Is Matter Conscious? - Issue 82: Panpsychism


The nature of consciousness seems to be unique among scientific puzzles. Not only do neuroscientists have no fundamental explanation for how it arises from physical states of the brain, we are not even sure whether we ever will. Astronomers wonder what dark matter is, geologists seek the origins of life, and biologists try to understand cancer--all difficult problems, of course, yet at least we have some idea of how to go about investigating them and rough conceptions of what their solutions could look like. Our first-person experience, on the other hand, lies beyond the traditional methods of science. Following the philosopher David Chalmers, we call it the hard problem of consciousness. But perhaps consciousness is not uniquely troublesome. Going back to Gottfried Leibniz and Immanuel Kant, philosophers of science have struggled with a lesser known, but equally hard, problem of matter. What is physical matter in and of itself, behind the mathematical structure described by physics?

Machine learning is nearly ubiquitous in accounting operations, ERPs


The technology is mainly used to set up touch-free processes for repetitive functions such as accounts payable and receivable. Machine learning is far more integrated into accounting, planning and forecasting operations than many professionals realize, finance technology consultants said in a webinar. A lot of the cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other platforms finance teams use already have machine learning built in, and that will only increase, said Kris Murphy, principal of The Hackett Group. "It's going to get to the point where ... when you enter a forecast number, the machine learning algorithm will say, 'Last time you missed by 10%, you average a miss of 8%, maybe you should think about that number,'" said Murphy. "I believe that is where we're going to be going with machine learning."

What is Machine Learning? Basics of Machine Learning ( 2020)


The third section of the curriculum is all about practice. In order to truly master the concepts above you will need to use the skills in some projects that ideally closely resemble a real-world application. By doing this you will encounter problems to work through such as missing and erroneous data and develop a deep level of expertise in the subject. In this last section, I will list some good places you can get this practical experience from for free. "With deliberate practice, however, the goal is not just to reach your potential but to build it, to make things possible that were not possible before. This requires challenging homeostasis -- getting out of your comfort zone -- and forcing your brain or your body to adapt.",

Build a custom-trained object detection model with 5 lines of code


These days, machine learning and computer vision are all the craze. We've all seen the news about self-driving cars and facial recognition and probably imagined how cool it'd be to build our own computer vision models. However, it's not always easy to break into the field, especially without a strong math background. Libraries like PyTorch and TensorFlow can be tedious to learn if all you want to do is experiment with something small. In this tutorial, I present a simple way for anyone to build fully-functional object detection models with just a few lines of code.

How AI is Redefining Education


Artificial intelligence is an immensely powerful tool, the effects of which are being felt across a range of industries, sectors, and disciplines. Its application to challenges ranging from wildlife preservation to deep space exploration proves its versatility, while machine learning courses are being taught to the next generation of researchers so that its full potential can be realized in years to come. Of course, even education itself is being shaped by the influence of AI, so here is a look at how machine learning is having an impact on human learning. One of the biggest struggles that teachers face today is being able to effectively manage their time and balance the administrative responsibilities that are unavoidable as part of their roles while also being able to dedicate themselves to the job of actually engaging with students. AI offers up the power to automate many of the more mundane tasks involved in the job of teaching, empowering educators to focus on the things that got them interested in imparting knowledge to others in the first place.

Using Machine Learning to Help Lattice Identify the End Market of Over 50,000 Potential Customers - InterVision


Question: What would you say is the greatest challenge you face, as the head of the corporate marketing team at Lattice? We need to make sure that potential customers are aware of Lattice, and, most importantly, that they come engage with us and work their way through the lead to revenue funnel. So, the problem isn't just getting more traffic--we also need to engage traffic, increase funnel yield, and get more people coming down through the pipe. That means talking to people on their own terms and serving them content they'll find relevant. Question: Serving personalized content can be challenging, especially when you have thousands of customers.

AI Improves Healthcare? 91% Of Healthcare Executives Say It Does


Recent surveys, studies, forecasts and other quantitative assessments of the progress of AI highlight the increasing presence of AI in the healthcare industry, the assistance AI may provide in the future to workers' cognitive tasks, and the continuing acceleration in data production and dissemination. Of the $27 billion raised, U.S. startups accounted for $17 billion, up from $13.3 billion the previous year. Chinese AI startups, on the other hand, raised only $2.9 billion in 2019, down from $4.7 billion in 2018. Big companies wouldn't be investing billions [in AI] if it wasn't producing for them"--Geoffrey Hinton "Artificial intelligence enables us to process the vast quantity of data across our businesses to generate new insights which can keep us ahead of the competition"--Yuri Sebregts, chief technology officer, Shell

CIFAR AI Catalyst Grants


One-day research workshops on the application of AI approaches to a dedicated area of research (e.g. Workshops may be held in any Canadian city, but must include participants from multiple research institutions (universities, research institutes, research hospitals). The goal of the workshop should be to identify opportunities for the application of AI to the specific domain of interest, identify emerging research opportunities and foster the development of new collaborations. Up to $20,000 of funding is available and applicants will be asked to provide a complete budget. CIFAR will provide some logistical support to workshop organizers (e.g.

Building vs. Buying: Which AI Approach is Best?


Over 80% of executives believe failing to get on board with artificial intelligence (AI) now will cost their organization for the next decade, according to Vanson Bourne. AI is driving revolutionary capabilities across the enterprise with departments like sales, marketing, HR and finance leveraging the technology for some of their most essential functions. As a result, organizations have increased their investment in AI by 23% over the last 12 months. But how are they investing? There are two paths to AI investment: building solutions in-house or buying from a third-party vendor.