Digital health and data science: New component of medical education curriculum introduced


The Augusta Webster, MD, Office of Medical Education (AWOME) has begun introducing a new component of the medical education curriculum to current medical students: instruction in Digital Health and Data Science. The curriculum is being co-developed by David Liebovitz, MD, associate vice chair for clinical informatics in the Department of Medicine and co-director of the Center for Medical Education in Data Science and Digital Health, and Mahesh Vaidyanathan, MD, MBA, assistant professor of Anesthesiology. The utilization of large data sets and machine learning is rapidly growing in healthcare. Feinberg is proud to be at the forefront of preparing our students to not only utilize this technology in care delivery and research, but also to critically evaluate its applicability and limitations. I am confident that this curriculum will be the foundation for many of our students to become leaders in the field of data science and augmented intelligence in medicine." The new curriculum component will see students meeting several core competencies and learning outcomes while learning about the health data ecosystem; the health IT regulatory environment; data science methods and research; digital health decision support; bias, ethics and health equity; and the sociotechnical context for digital health and data science. Mahesh Vaidyanathan, MD, MBA, assistant professor of Anesthesiology, is a co-leader of Feinberg's new Digital Health and Data Science curriculum component for medical students. "The tools that data science brings to clinical care enable more effective and personalized care for our patients.

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