Why giving AI 'human ethics' is probably a terrible idea


If you want artificial intelligence to have human ethics, you have to teach it to evolve ethics like we do. At least that's what a pair of researchers from the International Institute of Information Technology in Bangalore, India proposed in a pre-print paper published today. Titled "AI and the Sense of Self," the paper describes a methodology called "elastic identity" by which the researchers say AI might learn to gain a greater sense of agency while simultaneously understanding how to avoid "collateral damage." In short, the researchers are suggesting that we teach AI to be more ethically-aligned with humans by allowing it to learn when it's appropriate to optimize for self and when its necessary to optimize for the good of a community. While we may be far from a comprehensive computational model of self, in this work, we focus on a specific characteristic of our sense of self that may hold the key for the innate sense of responsibility and ethics in humans.

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