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FICO scores leave out 'people on the margins,' Upstart's CEO says. Can AI make lending more inclusive -- without creating bias of its own?


Dave Girouard, the chief executive of the AI lending platform Upstart Holdings Inc. UPST, -2.51% in Silicon Valley, understood the worry. "The concern that the use of AI in credit decisioning could replicate or even amplify human bias is well-founded," he said in his testimony at the hearing. But Girouard, who co-founded Upstart in 2012, also said he had created the San Mateo, Calif.-based company to broaden access to affordable credit through "modern technology and data science." And he took aim at the shortcomings he sees in traditional credit scoring. The FICO score, introduced in 1989, has become "the default way banks judge a loan applicant," Girouard said in his testimony.

Machine Learning and Technical Interview Newsletter June 03


But even the best, the most famous people get rejected. Creator of popular tool homebrew famously tweeted and ranted about how ridiculous the Google interview is. View this skill card to see famous / good developers getting rejected by their dream companies… a lot of them end up somewhere awesome later! These messages will make you feel a LOT better. If you experience negativity during job search, during work, please keep in mind you are not alone.

How AI and machine learning is changing CV fact checking


Identifying the right talent pool for your organization begins with an extensive candidate search. Internal and external recruiters might be involved in screening the resumes for the vacant roles. Having said so, it seems that mapping the competency and scrolling the resumes for job matching is a never-ending task for the recruiters. Most of the time, prior experiences and '' gut feeling'' drive recruiters' decisions rather than logic. Needless to say, candidate sourcing is not an easy task as well.

When the buzzword is AI....


With Artificial Intelligence (AI) entering all sectors, higher education is no exception. From the way institutions worldwide have adapted to concepts like virtual assistants and augmented reality in classrooms, it is clear that these technological leaps are here to last. Right now, some of the brightest minds in the world are sitting behind their computers, focusing on building something that we will find out about it only after 2031. Meanwhile, universities around the world are using AI technologies such as smart text messaging, personalised curriculum, and immersive classroom teaching to make applying and studying at their institutes easier for students. Several Indian start-ups are now offering AI technologies to provide students with a better learning experience from the comfort of their homes.

'Roadrunner' Recreates Anthony Bourdain's Iconic Narration With Artificial Intelligence. Is That Okay?


A gutting new documentary about Anthony Bourdain has arrived. Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain, from filmmaker Morgan Neville, hits theaters today, Friday, July 16. While most who've seen it seem to agree that the piece, much like the subject matter, is enthralling, questions regarding the ethics of the production have also been raised. Most of this attention is centered on one decision: featuring voiceover quotes from the acclaimed chef and author that, it turns out, he never actually said. As Neville revealed to the New Yorker, he and his team employed artificial intelligence technology to recreate Bourdain's voice to add in a few missing pieces that the director thought filled in holes in the story.

AI Voice Generation Used for New Anthony Bourdain Documentary, Is This Deepfake?


An AI voice generation method was used for the latest Anthony Bourdain documentary, and it aims to capture something that the late personality said, bordering greatly on deepfake. However, these words were never actually said on recording or any media by the late celebrity chef and are something which the director wants to be part of the film. Over the past months and during the pandemic, Deepfake has been used to bring fake news and mislead people into believing a lot of different things on the internet. It already caused alarm to the government, and some of which were taken down by social media platforms as they malign people. According to an interview by The New Yorker, Director Morgan Neville has revealed that he has used artificial intelligence to generate a copy of the voice of the late Anthony Bourdain, to be included in his film.

The Haunting Afterlife of Anthony Bourdain

The New Yorker

It's been three years since Anthony Bourdain died, by suicide, in June of 2018, and the void he left is still a void. "I wish Anthony Bourdain was here to see this," countless people have tweeted over the past thirty-seven-ish months, on occasions as varied as a New York gubernatorial candidate ordering a cinnamon-raisin bagel, the White House serving a McDonald's banquet, the collapse of the American restaurant industry, and the sputtering attempts to revive the same. Bourdain was a television megastar, a fluid and conversational writer, a social-media gadfly, a pointed cultural commentator, and seemingly everyone's best friend. The singularity of his celebrity and the suddenness of his death have fuelled an uncommonly intense, uncommonly enduring grief--a personal sense of public loss, of a sort usually reserved for popes and Presidents. In 2019, about a year after Bourdain's death, the documentary filmmaker Morgan Neville began talking to people who had been close to Bourdain: his family, his friends, the producers and crew of his television series.

Artificial Intelligence: Automating Hiring Process For Businesses! - Big Data Analytics News


With every business using AI for various reasons, many of you might be wondering what if a robot will be offering you your next job. Of course, we are not there yet! But the use of AI to make the first round of cuts is increasing amongst recruiters nowadays. In other words, this cutting-edge technology is helping businesses to automate their HR processes and deliver the best results. To put it simply, it's helping companies to organize their everyday work functions seamlessly.

Council Post: How Artificial Intelligence Is Democratizing Market Research


Market research is the foundation of a successful product or service launch. It's the process of understanding what people want and need, why they want it, their expectations for your offering and how much they are willing to pay for your product or service. When you do not invest in market research ahead of time, you may end up with a product failure like the infamous Segway or the Ford Edsel. Product success without market research is nearly impossible today, yet many businesses fail to incorporate sufficient market research into decision-making processes. However, while businesses are becoming more and more aware of the importance of market research in order to thrive in a competitive market, they are also realizing that gathering this information can be expensive and time-consuming.

Free and open internet is 'under attack', Google boss warns

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A free and open internet is under attack, according to Sundar Pichai, the head of Google. In a wide-ranging interview with the BBC, the Google CEO said an open internet –information online being equally free and available to everybody – has been a'tremendous force for good' that is'taken for granted'. While Mr Pichai did not directly refer to China, he did make the point: 'None of our major products and services are available in China.' He also called artificial intelligence (AI) more profound than fire or electricity, and said privacy is'foundational to everything we do'. Pichai's firm posted whopping revenues of $55.3 billion in the first quarter of this year, but he argued against suggestions it's a'surveillance capitalist'. The Open Internet is a fundamental network (net) neutrality concept.