Brain-inspired global-local hybrid learning towards human-like intelligence

Wu, Yujie, Zhao, Rong, Zhu, Jun, Chen, Feng, Xu, Mingkun, Li, Guoqi, Song, Sen, Deng, Lei, Wang, Guanrui, Zheng, Hao, Pei, Jing, Zhang, Youhui, Zhao, Mingguo, Shi, Luping Artificial Intelligence 

Two main routes of learning methods exist at present including neuroscience-inspired methods and machine learning methods. Both have own advantages, but neither currently can solve all learning problems well. Integrating them into one network may provide better learning abilities for general tasks. On the other hand, spiking neural network embodies "computation" in spatiotemporal domain with unique features of rich coding scheme and threshold switching, which is very suitable for low power and high parallel neuromorphic computing. Here, we report a spike-based general learning model that integrates two learning routes by introducing a brain-inspired meta-local module and a two-phase parametric modelling. The hybrid model can meta-learn general local plasticity, and receive top-down supervision information for multi-scale learning. We demonstrate that this hybrid model facilitates learning of many general tasks, including fault-tolerance learning, few-shot learning and multiple-task learning. Furthermore, the implementation of the hybrid model on the Tianjic neuromorphic platform proves that it can fully utilize the advantages of neuromorphic hardware architecture and promote energy-efficient on-chip applications.

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