Government Deep Tech 2022 Top Funding Focus Explainable AI, Photonics, Quantum


DARPA, In-Q-Tel, US National Laboratories (examples: Argonne, Oak Ridge) are famous government funding agencies for deep tech on the forward boundaries, the near impossible, that have globally transformative solutions. The Internet is a prime example where more than 70% of the 7.8 billion population are online in 2022, closing in on 7 hours daily mobile usage, and global wealth of $500 Trillion is powered by the Internet. There is convergence between the early bets led by government funding agencies and the largest corporations and their investments. An example is from 2015, where I was invited to help the top 100 CEOs, representing nearly $100 Trillion in assets under management, to look ten years into the future for their investments. The resulting working groups, and private summits resulted in the member companies investing in all the areas identified: quantum computing, block chain, cybersecurity, big data, privacy and data, AI/ML, future in fintech, financial inclusion, ...

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