Generalized Ontology-Based Production Systems

Rosati, Riccardo (DIS, Sapienza Universita di Roma) | Franconi, Enrico (Free University of Bozen/Bolzano)

AAAI Conferences 

We define generalized ontology-based production systems (GOPSs), which formalize a very general and powerful combination of ontologies and production systems. We show that GOPSs capture and generalize many existing formal notions of production systems. We introduce a powerful verification query language for GOPSs, which is able to express the most relevant formal properties of production systems previously considered in the literature. We establish a general sufficient condition for the decidability of answering verification queries over GOPSs. Then, we define Lite-GOPS, a particular class of GOPSs based on the use of a light-weight ontology language (DL-Llite_A), a light-weight ontology query language (EQL-Lite(UCQ)), and a tractable semantics for updates over Description Logic ontologies. We show decidability of all the above verification tasks over Lite-GOPSs, and prove tractability of some of such tasks.

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