Central Learning Releases 4th Annual Nationwide ICD-10 Coder Performance Data


Central Learning, a web-based coding assessment and education application, released the results of the 4th annual nationwide ICD-10 coding contest. Central Learning is part of the Pena4, Inc. suite of health information and revenue cycle technology solutions for healthcare organizations. Manny Peña, RHIA, Founder and CEO of Pena4, Inc., announced today that Kristin Iovino from Lexington, Massachusetts, received $1,000 for achieving the highest average accuracy and productivity scores for outpatient cases. This year's contest focused on outpatient coding performance to address some of the challenges associated with the surge in outpatient reimbursement, coding errors and claim denials, with the goal of helping HIM, coding and revenue cycle teams pinpoint opportunities for improvement. Four years of coding contests have resulted in over 10,000 real medical record cases using Central Learning, a real-time, online coder assessment tool for HIM.

What Is Probability?


Uncertainty involves making decisions with incomplete information, and this is the way we generally operate in the world. Handling uncertainty is typically described using everyday words like chance, luck, and risk. Probability is a field of mathematics that gives us the language and tools to quantify the uncertainty of events and reason in a principled manner. In this post, you will discover a gentle introduction to probability. Photo by Emma Jane Hogbin Westby, some rights reserved.

Populism, Technology and Law


Places at the workshop are limited, please, contact us if you are interested in attending the event. Within the framework of the CEU ITI Comparative Populism Project this one-day workshop brings together CEU faculty and international scholars working on topics related to populism, technology, law, and governance within different disciplinary traditions. The aim is to explore the technological challenges to the rule of law, and to analyze the contribution of various emerging technologies to the increasing manifestation of populism. In order to arrive at more generalizable conclusions about the function of populism in public policy, party politics, public administration, the law, and foreign policy, this workshop focuses on the role of technology and governance. The workshop seeks to answer two pressing questions: What is the relationship between populist politics and new digital technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine learning?

Huawei Wants To Tackle NVIDIA And Google With A Solid AI Strategy


It supports mainstream deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch and PaddlePaddle. Tensor Engine and its operators are Huawei's equivalent of NVIDIA cuDNN, a library that makes CUDA accessible to AI developers. MindSpore is Huawei's own unified training/inference framework architected to be design-friendly, operations-friendly that's adaptable to multiple scenarios. It includes core subsystems, such as a model library, graph compute, and tuning toolkit; a unified, distributed architecture for machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning; a flexible program interface along with support for multiple languages. MindSpore is highly optimized for Ascend chips. It takes advantage of the hardware innovations that went into the design of the AI chips.

The renaissance of silicon will create industry giants – TechCrunch


Every time we binge on Netflix or install a new internet-connected doorbell to our home, we're adding to a tidal wave of data. In just 10 years, bandwidth consumption has increased 100 fold, and it will only grow as we layer on the demands of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics and self-driving cars. According to Intel, a single robo car will generate 4 terabytes of data in 90 minutes of driving. That's more than 3 billion times the amount of data people use chatting, watching videos and engaging in other internet pastimes over a similar period. Tech companies have responded by building massive data centers full of servers.

How deep learning can maximize player performance in sports


We treat athletes as if they are real-life superheroes that overcome physical challenges to achieve greatness in their respective sports. Today's athletes are physically faster, stronger and more agile than the generation before, but something is wrong. We have not made the same progress in improving athletes' mental skills and health as we have physical skills and health. The focus of any individual or team sport is to maximize player performance. In our sports culture, we are obsessed with team and player statistics using traditional measures in each sport.

Damage from Iran-linked drone attack on Saudi oil facility captured in satellite images

FOX News

Hudson Institute senior fellow Michael Pregent says he believes without a doubt that Iran was involved in the attacks on Saudi oil facilities. Saudi oil sites attacked on Saturday -- in a drone assault linked to Iran -- were seen to have sustained damage after satellite images released Sunday captured char marks and smoke billowing from the world's largest oil processing facility. The weekend attack ignited huge fires at Saudi Aramco's Abqaiq oil processing facility and interrupted about 5.7 million barrels of crude oil production -- over 5 percent of the world's daily supply. U.S. satellite images appeared to show approximately 17 points of impact on key infrastructure at the site after the attack. While Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels have since claimed responsibility for the attack, the U.S. has accused Iran of launching the assault.

r/MachineLearning - Sourcing data for a job recommendation system [research]


I'm an undergraduate data scientist, about to start work on my dissertation project. I thought I'd create a system that, given someone's career history and education, predicts what job they're likely to get, and at what company. Essentially this is to help focus the efforts of job seekers, and help them get to where they belong. Originally I planned to do this by scraping data from LinkedIn profiles. From the LinkedIn profile, you can obtain information about someone's current job and employer, as well as their career history and education.