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Amazon's bestselling smart speaker, the 3rd Gen Echo Dot is now under £30

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Amazon's bestselling and most popular smart speaker, the 3rd generation Echo Dot with Alexa voice control is a must-have smart device for any home. And with a current saving of 40 per cent (£20), this is an incredible deal that shouldn't be missed. Now just £29.99, the Echo Dot can stream songs, set timers and connect with other Amazon devices. It can also track fitness, answer questions, and allow you to voice control your home. Simply plug in, connect to wifi, and the Alexa smart speaker is ready to go.

Review: HYMR - 'Artificial Intelligence'


Johannesburg-based producer HYMR's debut album, Artificial Intelligence is dripping in cinematic glory but for a handful of tracks that, while sounding good, don't add any weight to the piece. Fillers aside the record paints an intriguing portrait of the cyber-dystopia we are so rapidly heading towards where robots have the power to kill us and the environment has been tortured to within an inch of its life. 'Artificial Intelligence', a remix of a track that features, later on, sounds like the intro to a dystopian film. A young protagonist stands on the roof of a high-rise building dreaming of a better world as they look out on a 21st-century Hell-scape defined by monotonous grey buildings and never-ending rain. 'Cosmic Dreamer', an instrumental number that brings a world of tension to the album, continues this cinematic idea before'Polluted Planet' takes things in a more EDM-based direction.

Muru Music looks to launch AI music therapy platform


At first glance, Muru Music Health comes across as another digital music streaming platform. But according to founder Nicc Johnson, the digital platform has been designed specifically to tailor the listening experience to a person's music tastes. "What streaming services today do really well is they look at the aggregate of user data -- of millions of users -- and they find patterns to be able to recommend music to you. Collaborative filtering in a nutshell," he said. "The difference here is we are looking at the individual, and we're looking specifically for music to help them relax, exercise, or trigger positive memories. That means we can't really rely on music listening of another user because it doesn't have the same affects."

How to play your personal music collection on Google Home and Chromecast


Google Play Music is currently the best streaming music service for people who have their own music collections. The service lets users upload 50,000 of their own music files, then access the audio on a wide range of streaming devices. It's a great way to access your own music files from anywhere, and it doesn't cost a dime. Unfortunately, the free ride is just about over. At the end of this year, Google will discontinue Google Play Music and push users over to YouTube Music as a replacement.

HYMR Releases His debut album 'Artificial Intelligence'


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Recurrent Neural Networks -- Part 1


These are the lecture notes for FAU's YouTube Lecture "Deep Learning". This is a full transcript of the lecture video & matching slides. We hope, you enjoy this as much as the videos. Of course, this transcript was created with deep learning techniques largely automatically and only minor manual modifications were performed. If you spot mistakes, please let us know!

This Week in Neo4j - Rock 'n' Roll Traffic Routing, Correlated Subqueries, Graph-Powered Machine Learning - Neo4j Graph Database Platform


Will Lyon shows how to implement custom GraphQL resolvers in one of his recent GRANDstack live streams. Will Lyon has written a blog post introducing Neo4j GraphQL Architect, a low-code tool for building graph backed GraphQL APIs. The Matthias Mann Lab has created a graph of the Proteome Landscape of the Kingdoms of Life, which contains 340,000 quantified proteins. That translates into 8 million nodes and 54 million relationships and the graph can be explored at Adam Cowley has written a blog post explaining how to do authentication in a Nest.js

Future musicians could be trained by AI – By Matthew Griffin Futurist and Keynote Speaker


Created by scientists at Pompeu Fabra University in Spain the new system was trained using a gesture-recognising Myo armband that tracked the arm movements of a professional violinist as she used the Détaché, Martelé, Spiccato, Ricochet, Sautillé, Staccato and Bariolage bow techniques. Audio of the performances was recorded at the same time. The Machine Learning based algorithm then compared the arm movements to the corresponding audio, determining which movements created which sounds, within each technique. When the system was subsequently tasked with identifying the technique that a violinist was using, it could do so with an accuracy of over 94 percent. It is now hoped that once developed further the technology could be used to provide students with real-time feedback, showing them where their form deviates from that of the pros, and once the technology's refined then it won't be just constrained to teaching people how to play the violin – you can imagine it being used to help athletes up their game, and myriads of other applications. The research, which was led by David Dalmazzo and Rafael Ramírez, is described in a paper that was recently published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

GPT-3 Creative Fiction


What if I told a story here, how would that story start?" Thus, the summarization prompt: "My second grader asked me what this passage means: …" When a given prompt isn't working and GPT-3 keeps pivoting into other modes of completion, that may mean that one hasn't constrained it enough by imitating a correct output, and one needs to go further; writing the first few words or sentence of the target output may be necessary.

Using Machine Learning to Analyze Taylor Swift's Lyrics


For the past few months, the Curriculum team at Codecademy has been hard at work creating Machine Learning courses. While we all loved writing the courses, we also wanted to see what we could do with real-world data. As a result, we challenged each other to find a use for machine learning in a topic that we were passionate about. It's said that popular music is a reflection of society, a barometer for our collective wants, fears, and emotional states. Others are of the belief that music is more a reflection of the artist, a diary that's been flung from the nightstand drawer into the media frenzy of our modern world.