Universal Semantic Segmentation for Fisheye Urban Driving Images

Ye, Yaozu, Yang, Kailun, Xiang, Kaite, Wang, Juan, Wang, Kaiwei

arXiv.org Machine Learning 

Semantic segmentation is a critical method in the field of autonomous driving. When performing semantic image segmentation, a wider field of view (FoV) helps to obtain more information about the surrounding environment, making automatic driving safer and more reliable, which could be offered by fisheye cameras. However, large public fisheye data sets are not available, and the fisheye images captured by the fisheye camera with large FoV comes with large distortion, so commonly-used semantic segmentation model cannot be directly utilized. In this paper, a seven degrees of freedom (DoF) augmentation method is proposed to transform rectilinear image to fisheye image in a more comprehensive way. In the training process, rectilinear images are transformed into fisheye images in seven DoF, which simulates the fisheye images taken by cameras of different positions, orientations and focal lengths. The result shows that training with the seven-DoF augmentation can evidently improve the model's accuracy and robustness against different distorted fisheye data. This seven-DoF augmentation provides an universal semantic segmentation solution for fisheye cameras in different autonomous driving applications. Also, we provide specific parameter settings of the augmentation for autonomous driving. At last, we tested our universal semantic segmentation model on real fisheye images and obtained satisfactory results. The code and configurations are released at \url{https://github.com/Yaozhuwa/FisheyeSeg}.

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