Google Artificial Intelligence Team Draws From Critical Race Theory, Internal Document Shows


Google's artificial intelligence (AI) work draws from Critical Race Theory, a philosophical framework that posits that nearly every interaction should be seen as a racial power struggle and seeks to "disrupt" American society which it views as immutably racist, according to a company document obtained by The Daily Wire. A screenshot of an internal company page, obtained by The Daily Wire, says under the header "Ethical AI": We focus on AI at the intersection of Machine Learning and society, developing projects that inform the general public; bringing the complexities of individual identity into the development of human-centric AI; and creating ways to measure different kinds of biases and stereotypes. Out [sic] work includes lessons from gender studies, critical race theory, computational linguistics, computer vision, engineering education, and beyond! Google's Ethical AI team appears intent on encoding far-left ideology into its algorithms even after previous leaders of the team plunged the section into chaos over their insistence on overlaying progressive politics onto mathematics. Until recently, the team was co-led by Timnit Gebru, who cofounded a "Black in AI" racial affinity group and in 2018 coauthored a paper saying facial recognition technology was less accurate at recognizing women and minorities.