User Modeling with Neural Network for Review Rating Prediction

Tang, Duyu (Harbin Institute of Techonology) | Qin, Bing (Harbin Institute of Technology) | Liu, Ting (Harbin Institute of Technology) | Yang, Yuekui (Tencent)

AAAI Conferences 

We present a neural network method for review rating prediction in this paper. Existing neural network methods for sentiment prediction typically only capture the semantics of texts, but ignore the user who expresses the sentiment.This is not desirable for review rating prediction as each user has an influence on how to interpret the textual content of a review.For example, the same word (e.g. good) might indicate different sentiment strengths when written by different users. We address this issue by developing a new neural network that takes user information into account. The intuition is to factor in user-specific modification to the meaning of a certain word.Specifically, we extend the lexical semantic composition models and introduce a user-word composition vector model (UWCVM), which effectively captures how user acts as a function affecting the continuous word representation. We integrate UWCVM into a supervised learning framework for review rating prediction, andconduct experiments on two benchmark review datasets.Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of our method. It shows superior performances over several strong baseline methods.

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