Towards Data Poisoning Attack against Knowledge Graph Embedding

Zhang, Hengtong, Zheng, Tianhang, Gao, Jing, Miao, Chenglin, Su, Lu, Li, Yaliang, Ren, Kui Artificial Intelligence 

Knowledge graph embedding (KGE) is a technique for learning continuous embeddings for entities and relations in the knowledge graph.Due to its benefit to a variety of downstream tasks such as knowledge graph completion, question answering and recommendation, KGE has gained significant attention recently. Despite its effectiveness in a benign environment, KGE' robustness to adversarial attacks is not well-studied. Existing attack methods on graph data cannot be directly applied to attack the embeddings of knowledge graph due to its heterogeneity. To fill this gap, we propose a collection of data poisoning attack strategies, which can effectively manipulate the plausibility of arbitrary targeted facts in a knowledge graph by adding or deleting facts on the graph. The effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed attack strategies are verified by extensive evaluations on two widely-used benchmarks.

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