AI Update: What Happens When a Computer Denies Your Insurance Coverage Claim? Lexology


Artificial intelligence is your new insurance claims agent. For years, insurance companies have used "InsurTech" AI to underwrite risk. But until recently, the use of AI in claims handling was only theoretical. The advent of AI claims handling creates new risks for policyholders, but it also creates new opportunities for resourceful policyholders to uncover bad faith and encourage insurers to live up to their side of the insurance contract.Most readers are familiar with Lemonade, the InsurTech start-up that boasts a three-second AI claims review process. However, as noted in a Law360 article last year, Lemonade deferred any potential claim denials for human review, so the prospect of AI bad faith is still untested.

AIs are being trained on racist data – and it's starting to show


Machine learning algorithms process vast quantities of data and spot correlations, trends and anomalies, at levels far beyond even the brightest human mind. But as human intelligence relies on accurate information, so too do machines. Algorithms need training data to learn from. This training data is created, selected, collated and annotated by humans. And therein lies the problem.

Ninety7 Sky Tote Portable Battery Base review: Take your second-gen Amazon Echo anywhere


Amazon's decision to design its second-generation Amazon Echo smart speaker with a removable sleeve makes the device customizable. But there's a hidden feature I wasn't aware of until I installed Ninety7's Sky Tote Portable Battery Base: a set of electrical contacts tucked behind a rubber plug on the bottom of the speaker. These contacts enable the Echo 2 to draw power directly from the Sky Tote's large battery, which is charged in turn by the AC adapter that comes with the Echo 2. Operating your Echo 2 on battery power allows you to take the smart speaker with you into any room in your home or even into the yard if your Wi-Fi network is strong enough to reach there. That's a much less expensive alternative to putting an Echo in every room for smart home control, or investing in a multi-room audio system so you can listen to music everywhere. You can also take a battery-powered Echo 2 on picnics and camping trips if you create a mobile hotspot with your smartphone.

How to make the most of Roku voice controls


If you want to control a Roku player or Roku smart TV by voice, you have lots of options. Many Roku devices include a remote control that supports voice commands, and you can also control Roku hands-free with an Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speaker. But along with all those voice control options comes several limitations, especially when it comes to launching videos or TV channels directly. Knowing what Roku can and can't do will spare you some headaches when you're barking out orders. We'll talk through how to get set up with Roku voice controls, a list of supported voice commands, and some tips for making your experience smoother.

Apple event: What to expect from the new streaming service and news product

Washington Post

On Monday, Apple is expected to announce something altogether different from its typical new products that consumers can touch and feel: A subscription service that in some ways resembles Amazon Prime and will include Apple's own films and television shows with Hollywood stars including Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steven Spielberg. Usually, when Apple holds big, splashy press events, it unveils a new product like the iPhone or the MacBook. For years, Apple's business has centered around the iPhone, but sales of that once-revolutionary but now commonplace device have slowed. And the entire world of computers has been flipped on its head. Apple has been diversifying beyond hardware, selling iCloud storage to its customers, a $10 a month music streaming service and movies and television shows through iTunes.

How GMU students' eating habits changed when delivery robots invaded their campus

Washington Post

In the first days after a fleet of 25 delivery robots descended on George Mason University's campus in January, school officials could only speculate about the machines' long-term impact. The Igloo cooler-sized robots from the Bay Area start-up Starship Technologies -- which were designed to deliver food on demand across campus -- appeared to elicit curious glances and numerous photos, but not much else. It was clear, officials said at the time, that more time and more data would be necessary to understand whether the robots would actually change the campus culture or become a forgettable novelty. Today, some of that data emerged for the first time. In the two months since the robots arrived at the Fairfax, Va.-based school, an extra 1,500 breakfast orders have been delivered autonomously, according to Starship Technologies and Sodexo, a company that manages food services for GMU on contract and works closely with the robots.

How a Brooklyn renewable energy company ended up making a surveillance drone — Future Blink


Pliant Energy Systems has spent the last two years developing a drone named Velox. The robot, which was initially meant to be a generator that could harness the flow of water, is now more of a sleek-looking surveillance drone with potential to one day even help deliver medical supplies and ammo in combat. We spoke to the founder and CEO of Pliant about the evolution of his company. We also wanted to see the robot in person because it's really cool.

Save up to £68 on robot vacuums in the eufy spring sale


Spring is the best time of the year, and we're not listening to anyone arguing for summer. Don't even try and go there with autumn or winter. The temperatures are on the up, but not yet uncomfortable. Flowers are blossoming, and the earth is not yet scorched by the sun. The days are getting longer, and they will continue to do so for a few months.

Snag two Echo Dot Kids Edition devices for the price of one at Amazon


You know that Amazon's Alexa can answer your questions, control smart devices, and queue your music, but did you know that Alexa is also a kid-friendly DJ, comedian, and storyteller? That's how Amazon describes its Echo Dot Kids Edition, equipped with a kid-friendly Alexa assistant. If you have more than one kid and they're not into sharing, we have some good news: Amazon is running a buy one get one free deal on the Echo Dot Kids Edition with the code KIDS2PACK, meaning you just pay $69.99 for two of the devices. Your kids can ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, read stories, tell jokes, and more, and every response will have younger ears in mind. So, you can rest easy knowing your children won't be exposed to adult content.

Linares López

AAAI Conferences

In this paper we propose a new algorithm for solving general two-player turn-taking games that performs symbolic search utilizing binary decision diagrams (BDDs). It consists of two stages: First, it determines all breadth-first search (BFS) layers using forward search and omitting duplicate detection, next, the solving process operates in backward direction only within these BFS layers thereby partitioning all BDDs according to the layers the states reside in. We provide experimental results for selected games and compare to a previous approach. This comparison shows that in most cases the new algorithm outperforms the existing one in terms of runtime and used memory so that it can solve games that could not be solved before with a general approach.