Major survey highlights Europeans' fears over AI – Government & civil service news


Less than 20% of Europeans believe that current laws "efficiently regulate" artificial intelligence, and 56% have low trust in authorities to exert effective control over the technology, according to a new survey from the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC). The findings have important implications for the governance and design of AI-powered public services, emphasising the need to address citizens' fears over transparency, accountability, equity in decision-making, and the management of personal data. The BEUC surveyed 11,500 consumers in nine European countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. It found that while a large majority of respondents feel that artificial intelligence (AI) can be useful, most don't trust the technology and feel that current regulations do not protect them from the harms it can cause. It also found that 66% of respondents from Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain agree that AI can be hazardous and should be banned by authorities.

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