Smart technology in the classroom: a systematic review.Prospects for algorithmic accountability

Garshi, Arian, Jakobsen, Malin Wist, Nyborg-Christensen, Jørgen, Ostnes, Daniel, Ovchinnikova, Maria Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms have emerged in the educational domain as a tool to make learning more efficient. Different applications for mastering particular skills, learning new languages, and tracking their progress are used by children. What is the impact on children from using this smart technology? We conducted a systematic review to understand the state of the art. We explored the literature in several sub-disciplines: wearables, child psychology, AI and education, school surveillance, and accountability. Our review identified the need for more research for each established topic. We managed to find both positive and negative effects of using wearables, but cannot conclude if smart technology use leads to lowering the young children's performance. Based on our insights we propose a framework to effectively identify accountability for smart technology in education.

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