chief technology officer at the New Zealand security company Emsisoft. Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder and chief technology officer at the California vendor CrowdStrike, said that even if a particular system offers 99 percent protection, "it's just a math problem of how many times you have to deviate your attack to get that 1 percent."

Emotional Intelligence - Semantic Scholar


Writing in the first century B.C., Publilius Syrus stated, "Rule your feelings, lest your feelings rule you" [1}. A second tradition views emotion as an organizing response because it adaptively focuses cognitive activities and subsequent action [6,7]. Rather than characterizing emotion as chaotic, haphazard, and something to outgrow, Leeper suggested that emotions are primarily motivating forces; they are "processes which arouse, sustain, and direct activity" [6, p. 17]. Modern theories of emotion also see it as directing cognitive activities adaptively [8,9].

New Artificial Intelligence Hub At CMU Aims To Make Pittsburgh A World Leader In AI


Faculty and staff from several schools at Carnegie Mellon University are joining forces in an effort to accelerate the science of Artificial Intelligence. University leaders said they hope that by pulling together more than 100 faculty through the creation of CMU AI, it will maintain the university's role as a leader in the field. CMU School of Computer Science dean Andrew Moore said the "confederation" of faculty and students from various disciplines, which will allow the school to offer what he calls "full stack" education and research. "That means [the students] need to be able to hang out and work on projects in labs not just with the technology experts on specific parts of AI, like machine learning or computer vision, but they have seen examples of putting everything together," Moore said.

Zenith unveils 10 artificial intelligence trends for marketers – Zenith


Using bespoke algorithms, a team of data scientists and strategists from Zenith developed sophisticated machine learning technology that enabled the network to create an'automation loop': data collection, attribution and planning changes across multiple touchpoints – all done automatically. Our 10 trends assess how machine learning and other areas of AI will enhance the consumer experience along the journey to purchase and will create new marketing opportunities for brands. The Passive User Interface continually collects behavioural data from consumers' digital devices and by applying machine learning techniques can provide brands with powerful insights than can be used to customise consumer experiences. Powered by machine learning, chatbots enable automated interaction between consumers and brands via a messaging interface.

How to build a recommendation engine using Apache's Prediction IO Machine Learning Server


This post will guide you through installing Apache Prediction IO machine learning server. You've got bunch of data and you need to predict something accurately so you can help your business grow its sales, grow customers, grow profits, grow conversion, or whatever the business need is. The very first look at the documentation makes me feel good because it's giving me access to a powerful tech stack for solving machine learning problems. Considering this problem, we'll use a Recommendation Template with Prediction IO Machine Learning server.

Tools for Making Machine Learning Easier and Smoother


The computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, and audio recognition applications being developed using DL techniques need large amounts of computational power to process large amounts of data. There are three types of ML: supervised machine learning, unsupervised machine learning, and reinforcement learning. Another interesting example is Google DeepMind, which used DL techniques in AlphaGo, a computer program developed to play the board game Go. Using one of the world's most popular computer games, the developers of the project are creating a research environment open to artificial intelligence and machine learning researchers around the world.



The algorithm can be used for predicting an output vector y given an input matrix X. In the first step a tree ensemble is generated with gradient boosting. The trees are then used to form rules, where the paths to each node in each tree form one rule. A rule is a binary decision if an observation is in a given node, which is dependent on the input features that were used in the splits.