Optimizing Quantum Error Correction Codes with Reinforcement Learning

Nautrup, Hendrik Poulsen, Delfosse, Nicolas, Dunjko, Vedran, Briegel, Hans J., Friis, Nicolai

arXiv.org Artificial Intelligence 

Quantum error correction is widely thought to be the key to fault-tolerant quantum computation. However, determining the most suited encoding for unknown error channels or specific laboratory setups is highly challenging. Here, we present a reinforcement learning framework for optimizing and fault-tolerantly adapting quantum error correction codes. We consider a reinforcement learning agent tasked with modifying a quantum memory until a desired logical error rate is reached. Using efficient simulations of a surface code quantum memory with about 70 physical qubits, we demonstrate that such a reinforcement learning agent can determine near-optimal solutions, in terms of the number of physical qubits, for various error models of interest. Moreover, we show that agents trained on one task are able to transfer their experience to similar tasks. This ability for transfer learning showcases the inherent strengths of reinforcement learning and the applicability of our approach for optimization both in off-line simulations and on-line under laboratory conditions.

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