EU sets out plans for Big Data and AI


Addressing the European Parliament, commissioner Thierry Breton introduced a new initiative called'European Strategy for Europe - Fit for the Digital Age', which includes a whitepaper on artificial intelligence and the European Strategy for Data which will work to inform a new legislative framework. The overarching theme of Breton's delivery focused on developing an EU strategy such that the deep-rooted transformations of digital technologies work to serve European citizens and not the other way around. Breton added that these technologies must be secure and must not be sold off at a reduced price During his address Breton explained that the Big Tech giants have changed the way we communicate and have even come to shape the way we form democracies. There is a gigantic wave of data coming over us, the Commissioner explained and "by 2030, we think there will be 500 billion connected items over the planet and great dataset will emerge". Given Europe's developed industrial base, Breton says that the data that will be extracted from a raft of industry sectors will enable the EU to leverage and monetise this significant asset.

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