Limbless Syrian boy in iconic photo starts new life in Italy

Al Jazeera 

The award-winning picture of Munzir El Nezzel playfully lifting Mustafa, his son who was born without limbs, has given the family a shot at a new life after becoming a poignant symbol of the plight of war-torn Syria. The shocking yet tender picture taken by Turkish photographer Mehmet Aslan, titled Hardship of Life, captured an intimate moment of affection between a father and son whose bodies have been maimed by the brutal conflict. Six-year-old Mustafa was born with a congenital disorder caused by medications his mother took while pregnant after being sickened by nerve gas. His 35-year-old father had his leg amputated following a bomb attack in Syria. After being declared photo of the year at the Siena International Photo Awards (SIPA) last year and making headlines in Italy, it sparked crowdfunding efforts that raised about 100,000 euros ($114,000) to provide both father and son with prosthetic limbs.

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