This Cybersecurity Startup Simplifies Endpoint Security With ML Threat Detection. Read To Know How


Today, in the COVID-19 World, working from home has become an accepted corporate culture, giving rise to security challenges across industries. Enterprises are waking up to the importance of cybersecurity, with rising demand for cybersecurity services among businesses. With such a massive need for cybersecurity, many startups are working towards bringing artificial intelligence into the field and securing companies with their endpoint security. Sequretek is one such company that is known among the circles to use unconventional ways to detect security breaches and using AI to spot an attack from miles away and stop it before it can cause any real damage. Started in 2013 by Pankit Desai and Anand Naik, Sequretek is built on the foundation of'simplifying security' -- less complexity and driving down the cost of ownership.

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