Modeling Atmospheric Data and Identifying Dynamics: Temporal Data-Driven Modeling of Air Pollutants

Rubio-Herrero, Javier, Marrero, Carlos Ortiz, Fan, Wai-Tong Louis Machine Learning 

Atmospheric modelling has recently experienced a surge with the advent of deep learning. Most of these models, however, predict concentrations of pollutants following a data-driven approach in which the physical laws that govern their behaviors and relationships remain hidden. With the aid of real-world air quality data collected hourly in different stations throughout Madrid, we present a case study using a series of data-driven techniques with the following goals: (1) Find systems of ordinary differential equations that model the concentration of pollutants and their changes over time; (2) assess the performance and limitations of our models using stability analysis; (3) reconstruct the time series of chemical pollutants not measured in certain stations using delay coordinate embedding results.

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