MultiWOZ 2.1: Multi-Domain Dialogue State Corrections and State Tracking Baselines

Eric, Mihail, Goel, Rahul, Paul, Shachi, Sethi, Abhishek, Agarwal, Sanchit, Gao, Shuyag, Hakkani-Tur, Dilek Artificial Intelligence 

MultiWOZ is a recently-released multidomain dialogue dataset spanning 7 distinct domains and containing over 10000 dialogues, one of the largest resources of its kind to-date. Though an immensely useful resource, while building different classes of dialogue state tracking models using MultiWOZ, we detected substantial errors in the state annotations and dialogue utterances which negatively impacted the performance of our models. In order to alleviate this problem, we use crowdsourced workers to fix the state annotations and utterances in the original version of the data. Our correction process results in changes to over 32% of state annotations across 40% of the dialogue turns. In addition, we fix 146 dialogue utterances throughout the dataset focusing in particular on addressing slot value errors represented within the conversations. We then benchmark a number of state-of-the-art dialogue state tracking models on this new MultiWOZ 2.1 dataset and show joint state tracking performance on the corrected state annotations. We are publicly releasing MultiWOZ 2.1 to the community, hoping that this dataset resource will allow for more effective dialogue state tracking models to be built in the future.

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