Ethics in Ai -- Current issues, existing precautions, and probable solutions


Introduction- Most of the Artificial Intelligent (Ai) Systems are developed as black boxes, especially Machine Learning and Deep Learning-based systems. Nowadays, these Machine and Deep Learning-based systems make decisions for our daily life, and should be explainable and should not be taken for granted to the end-users. The implication of such systems is rarely explored for the efficiency in the public usage (i.e., usage in -- Agriculture, Air Combat, Military Training, Education, Finance, Health Care, Human Resources, Customer Service, Autonomous Vehicles, Social Media, and several others[1]-[9]). Not only these, but the future might also be relying on Ai based system that will do our laundry, mow our lawn, fight wars [9]. Thus, there is so much room to improve the transparency of the systems along with fairness and accountability. There are some works that already stated the necessity of guidelines and governance of the Ai based systems, but more exposure is required in each area of application.

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