Improving Query Efficiency of Black-box Adversarial Attack

Bai, Yang, Zeng, Yuyuan, Jiang, Yong, Wang, Yisen, Xia, Shu-Tao, Guo, Weiwei Machine Learning 

Deep neural networks (DNNs) have demonstrated excellent performance on various tasks, however they are under the risk of adversarial examples that can be easily generated when the target model is accessible to an attacker (white-box setting). As plenty of machine learning models have been deployed via online services that only provide query outputs from inaccessible models (e.g., Google Cloud Vision API2), black-box adversarial attacks (inaccessible target model) are of critical security concerns in practice rather than white-box ones. However, existing query-based black-box adversarial attacks often require excessive model queries to maintain a high attack success rate. Therefore, in order to improve query efficiency, we explore the distribution of adversarial examples around benign inputs with the help of image structure information characterized by a Neural Process, and propose a Neural Process based black-box adversarial attack (NP-Attack) in this paper. Extensive experiments show that NP-Attack could greatly decrease the query counts under the black-box setting.

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