VW aims to bring self-driving cars to the masses by 2030


Volkswagen is lifting the lid, ever so slightly, of its future electric car plans. Project Trinity is VW's next-generation of electric car technology, similar to the MEB platform that currently underpins the all-electric ID.3 and ID.4, but cheaper to build, able to support a greater range of vehicles, and crucially - from VW's point of view - able to undertake more of the driving for you. Project Trinity is distantly related to Audi's Project Artemis, in that both are focused as much on the software that controls the car, and that communicates with you the driver (or is owner, even user, now a better word?) and other road users. "Trinity is going to be a time machine," said VW brand boss Dr Ralf Brandstatter. "Trinity gives people time, and takes away the stress. So, after a long motorway drive for example, they are relaxed when they arrive at their destination. "You switch on the system when you enter the motorway, and then the system will take over, and let you know when you need to leave the motorway.

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