Apple Music Update Adds 'OK Google' Support To Android App

International Business Times

Apple rolled out a new version of its Apple Music app for Android. With version 2.2.0, users who are accessing the Apple service via an Android device can now use the "OK Google" voice command to control Apple Music. This feature is actually part of the iOS 11 update that Apple started rolling out to iOS users yesterday. Apple has updated its Apple Music app for Android.

The next big act out of Abbey Road could be an AI startup


Between 1962 and 1970, the Beatles recorded nearly all their singles and albums at London's Abbey Road Studios using one of EMI's innovative REDD mixing consoles. "We are aware of the studio's heritage of continually tracking technology as it changed over the years," says Jon Eades, innovation manager at Abbey Road Red, the studio's technology incubator, which launched in 2015. Uberchord, an AI-powered guitar-learning app, now has licensing deals with Sony and Universal, including a collection of Beatles songs; another graduate, Tokyo-based QRATES, is the first online crowdfunding platform for artists and labels to collect pre-orders from fans to fund vinyl pressing. Abbey Road Red's latest intake includes AI Music, which has created an app called Ripple that personalises tracks for each listener.

Vevo: Sr. Machine Learning Engineer


Vevo is the world's leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform with over 24 billion monthly views globally. Vevo delivers a personalized and expertly curated experience for audiences to explore and discover music videos, exclusive original programming and live performances from the artists they love on mobile, web and connected TV. Take a look inside Vevo: We are growing our Data team and creating the next generation of Vevo's data services. The team's mission is to deliver intelligent, personalized, entertainment experiences and insights to our users, artists, record labels, and internal business groups.

Apple Music's Android app adds voice search and social features


Apple announced that it would bring your friends' listening habits to Apple Music at WWDC this past summer. Now, Android-using Apple Music fans will be able to see their friends' listening habits, too, with a new update to the app in the Google Play store. The updated Android Apple Music app also has a new voice search, a recently played widget and shortcuts to Beats 1 and Search functions. If you tap and hold the Apple Music app icon, you'll have the option to play Beats 1 or start a new search without having to launch the app first.

Cities are getting thirsty for that new Amazon headquarters


Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto wasted no time making his intentions of wooing the giant company clear. Kansas City mayor Sly James also gave his city's bid a shout-out on Twitter and linked to a Kansas City Star editorial board piece that noted all the plusses in Kansas City. Amazon to Chicago would certainly bolster the tech scene...but ya know, maybe our the Chicago tech scene is doing just fine. It's probably going to go to Denver anyway, so good job, good effort, everyone else.

C by GE Sol review: GE has transplanted Alexa's brain into a funky lamp


But in addition to letting you use voice commands to control the lamp's brightness, the Sol also lets you use voice commands to change the color temperature of its outer white LED light ring, from a cool 6,500K to a warm 2,000K (the inner LED ring is reserved for visual feedback--more on that later). That enables you to use voice commands to also control any C by GE smart bulbs in your home--adjusting the brightness of the C-Life and C-Sleep and tweaking the color temperature of the C-Sleep. When Alexa responds, the dots briefly shift to a grayish white and then back to blue before turning off by traveling back down the left and right sides of the ring. The Sol does support Spotify Connect, so you can stream Spotify music to it its speaker, but you can't control Spotify with voice commands.

AI is on Its Way to the Enterprise, Bringing Easy Analytics with It - insideBIGDATA


I won't define machine learning and artificial intelligence here; there are many very good primers available if you're interested in more information. Meanwhile, for 80% of what we need, experts have been replaced by technology that relies on AI and machine learning. Spotify or Apple Music have replaced music critics, using machine learning and artificial intelligence to make recommendations based on our past behavior and people like us. Because I'm interested in the same information and data at work, machine learning and AI will be able to learn about my usage, interests, typical queries and more.

Watch this robot conduct Andrea Bocelli and an entire symphonic orchestra in Italy


You might have heard someone say that "one day robots will replace humans, they'll even be able to conduct an orchestra!". He directed Andrea Bocelli, the popular Italian tenor, as he sang "La Donna è Mobile", the aria from Verdi's Rigoletto. Even if you're a classical music expert, I challenge you to close your eyes and listen carefully to YuMi's direction. Do you notice any discrepancies compared to a human director?

AI and a Human Make a Pop Record... For Real


There was a crazy AI-written movie script a while back, and a couple of attempts by AI at producing music . In another case, Google AI produced some, shall we say, abstruse piano fragments. Singer/songwriter -- and YouTube star -- Taryn Southern is working on an collection of songs whose instrumental backings were created entirely by an AI program (Southern writes the melodies and lyrics). This may be why you set the length of Amper music in minutes and seconds, to match a video's length.

Four-Armed Marimba Robot Uses Deep Learning to Compose Its Own Music

IEEE Spectrum Robotics Channel

The melody and harmonic structure that you're hearing is the output of a four-measure-long seed melody running through a neural network that's been trained on nearly 5,000 complete songs (including music by Beethoven, The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane), along with 2 million motifs, riffs, licks, and other foundational musical elements. Weinberg calls Shimon's music "beautiful, inspiring, and strange," and we'd have to agree: This is something with coherence and structure, but it's also completely unique. One can imagine that if we extend the data set to include other music, and if we provide different kinds of seed melodies, the music Shimon will generate would be quite different. A similar process is done in this work for music so that a network learns how to effectively represent small musical snippets such that similar snippets are grouped closer together.