Lyft Designs the Machine Learning Software Engineering Interview


Lyft's mission is to improve people's lives with the world's best transportation and it'll be a slow slog to get there with dispatchers manually matching riders with drivers. We need automated decision making, and we need to scale it in a way that optimizes both the user experience and the market efficiency. Complementing our Science roles, an engineer with a knack for practical machine learning and an eye for business impact can help independently build and productionize models that power product experiences that make for an enjoyable commute. A year and a half ago when we began scouting for this type of machine learning-savvy engineer --something we now call the machine learning Software Engineer (ML SWE) -- it wasn't something we knew much about. We looked at other companies' equivalent roles but they weren't exactly contextualized to Lyft's business setting. This need motivated an entirely new role that we set up and started hiring for. Most companies are open about the expectations for the role being interviewed for, the interview process, and preparation tips.

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