Plato Dialogue System: A Flexible Conversational AI Research Platform

Papangelis, Alexandros, Namazifar, Mahdi, Khatri, Chandra, Wang, Yi-Chia, Molino, Piero, Tur, Gokhan Artificial Intelligence 

As the field of Spoken Dialogue Systems and Conversational AI grows, so does the need for tools and environments that abstract away implementation details in order to expedite the development process, lower the barrier of entry to the field, and offer a common test-bed for new ideas. In this paper, we present Plato, a flexible Conversational AI platform written in Python that supports any kind of conversational agent architecture, from standard architectures to architectures with jointly-trained components, single- or multi-party interactions, and offline or online training of any conversational agent component. Plato has been designed to be easy to understand and debug and is agnostic to the underlying learning frameworks that train each component.

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