Liberty Vittert: How much of our liberty and privacy must we sacrifice in war on coronavirus?

FOX News 

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow joins Sean Hannity on'Hannity.' I'm starting to get really scared ... and not of the coronavirus. I'm scared about the loss of liberty people around the world are experiencing as normal life grinds to a halt and we hunker down and keep our distance from each other to stop the spread of this microscopic terror. Three weeks ago you would think I was crazy if I told you that U.S. borders would be closed; many stores, restaurants, bars, and factories would be shut down; office workers would be teleworking from home; millions of children would be out of school; and many of us would be told to stay in our homes as much as possible and only leave when absolutely necessary. If an imaginative scriptwriter pitched a movie with this plot just a few weeks ago he might have been told by a movie studio that the idea was too wild and unbelievable even for a fantasy film.

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