Policy-Driven Neural Response Generation for Knowledge-Grounded Dialogue Systems

Hedayatnia, Behnam, Gopalakrishnan, Karthik, Kim, Seokhwan, Liu, Yang, Eric, Mihail, Hakkani-Tur, Dilek

arXiv.org Artificial Intelligence 

Open-domain dialogue systems aim to generate relevant, informative and engaging responses. Seq2seq neural response generation approaches do not have explicit mechanisms to control the content or style of the generated response, and frequently result in uninformative utterances. In this paper, we propose using a dialogue policy to plan the content and style of target responses in the form of an action plan, which includes knowledge sentences related to the dialogue context, targeted dialogue acts, topic information, etc. The attributes within the action plan are obtained by automatically annotating the publicly released Topical-Chat dataset. We condition neural response generators on the action plan which is then realized as target utterances at the turn and sentence levels. We also investigate different dialogue policy models to predict an action plan given the dialogue context. Through automated and human evaluation, we measure the appropriateness of the generated responses and check if the generation models indeed learn to realize the given action plans. We demonstrate that a basic dialogue policy that operates at the sentence level generates better responses in comparison to turn level generation as well as baseline models with no action plan. Additionally the basic dialogue policy has the added effect of controllability.

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