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Develop your skills and job performance with our skills pathway. With more than 50 Plus courses, we provide the option for learners to select courses of their choice. LabCentral is an innovative online lab platform provided by WiselyWise exclusively for our students. LabCentral will provide students a virtual lab environment, where they can work on various assignments and experiments required to be completed as part of their enrolled courses. Using LabCentral gives students the perfect online platform that can be accessed remotely via a simple login, and is an essential element in their journey of understanding and assimilation of Artificial Intelligence knowledge.

Top 10 Amazing Python Developers to Follow in 2021


Python is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, and for good reason. Because of its vast libraries and flexible structure, it's simple to learn, has consistent and easy-to-parse syntax, and is utilized for artificial intelligence applications. The platform's spectacular ascent has sparked a devoted community, fueled in no little part by its adoption by big companies such as DropBox, Reddit, and Instagram, to name a few. Check out this list of Python developers to follow if you're seeking Python programmers who are leading the charge. The people on this list have solid technical credentials, are constantly adding new and interesting features to the platform, and have a strong social media presence.

UK health secretary hopes AI projects can tackle racial inequality


UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid has greenlit a series of AI-based projects that aim to tackle racial inequalities in the NHS. Racial inequality continues to be rampant in healthcare. Examining the fallout of COVID-19 serves as yet another example of the disparity between ethnicities. In England and Wales, males of Black African ethnic background had the highest rate of death involving COVID-19, 2.7 times higher than males of a White ethnic background. Females of Black Caribbean ethnic background had the highest rate, 2.0 times higher than females of White ethnic background.

'Gutfeld' on Enes Kanter speaking against Communist China

FOX News

'Gutfeld!' panel weighs in on China's response to the statement This is a rush transcript of "Gutfeld" on October 22, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. Bad things are happening, but it's OK because we're all in this together. What did we get from Joe? An incoherent jumble of memories and confused looks. What the hell was that? JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Forty percent of all products coming into the United States of America on the West Coast go through Los Angeles and -- what am I doing here? COOPER: Do you have plans to visit the southern border? BIDEN: I've been there before and I haven't -- I mean, I know it well. I guess I should go down. But what you see is wages are actually up. I have the freedom to kill you. My guess is you'll start to see gas prices come down as we get by -- and going into the winter. I mean, excuse me, and then next year in 2022. I must tell you, I don't have a near-term answer. Well, that was the opposite of comforting. It seems his only strategy is to deflect from our current misery to promising more misery. Angelo Negri was from memory ranch. And she came up to me one day when I was -- when they just had announced that I had flown one million some X number of miles on Air Force aircraft. And asked, she comes up and I'm getting in the car and he goes, Joey baby, what do you do?

Why detective video games are the perfect way to experience a mystery

The Guardian

In one of her best books, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Agatha Christie puts these words into the mouth of her least favourite character, Hercule Poirot: "Understand this, I mean to arrive at the truth. The truth, however ugly in itself, is always curious and beautiful to seekers after it." All detective stories are an attempt to reflect this. Uncovering the truth through clever reasoning, observation and logic is wondrous. You are forced to look at the world anew: a misplaced chair is no longer just a chair, but indicative of a killer's escape; a removed lightbulb tells us the killer did not want to be seen.

Introduction to Boosted Trees


Welcome to my new article series: Boosting algorithms in machine learning! This is Part 1 of the series. Here, I'll give you a short introduction to boosting, its objective, some key definitions and a list of boosting algorithms that we intend to cover in the next posts. You should be familiar with elementary tree-based machine learning models such as decision trees and random forests. In addition to that, it is recommended to have good knowledge of Python and its Scikit-learn library.

Challenges to coordinate policies on AI regulation: international conference


The Council of Europe and the Hungarian presidency of its Committee of Ministers are holding an online international conference on 26 October to discuss the challenges governments face to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) in a coordinated manner. Under the theme "Current and Future Challenges of Coordinated Policies on AI Regulation", the event will showcase various AI governance models and examine the interplay between national policies and the work of the Council of Europe and other organisations. One of the main contributions of the Council of Europe in this field is the work of the intergovernmental AI expert body CAHAI, which is examining the development of an international legal framework for the development, design and application of artificial intelligence based on the Council of Europe's standards on human rights, democracy and the rule. Representatives of international organisations, national policy experts, IT companies, civil society and academia will discuss the way to improve AI policymaking at the global, regional and national level. They will also examine case studies on best practices of AI governance and discuss issues such as the possible long-term societal effects of AI and the sustainable development of AI applications.

Artificial intelligence: The future of businesses


The future belongs to intelligent automation. With that said, organizations adopting artificial intelligence (AI) or giving it a top priority in their digital transformation initiatives will be the leaders for tomorrow. AI adoption comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. One of the most common misnomers of AI adoption is that it poses a threat to jobs, which cannot be farther from the truth. It's time for organizations to embrace AI as "machines for humans" instead of "humans vs. machines." AI can be used to perform specific tasks that generally require human intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning- What's the difference in 2021


Although Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are often used interchangeably, are they the same thing? Data science has become the new sensation in today's world. With copious amounts of data being generated daily, it only makes sense for companies to make use of the technologies to make appropriate analyses to make sound decisions. Whether it's a recommendation on Netflix, or Google Maps, or a Ride on Uber, there are a lot of benefits and convenience provided by these technologies. Companies can leverage these technologies to provide a better experience, maximize sales and profits if they can leverage the data and predict the consumer behaviour and purchasing pattern-The right way.

The MAPA toolkit: sharing your data privately


Think of all the data sources which include your personal information within the public administration services; be it bank account details, financial or medical records, tax information, etc. We often take it for granted that our data is safe and protected. However, what happens when this information is shared among different public administration entities? In reality, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws safeguard the general public by limiting what data can be shared among entities, requiring that the data be anonymised before it is shared among different entities, including those within the public administration. The Multilingual Anonymisation for Public Administration (MAPA) Project is a European-funded project which is developing an open-source toolkit that enables effective and reliable text anonymisation, focusing on the medical and legal domains.