Emotion-aware Chat Machine: Automatic Emotional Response Generation for Human-like Emotional Interaction

Wei, Wei, Liu, Jiayi, Mao, Xianling, Guo, Guibing, Zhu, Feida, Zhou, Pan, Hu, Yuchong

arXiv.org Artificial Intelligence 

The consistency of a response to a given post at semantic-level and emotional-level is essential for a dialogue system to deliver human-like interactions. However, this challenge is not well addressed in the literature, since most of the approaches neglect the emotional information conveyed by a post while generating responses. This article addresses this problem by proposing a unifed end-to-end neural architecture, which is capable of simultaneously encoding the semantics and the emotions in a post for generating more intelligent responses with appropriately expressed emotions. Extensive experiments on real-world data demonstrate that the proposed method outperforms the state-of-the-art methods in terms of both content coherence and emotion appropriateness.

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