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Music Genre Classification using Machine Learning


What is powering the onslaught of Artificial Intelligence in every industry across the world? In very simple words, you teach the machine how to derive results. The results purely depend on algorithms used and the data that is poured to train/teach the machine. Machine learning is being used to power recommendation systems, audio/video classification software, autonomous driving, and many more industrial processes. There are 97 million songs in the world, now these are just the songs that are documented.

We're More of Ourselves When We're in Tune with Others - Issue 104: Harmony


When musicians have chemistry, we can feel it. There's something special among them that's missing when they perform alone. Anyone who's heard a Mick Jagger solo album knows that's the case. Clearly nature wants us to jam together and take flight out of our individual selves. The reward is transcendence, our bodies tell us so. It's a question that one of the most refreshing neuroscientists who studies music has been probing lately. Refreshing because her lab is not only in academia but also on stage, where she performs as an opera singer and with chamber ensembles. Talking to Indre Viskontas is a treat because she animates her research as a scientist with her experiences as an artist.

How to connect Alexa to a Bluetooth speaker


Amazon Echos don't have the most powerful speakers. But you can synch your Amazon Echo with any Bluetooth speaker to have your music play from both your Amazon Echo and your Bluetooth speaker to add some more volume or spread out sound to multiple rooms in your home. The Amazon Echo is a speaker and smart home device that houses Alexa, Amazon's voice-operated virtual assistant. Alexa can do a variety of tasks from reading you the news to reminding you of an appointment and yes, Alexa can play music, even off Spotify. The Echo just isn't that loud, so it's helpful to pair your Echo with a Bluetooth speaker for the best listening experience.

How Arturia made its music-making software more accessible


When visually impaired music producer Jason Dasent decided to buy a collection of instrument plugins from Arturia about four years ago, he did so despite his suspicion that the company's tools wouldn't be accessible. "At that point I couldn't browse and use the software," he said. "I pretty much couldn't do anything." He had spent some $500 on Arturia's V Collection 5, a set of virtual instruments that included recreations of some vintage synths he wanted to use. It was cheaper than spending hundreds of thousands on actual synths, he told himself.

Senior Data Scientist - Advertising


We work at the intersection of advertising and messaging technologies to connect millions of brands to billions of fans. As part of the Advertising team, we're paving the way for a sustainable global Spotify business that allows even more creators to make a living off their art. Come join us and help build the platform that powers promotion at Spotify. We are looking for a Data Scientist to join Spotify's Advertising Business Unit. The Advertising Business Unit is responsible for the success of Spotify's freemium business model that allows us to deliver an amazing free experience to more than 200 million users worldwide.

How AI is Transforming Music Composition -- Xyonix, AI Consulting & Custom Solutions


The application of AI in creative spaces like music and art is not new, but recent years have seen a dramatic expanse in machine learning capabilities in music composition. AI is being used by researchers and startups to compose soundtracks and soundscapes, and to create original songs within the style of specific genres and artists. Just as work by writers regularly appears alongside robot authors in sports, financial, and other news, Human musical artists are increasingly sharing the stage with artificial intelligence.

Need a Soundtrack for Your YouTube Video? Ask an AI Composer


In a recent demo conducted over Zoom, I watched as the music composition app Dynascore transformed the entire emotional tenor of a short video multiple times in under a minute, all without altering a single frame of the visuals. What began in my short briefing as a very serious workout ad with a very serious soundtrack--something where you'd expect to see neon sweat pouring out of the athlete's head behind a Gatorade logo--quickly changed in tone to something a bit funnier. The machine intelligence engine inside Dynascore swapped out the action film theme music for Beethoven's somber Moonlight Sonata, suddenly transforming the video into a dark comedy. A few taps of the mouse on the other end of the Zoom window, a few seconds of rendering, and I was watching the same video with a modern pop song now layered over it, equally form-fitting to the burly close-ups on screen. This time, the result felt more like a music video.

AI start-ups explore bringing giants of history 'back to life'


Big tech firms are reportedly developing technology based on artificial intelligence that would recreate digital replicas of long-dead historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln that could perform real-life tasks like running companies or countries. Earlier this year, two researchers at Microsoft received approval for a patent for a'conversational chat bot'. The technology creates a three-dimensional digital simulation of a human complete with voice reconstruction and distinct personality traits pieced together by an algorithm examining that person's social media posts. Data gleaned from the person's social media, emails, letters, and other sources would create an aggregate'chat bot' that can'converse and interact in the personality of the specific person.' That would enable people to converse with digital replicas of their departed loved ones.

Data Scientist - New Product Innovation


The Freemium R&D team oversees the entire user journey on Spotify and ensures we engage with people in innovative ways, every step of the way. Our team grows Spotify's audience by finding future listeners around the world and delivering the right value to them, at the right time. With research, product development, product design, engineering, and marketing all collaborating in one organization, we're able to quickly create meaningful features and services for millions of people around the world, resulting in joyful, long-lasting relationships with Spotify. We are looking for an experienced Data Scientist to join our Freemium Product Insights team. Our team is responsible for identifying user needs across global markets and building new product offerings to meet them.

Augmented Reality Trends: Check to Make a Smart Choice for Your Business!


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has broadly achieved popularity in the music industry in recent years. The primary reason behind it is an evolution that took place in the streaming sector in recent years. Another reason is core music streaming app development. Most artists and streaming app companies are investing in streaming app like Pandora, Spotify, and many others. It helps them to analyze everything starting from users' preferences of the listeners and deliver work accordingly.