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This Bengaluru startup is competing with Silicon Valley giants with machine learning feature store


A visit to DMart or Reliance Retail in India on any given day would make one think about Black Friday sales. The limited manpower in stores often falls short to tend to the swarm of shoppers in Indian retail stores. To solve the issue, Scribble Data strives to provide automated and customised solutions for retail businesses to tend to the demand and needs of every customer that walks in through their door. The startup offers retail chains real-time inventory management, identifies customer shopping trends, and provides personalised recommendations. Scribble Data helps businesses build machine learning (ML) applications for making their daily operations hassle free and for creating more market-worthy ML features.

Talking Ethical AI with Artivatic's Layak Singh


Founded in 2018, Bengaluru-based Artivatic AI uses AI to assist insurance companies in building personalised risk profiles of customers, track and understand their financial and behavioural journeys, and develop real-time intelligence based on those patterns. "InsurTech is a specialised branch of fintech earmarked for insurance use cases by leveraging forever-evolving AI capabilities and mining multi-source big data via ML algorithms to acquire better insights of our users and offer the best advice and analysis. Artivatic is an AI firm, and we're streamlining insurance and healthcare as our basic model via insurance tools," said Layak Singh, CEO of Artivatic AI. In an exclusive interview with Analytics India Magazine, Layak spoke about how the firm embeds ethics into its AI systems. Layak Singh: Artivatic has gone beyond that requirement of servicing only clients to actually offering 360-degree support to all of our stakeholders, from insurance providers and TPAs to agents, underwriters, users, and any other peripheral ones.

Fujitsu's new India research centre to focus on AI-ML, Quantum tech


Japan-based technology major Fujitsu has announced its new research centre in India. The research centre located in Bengaluru aims to strengthen focus on research and development (R&D) into artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, as well as quantum software. Fujitsu India, in a statement, said the number of its researchers will reach 50 by fiscal 2024. The Group will expand its research fields into security and other areas. It will also conduct software R&D in collaboration with Fujitsu's global network of research centres in areas including Japan, Europe, and the United States to create software for global distribution, the company said in a statement.

Fujitsu launches new research centre in India to accelerate innovation in AI & ML


Japan-based Fujitsu has announced a key development in its global innovation strategy with the establishment of a new research centere'Fujitsu Research of India Private Limited' (FRIPL), on April 1, 2022. FRIPL represents the latest addition to Fujitsu's global R&D network and will focus on research and development into artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, as well as quantum software. As one of its first key initiatives, FRIPL will embark on joint research with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad (1) and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru (2) to promote innovation in leading-edge AI technologies. The joint research activities will initially focus on improving the accuracy and resilience of AI and machine learning technology. R&D with the IIT Hyderabad will focus on AI technology to discover causal relationships with higher accuracy, while collaboration with the IISc will center on technology to automatically generate AI through autonomous training in response to various environmental changes.

AI models are like a newborn child: Aprecomm's Guharajan Sivakumar


Bengaluru-based Aprecomm provides AI-enabled Wi-Fi solutions for enterprises, SMBs, retail and ISPs. The platform's AI stack transforms Wi-Fi routers from mere connectivity devices to smart devices. "At Aprecomm, we are fusing data science with domain expertise to build what we call autonomous networks which are agile and responsive through a collaborative approach, by distributing the intelligence between the edge and the cloud, ensuring optimal resource usage and faster responses in real-time," said Guharajan Sivakumar, CTO and co-founder of Aprecomm. In an exclusive interview with Analytics India Magazine, Guharajan spoke about Aprecomm's approach to AI governance. Guharajan Sivakumar: CSPs (Communications Service Providers) are putting tremendous efforts to orchestrate the content to end-users seamlessly through their complex network infrastructure consisting of wifi access points, SD-WANs, switches, routers, distribution switches, BGP routers and MPLS networks.

AI/ML, Data Science Jobs #hiring


General Electric Company is an American multinational conglomerate incorporated in New York City and headquartered in Boston. As of 2018, the company operates through the following segments: aviation, healthcare, power, renewable energy, digital industry, additive manufacturing and venture capital and finance. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it here.

Conversational AI Platform for Financial Services


Active.Ai is a Singapore based Fintech startup with an innovation lab in Bengaluru, using artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver Conversational AI Banking services. We help banks redefine their digital strategy for the future, bringing in automation and insightful customer engagement.

Aster CMI Hospital and IISc open Artificial Intelligence lab


In keeping with its commitment to bring quality healthcare using the latest medical technology, Aster CMI Hospital in association with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bengaluru has launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab. The Aster-AI lab is a collaborative lab, set up with the aim to build cutting edge AI products in the healthcare domain and bridge the gap between clinical medicine and technology by training healthcare professionals in AI. Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman and Managing Director, Aster DM Healthcare, Dr. Lokesh B, Consultant Neurology, Aster CMI Hospital and Dr. Phaneendra K Yalavarthy, Professor of Medical Imaging, Department of Computational and Data Sciences, IISc were present during the launch. Dr Yalavarthy has been instrumental in setting up the lab by providing the computational infrastructure and expertise. IISc, with its expertise in the development of AI methods, has become the natural collaborator with Aster CMI, which has the clinical expertise, to aide, translate, and validate the developed AI algorithms for clinical use.