Top 10 Emerging Indian Artificial Intelligence Start-Ups of 2022


Artificial intelligence or AI technology has taken over almost every organization, available on this planet. Be it a big company or a start-up, business leaders choose AI technology over any other traditional IT practices, as they believe artificial intelligence or AI will be the key element behind their business' success. As artificial intelligence is gradually gaining popularity in the Indian domestic market, several AI startups in India, have started emerging. According to the AIM Research, AI Start-ups in India successfully raised US$836.3 million in 2020, and in the same year, the Government of India had increased the expenditure for Digital India to US$477 million, to develop artificial intelligence or AI models for the newly emerging artificial intelligence start-ups in India. Several AI start-ups have sprung up in India, but only a few were able to create a mark in the Indian domestic market.

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