Watson Lab welcomes high school interns with access to AI and cognitive APIs - Watson


Key Points: – We're kicking off Watson Lab's high school internship program for the spring semester – The curriculum prepares the students to work as Software Developers at IBM during their Senior year. At Watson Lab we are piloting a high school internship program for the spring semester. One of the teachers, David Conover IBM Champion for Cloud 2016 & 2017, introduced me to the Superintendent of Pflugerville ISD. The school curriculum prepares the students to work as Software Developers at IBM during their Senior year.

This 3D-printed robotic arm is built for sign language


Or -- and this one is real -- a robot arm that can perform rudimentary sign language. Their solution is "Antwerp's Sign Language Actuating Node," or ASLAN. It's a robotic hand and forearm that can perform sign language letters and numbers. It also could be used to help teach sign language -- a robot doesn't get tired of repeating a gesture for you to learn.

Why Scientists Should Have Leadership Skills


The impact of science can continue to grow provided our scientists and science professionals are equipped with skills to create an innovative, sustainable and prosperous future. Specifically, a Future of Jobs report by the World Economic Forum indicates that, by 2020, the skills most sought after by employers will include problem solving, creative thinking, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. Leadership education can directly enhance the employability of science graduates, as leadership skills are often the same transferable skills sought by employers. We have recently found that science students choose to enhance their science degree with leadership education specifically to increase their employability and job opportunities outside of science.

Machine learning presents great opportunities for Zim


Our society is quickly changing from an industry based society to an information based society. Using algorithms that iteratively learn from data, machine learning allows computers to find hidden insights without being explicitly programmed where to look. Education analytics Machine learning can play a crucial role in education analytics provided the digital data is available ie student marks and bio data. One of our students actually created an application that puts students in different classes (e.g commercials, sciences, arts) based on their strengths.

Number crunchers in demand as data, AI startups see potential - Times of India


CHENNAI: With a PhD in mathematics, Bharat Ramakrishna was preparing content for school children when suddenly he found a well-paying job in the machine learning & data sciences space. Maths majors are now in demand for a job in artificial intelligence and data sciences. "Areas like data science, big data, analytics are on the lookout for math students. Retail tech company Capillary Technolgies is on the lookout for maths graduates and currently has interns from students pursuing post-graduation in mathematics and computing at IIT Kharagpur.

Machines Are Developing Language Skills Inside Virtual Worlds

MIT Technology Review

Both the DeepMind and CMU approaches use deep reinforcement learning, popularized by DeepMind's Atari-playing AI. A neural network is fed raw pixel data from a virtual environment and uses rewards, like points in a computer game, to learn by trial and error (see "10 Breakthrough Technologies 2017: Reinforcement Learning"). By running through millions of training scenarios at accelerated speeds, both AI programs learned to associate words with particular objects and characteristics, which let them follow the commands. The millions of training runs required means Domingos is not convinced pure deep reinforcement learning will ever crack the real world.

Robots and Related Tech Play a Role in Advancing Curricula


Manifestations of robotic and AI teaching technology can already be seen in the educational sphere. While robots are unlikely to replace human educators completely -- students will still need social interaction with other humans -- Johnson believes the technology will "push us to rethink, re-evaluate and reimagine what we think a teacher's role is, who a teacher can be and how we value the work that the teacher is doing." Robin Shoop, director of Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Academy, advocates using robotics to advance computer science, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (CS-STEM) education. "I am most proud of the alumni who have gone on to become engineers and technology teachers who are running FIRST teams of their own," says Jason Rees, a team leader of the FIRST program at Churchville-Chili Central School District in western New York.

AI2 lists top artificial intelligence systems in its Visual Understanding Challenge


Some of the world's top researchers in AI have proved their mettle by taking top honors in three challenges posed by the Seattle-based Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Charades Activity Challenge: Computer vision algorithms looked at videos of people performing everyday activities – for example, drinking coffee, putting on shoes while sitting in a chair, or snuggling with a blanked on a couch while watching something on a laptop. THOR Challenge: The teams' computer vision systems had to navigate through 30 nearly photorealistic virtual scenes of living rooms and kitchens to find a specified target object, such as a fork or an apple, based solely on visual input. Textbook Question Answering Challenge: Computer algorithms were given a data set of textual and graphic information from a middle-school science curriculum, and then were asked to answer more than 26,000 questions about the content.

Institute Announces Unique Business Courses for Artificial Intelligence – American Institute of Artificial Intelligence


American Institute of Artificial Intelligence is announcing the launch of several business courses in Artificial Intelligence. Each course trains corporate and government leaders on how to design the future of their firms by using and incorporating Artificial Intelligence. Tiffany Parker, Head of Business Development and Operations, said, "We are meeting with C-Level officers and business strategy leaders to brief them on the need for artificial intelligence centric business courses.

Sign language turned to text with new electric glove

Daily Mail

An electric glove which can convert sign language into text messages has been unveiled by scientists. The device consists of a sports glove which has been fitted with nine stretchable sensors positioned over the knuckles. When a user bends their fingers or thumb to sign a letter, the sensors stretch, which causes an electrical signal to be produced. When a user bends their fingers or thumb to sign a letter, the sensors stretch, which causes an electrical signal to be produced.