Singapore enterprises lagging peers in adopting machine learning: ServiceNow survey - Techgoondu


Singapore enterprises are slower than their counterparts in Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe in adopting machine leaning, despite seeing the importance of automation in handling menial, repetitive tasks, according to a study released today. Only 32 per cent of Singapore chief information officers (CIOs) interviewed say their organisations are already using machine learning in some part of their businesses. This compares with 59 per cent in Australia and New Zealand (49 per cent), in a survey commissioned by enterprise software vendor ServiceNow. In telephone interviews this year, it had asked 500 CIOs in 10 countries for their views on machine learning and automation. They included the United States, France and Britain.

Announcing TensorFlow Lite


Thank you! re: "solution for mobile and embedded devices", can we expect to see early support for rpi & piZero-w? The process for getting TF on a piZero right now is pretty painful. Many of us who are using TF on rpis for research in the self driving car space would *really* make good use of TF on a pi zero-w due to the cost difference and wifi support . How about the inference speed compared to other mobile DL framework such as

Artificial Intelligence Is Coming to Crypto Trading: An Interview with Guy Zyskind - Bitcoin News


As hedge funds rush to enter the cryptocurrency space, the landscape for retail cryptocurrency investors is fundamentally changing before our very eyes. Guy breaks down the implications of this fundamental shift and we discuss how the community can prepare for the rise of AI in crypto trading. To understand the extent in which AI is taking over hedge funds, we need only to look at the statistics. AI is set to replace 90,000 asset management jobs and 45 thousand sales and trading jobs by 2025. Famous hedge funds that are already employing AI in their trading are Renaissance Technologies, Two Sigma, and Bridgewater Associates.

The Future Of Artificial Intelligence: From Minimizing Food Waste To Terrible Self-Creating Music


As an entrepreneur and AI guru, Trevor O'Brien is deeply engrained in the digital start-up community. He is founder at the innovative design and prototyping studio,, and has been crucial in a number of ground-breaking start-up initiatives, including Throughout his career, Trevor has lead sprawling multidisciplinary teams, created award-winning digital campaigns, and proven that technology paves endless paths for communicating and doing business, through the success of his clients. We caught up with our latest scholar to find out more about his thoughts on the role of AI in our future – from minimizing food-waste, to terrible self-creating music! Julie Hough: Contagious are global supporters of brave creative thinking and innovation, especially in the face of daunting new technologies.


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It was found out over the weekend that Samsung Electronics apparently invested in a Chinese artificial intelligence startup called DeePhi Tech in August. Industry sources are now claiming that the South Korean company's move was likely due to political consideration. In an interview with The Korea Herald, one industry source disclosed that Samsung made a big investment in the Tsinghua-based startup that focuses on deep learning technologies. However, the decision to invest in the 1-year-old company is said to be not primarily due to DeePhi Tech's expertise. Instead, it is believed to be politically motivated.

Amazon's Alexa gets a board game: When in Rome


In what appears to be a first, Amazon's Alexa will act as a guide for a board game called When in Rome, according to the startup Sensible Object. Due out in March 2018, When in Rome will be the first of six voice-augmented games Sensible Object plans to release next year. Each game in the series called Voice Originals will cost $24.99, CEO Alex Fleetwood told VentureBeat in a phone interview. When in Rome serves up trivia questions from locals in 20 cities around the world.

Police warn people on Facebook not to fly their drones near wildfires


A drone flying near a wildfire in Northern California forced helicopters to stay grounded -- and the California High Patrol (CHP) was not happy about it. On Sunday, it posted an all-uppercase warning to the public on Facebook: "FIRE FIGHTING PLANES CANNOT FLY IF YOUR DRONE IS IN THE AIR." Police found and cited a 24-year-old man for flying the drone, according to The Mercury News. The pilot had been flying the drone in the vicinity of Petaluma Municipal Airport, forcing air traffic controllers to ground all craft until the drone no longer posed a danger to helicopter blades and engines. "They shouldn't be flying over any of the affected areas -- notably airports," CHP officer Jonathan Sloat told Mashable in a phone interview. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) made it illegal for drones to interfere with firefighting operations anywhere in the country -- whether intentional or not.

Create an Azure Machine Learning Web Service with Python and Azure DSVM


Last week, while I was reading the documentation about Microsoft CNTK, and checking out the code samples from their GitHub repository, I bumped into another GitHub repository which is about Azure Machine Learning Operationalization. I've been playing around with Python and Machine Learning recently, so I thought I'd give this one a try and create an AzureML Web Service using a machine learning model built with Python. It will take at least 10–20 minutes for our environment to be completely provisioned, so while waiting, we can now then create our model management account which is a one time setup thing. Once you're able to successfully set your Model Management Account and environment, we will now create the web service by: Here's an example on how you can test the web service via Scoring URL And we're done, so what do you think about the Azure Machine Learning Operationalization?

Tim Talks: Our Experts Discuss the Future of AI in the Workplace - Digital Leadership Associates


In the conversation they share ideas on how AI will impact an organisation. You can see more TimTalks videos our YouTube channel where he talks to some of the biggest names and experts in social selling about the issues that are shaping the future of sales and social media. Digital Leadership Associates: We are a Social Media Agency. We do three things: Social Media Strategy, Social Selling and Social Media Management.

Samsung Discusses the Future of AI with Leading Academics, Industry Leaders


The first ever Samsung Global AI Forum enabled leading thinkers from across the industry to share their insights, talk about best practices and investigate opportunities for collaboration. Twenty renowned scholars including Professor Zoubin Ghahramani of the University of Cambridge, Professor Barry Smyth of University College Dublin, Professor Alexander Rush of Harvard University and Professor Rob Fergus of New York University were invited to the Samsung Global AI Forum. "Samsung has a significant number of consumer devices, and it puts the company in a unique position to apply its technology in smartphones as well as home appliances," said Rob Fergus, Assistant Professor at New York University. Samsung announced its plans to make the forum an annual event so that the direction of AI technology development and technology innovation can continue to be discussed, and the company will continue to strengthen its global network of AI scholars to speed up the rollout of the technology in the future.